/ How to check IMEI iPhone? Check iPhone activation by IMEI

How to check IMEI iPhone? Check iPhone activation by IMEI

When ordering a new smartphone IPhone from abroador buying with hands often the future owner doubts the authenticity of the phone. After all, the market for similar gadgets is teeming with counterparts and counterfeits, which are cheaper, but with a real smartphone have nothing in common. Check the IMEI IPhone and carefully examine its appearance - the first thing you need to do in order not to run into a cheap and substandard thing. However, it is not always possible to quickly carry out the verification procedure with the purchase, and not everyone knows how to conduct it.

How to identify a fake in appearance

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Before you can verify the authenticity of the IPhone byIMEI, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary inspection of the device. Appearance, if the fake is not rough, may not always have significant differences with the original. Also, the complexity is made up of new IPhone models that only appear on sale, and the domestic consumer is not always aware of the details of the appearance.

In most cases, you can notice some discrepancy is in appearance. First of all, look carefully at the equipment and the device itself:
• The original IPhone does not have a retractable antenna, a stylus and a connector for a memory card.
• The rear panel of this Apple device is not removed, you can not see the battery, let alone place the SIM card under it (as in standard phones).
• This gadget works with only one sim and specially cropped.

In appearance you can independentlydistinguish a rough fake from a quality original thing. On the present IPhone on the case you can find an inscription that many people suggest that the device is not original: "Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China ". In America, only develop the functionality and appearance of the device, and the entire assembly is produced in factories in China, so, despite this inscription, you will get a quality device.

How to distinguish from the original IPhone by internal functions

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If the appearance does not bother you, then forthe quality of the device should be turned on. Look carefully at the menu. Since the Russian language is one of the most difficult, and the manufacturers of analogues of expensive phones obviously save money on translation, sometimes delusional errors can be noticed in menu items and application names.

Go to the AppStore app store, most often the connection does not work, or the application store icon flips you to the Google Play Market.

What smartphones are called "gray"

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Rough enough fakes were considered aboveunder the device of the famous brand. However, there are apparently completely non-separable tubes, but working with them will be very difficult. This category includes imported phones. First of all, in order to install the software, you will need to use a standard Cydia application store instead of a standard application store. All user support services and ease of use of the official device for gray tube holders are not available.

Check the IMEI IPhone - one way to make sure the origin of the device. Officially imported into the country the tubes have a guarantee of more stable operation of applications and service.

What is IMEI

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Most often, users will learn aboutthe existence of an IMEI code if the phone was stolen. This is a code that can not be faked, since it is prescribed in the part of the device memory that can not be formatted. It is absolutely unique for each device, it is possible to find a lost phone through a mobile operator. For owners of expensive models this is extremely important.

It will also come in handy when you buy it,that the box and the instruction correspond to the apparatus. So you can eliminate the purchase of stolen equipment. In police databases about stolen devices it will also be useful to check the IMEI IPhone. It is worth to refrain from buying if a match was found in the database. You can find such a database on the Internet, as this is a common practice for law enforcement and device owners on IOS.

How to check IMEI IPhone

To know if a gadget is lostnumber of the identifier, depending on the model, various manipulations must be carried out. The easiest way to find out this number is for the owners of the first generation IPhone, for which it is listed on the back of the case.
Later, the manufacturer refused to practiceapplying this code to the case. In subsequent models, the IMEI code, consisting of 15 digits, can be found on the box label and for comparison in one of the menu items or displayed using a special command.

Check the IMEI iphone 5s or other models with the help of the command # 06 # or find it via the menu item About the device.

How to find out if your device is locked for one operator

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On the Internet, there are several sites thatby ID number can show maximum information about the device. For example, it is possible to find out information about device locking on one operator. In order to obtain this data, enter the IMEI code on any of the sites that provide the service data, and confirm it.

If the phone status is specified as Locked, it means that the device can only be used with SIM cards from one operator. The operator data is most often indicated below or next.

What is Activation Locked

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On devices with iOS 7 appeared very usefulservice - activation blocking. To date, more than 80% of users have successfully used this option. In order to start using, you do not need anything other than to check the IMEI IPhone 5 and see its serial number. On the iCloud portal, you can see the status of the activation block. If it is enabled, you need to ask the seller for the Apple ID and password to access it in order to remove the block.

If this information is not reported to the seller of the gadgetmaybe then the purchase should be abstained, as this means that the phone is stolen and blocked by the owner. If you are in a situation where your device is lost, then through iTunes it is now possible to lock it.

How to check the smartphone activation date

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There is another way to verify yoursmartphone. In order to get to the necessary section of the site to check the status of your smartphone, type in the browser's search line: "Check IMEI IPhone Apple.com". On the site in the field you need to enter a 15-digit IMEI and with the help of the producer's servers the request will be processed. Through this form, you can check the activation of the IPhone by IMEI. If in the box you see "activated", it means that the smartphone is not new and was previously in use. This is very important, since Apple's devices have a worldwide guarantee, which is not calculated by the date of sale, but by activation. Lock gadget can be removed with the help of experts. They can be found through the Internet or in the service centers, but it is worthwhile to be afraid of scammers who only take money for unlocking, but do not do the procedure itself. However, the date of registration can not be changed, at best your device will have several months of warranty, and at worst this period will be completely expired, and in case of a malfunction you can not contact the official service.

Therefore, when buying it is worth checking out the IMEI Apple iPhone to know that the phone:

  • Officially brought into the country.
  • It is not a fake.
  • Was not stolen.
  • Has not been previously in use.

When buying, you should have a laptop with you at hand.pre-installed iTunes. With its help IMEI will be immediately received in electronic form, and for verification on the manufacturer's website you will only need to copy it and paste it. A fake phone in the official iTunes will not be displayed. If you buy the device with hands, then you should ask the seller to inform IMEI in advance, at home before the transaction you can check it, and in case of problems, you will refuse to purchase in advance. That's all the information that we wanted to share in this material. Thank you for paying attention to each reader and we hope that thanks to the information given, you will be able to distinguish a genuine smartphone from a counterfeit one, because the number of illegal copies is growing every day. Thanks to IMEI, you can check your Apple iPhone at any time.