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How much are tablets of different brands?

Tablet PCs at the dawn of its appearancewere positioned as devices capable of "killing" laptops. But this did not happen. Still, there is something in these sensor gadgets that does not allow them to fully compete with the usual laptops. And their percentage in the current market for mobile devices is not so high. However, there are people they are satisfied with. And there is quite a legitimate question. How much does a tablet from a particular manufacturer cost? We will try to answer this question. But first a little general information.

What is a tablet?

A tablet is a mobile device with a touchscreen, created on the principle of a smartphone, but different from it in size. The tablet computer can be with screen diagonals of 7, 9, 10 and 12 inches. Everything depends on the specific manufacturer, model and status of the device. The first tablets were created by Apple after the triumph of their iPhone smartphone. Then the tablets were positioned as devices for entertainment. Nobody expected to use them for productive work. But everything has changed. Therefore, the question was how much is the tablet? But the answer is not as simple as it seems.

How much does the tablet cost?

In fact, almost all tablets are devices withan increased screen diagonal and good performance. Relatively high prices can boast only the "apple" products of the company of the same name from Cupertino. All other gadgets of such a plan are quite affordable for the average user. Of course, everything here depends on the model, hardware platform and device status. But especially the prices do not differ. Horse racing is insignificant. So, how much does a tablet from different brands cost? To answer this question, you need to consider the devices of the most popular manufacturers and look at their prices.

How much is the Samsung tablet?

iPad from Apple

Probably, these are the most expensive tablets in ourrating. And it does not matter what hardware platform these devices are. The price will still be sky-high. How much does the tablet from Apple cost? Here everything depends on what year the device is released. The price for iPad 32 GB of 2017 starts from 23,000 Russian rubles. But there are also various modifications. For example, a ten-inch iPad Pro will cost 46,000 Russian rubles. And this is in the basic configuration. The most affordable among the tablets this manufacturer - the device iPad Air and iPad Mini. They cost 20 and 22 thousand rubles, respectively. The buyer receives a high-quality device with a wide range of features and proprietary iOS on board. The hardware platform of these tablets is such that they will be relevant for another 2-3 years exactly. And in the secondary market you can buy these devices even cheaper. There, the price tag for the iPad Mini starts at 8,000 rubles.

How much does the tablet tablet cost?

Samsung Galaxy Tab

These tablets are cheaper than "apple", but also veryare good. It should be noted that the Koreans have long been fighting the Cupertians in this segment. So how much is the Samsung tablet? The answer to this question depends on the model of the device, its year of release and positioning. So, for example, the Galaxy Tab of 2017 with 8 gigabytes of internal memory, 7 inches of screen and a dual-core processor on board will cost almost 9,000 Russian rubles. A light version of the same tablet - only 5 000. But this is the most budgetary option. There are more models in the arsenal of Koreans. So, a ten-inch Galaxy Tab 3 with 16 gigabytes of internal memory will cost 14,000 Russian rubles. A modification of the same version - at 15 000. And what about the premium segment? There are in the catalog "Samsung" and such models. For example, "Galaxy Tab C3" costs as much as 46,000 Russian rubles. But it has a quad-core processor, 4 gigabytes of RAM and 32 built-in and a 10-inch screen with 2K resolution. A stylus is included with the device. So, how much does the Galaxy tablet cost, we already know. Let's move on to other manufacturers.

How much does the Lenovo tablet

Tablets from Lenovo

The products of this company occupied the budget andmiddle price segments. In the company's catalog there are very interesting devices that can not be found from other manufacturers. One of these gadgets is a tablet computer from the Yoga series, which can easily turn into a laptop when you connect the keyboard. How much does the Lenovo tablet cost? The price of the already mentioned "Yoga", for example, starts at 10,000 Russian rubles, and the "Pro" version will cost 44,000 already. But there are also quite budgetary models that can cope with many tasks. The price tag starts from 6,000 Russian rubles and grows exponentially, based on the hardware platform, the operating system version, the case materials and the diagonal of the screen. Work the same tablets from Lenovo good. This is almost the most reliable device in the modern market of mobile gadgets. And the availability of these tablets makes them truly folk products.

How much does the Galaxy tablet cost?

Tablet PCs from ASUS

Such devices are not profilethis manufacturer. He prefers to produce laptops, computer components and smartphones. But there are also some interesting tablets in his catalog. The only trouble is that not all of them are available for the Russian region. How much does the tablet from ASUS cost? The prices for these devices start from 8,000 Russian rubles. But these are the simplest models. Representatives of the top line "Transformer" are available for the Russian consumer at a minimum price of 40,000 rubles. The most expensive in this lineup is ASUS Transformer 3 with a 10-inch screen, 8 gigabytes of operating memory and 512 gigabytes of permanent memory. This is really the most powerful tablet of all existing. And the price tag of its "powerful" is 90,000 Russian rubles. For premium and high performance you need to pay.

How much does the Samsung Galaxy tablet cost?

Tablets from Oysters

This manufacturer issues Chinese tablets forpurely Russian goods. And it's not bad at all. How much does the tablet ("Tab") from Oysters cost? These are very low-cost devices, so the price will not make you feel horrified. The simplest models will cost 1,800 Russian rubles. These are gadgets for entertainment of a light type. Modern games are not included in the list of available entertainment. If you need a tablet that would pull WoT Blitz at least on the minimum graphics settings, then you need to choose a model from 3,000 rubles and above. The most "advanced" models from Oysters boast good performance and a ten-inch screen. But even they will not overstep the limit of 20,000 rubles. The technique of this manufacturer is the most available in this rating. However, not everyone will like the quality. A sort of Chinese "but noime".

Tablets for drawing

Это совершенно другой тип устройств.These tablets are connected directly to the computer and used by professional designers, artists and animators. The most famous company that produces devices of this type is the American Dell. How much does a Dell drawing board cost? Price list for a device of this type begins with 100 000 Russian rubles. However, there are more affordable models from Wacom. In any case, this is a narrow-profile product designed for professionals in the field of graphics. The graphic tablet is absolutely not needed by the average user.


So, we figured out the question of how muchThe tablet "Samsung Galaxy" (and not only it) costs. The price tag for the device depends on the year of manufacture, the hardware platform, the performance, the quality of the materials used, the diagonal and resolution of the screen, and the brand itself. Each manufacturer (except, probably, Apple) has a budget segment model. And mid-level devices that can satisfy any user are also available. The main thing is to carefully study the market and understand exactly what you need. And in the assortment there is no shortage.