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Smartphone Huawei Honor 4C Pro: reviews, review, description, specs

Smartphone is an indispensable assistant inconditions of the modern pace of life. It allows you to always stay in touch with business partners, loved ones and relatives. And the methods of communication for the last ten years appeared just a huge amount - it's messengers, and video calls, and instant voice messages.

Smartphone every day is reallya universal tool. It is such a universal gadget developed by Huawei. It's about the Honor 4C Pro gadget, reviews of which have a positive connotation, and users are mostly satisfied with their purchase. But first things first.

Design and appearance

Smartphones can be both attractive andfrankly unsuccessful design, and in this regard, designers Huawei has not lost. The model turned out to be attractive, by no means resembling a faceless brick.

Despite the fact that the body is made mostly ofplastic, he does not creak and is pleasantly in his hand. The plastic does not smell and does not look cheap, and the textured back cover gives the device its charm and elegance. The frame is also made of plastic, but at the same time a fairly high-quality imitation of metal is created. However, do not forget that the metallized coating with intensive sloppy use can quickly get off, and the view will be unattractive, so it is not superfluous to use a transparent silicone bumper.

Among all the colors, it is worth highlighting the smartphone Huawei Honor 4C Pro Gold, reviews about which are the most positive shade, since this design looks maximally rich.

It is surprising that, despite the non-removablebattery, the phone got a removable cover. Below it there are slots for two SIM-cards that have become the standard format microSIM and microSD cards. No lateral combined trays, no problems with the choice of what to put - the second SIM card or additional memory. This and wins with other Chinese with non-removable battery smartphone Huawei Honor 4C Pro, reviews note this positive side.

Honor 4C Pro reviews


Perhaps, this is one of the strongest aspects of thissmartphone. The manufacturer installed a battery with an honest capacity of 4000 mAh, which, given the rather undemanding hardware, easily enough for two or even three days of fairly active use. If necessary, the smartphone Huawei Honor 4C Pro Gold, feedback about the battery which is only positive, can be used as a portable battery for other devices, for example, a Bluetooth headset.

For charging it is better to use a standard adapter and a cable that are capable of delivering a charging current of up to 2A. Under such conditions, the battery is charged from 0 to 100 percent for one and a half to two hours.

smart phone Huawei Honor 4C Pro reviews


Perhaps, here at this moment it is possible a littlereproach the manufacturer, because the brightness of the display is sufficient for comfortable use only indoors or in cloudy weather. In addition, the brightness is greatly reduced if you slightly tilt the display in any direction. When you use a smartphone on the street in bright, sunny weather, you will have to make an effort to make out the picture. Regarding Huawei Honor 4C Pro 5 reviews of users recommend to disable auto-adjust brightness and twist it to the maximum, if you have a walk on a fine day.

However, as a small compensation for the inconveniencein the set put a protective film. Again, it's unclear why it is not glued to the display at once, like other Chinese manufacturers supplying the film with the device. But one way or another, and glue it yourself, gently squirting air bubbles. Thanks to her smartphone Huawei Honor 4C Pro, feedback on the quality of the display cover is ambiguous, will receive additional protection.

Huawei Honor 4C Pro 16 GB reviews

"Iron" characteristics

As the main "think tank" advocatesa chipset from the Chinese company MediaTek MT6735, which has four cores. Each of them operates at a frequency of up to 1.3 GHz. Complement it with 2 GB of DDR3 standard. This bundle in most cases is enough for convenient and trouble-free operation with most applications. However, do not expect that the smartphone will cope with too demanding modern games.

The main reason for the presence of this particular chipsetbecame its low price (the model is still budgetary), as well as low energy costs when working. Yet, this bundle, when taken into account by a system well optimized by the manufacturer, is enough to type, according to what is said about Huawei Honor 4C Pro reviews, Antutu about 32,000 points.

To store system and user filesa non-volatile memory of 16 GB is provided, of which about 10 GB is left out of the box. If necessary, it can be expanded with a microSD card up to 128 GB, however, as the practice of users of Huawei Honor 4C Pro 16 GB shows, their reviews and ratings, it is better not to use cards larger than 64 GB.

smart phone Huawei Honor 4C Pro Gold reviews


Quite a competent decision on the part ofdeveloper was to apply a lightweight assembly of "Android 5.1", supplemented by the interface EMUI 3.1. It lowered the requirements for the iron and allowed more economical use of the battery charge. The interface is quite nice and does not give away frankly Chinese solutions and unnecessary "beauties", which is an additional advantage for Huawei Honor 4C Pro 16 GB. The feedback of many users underlines this point.

The application menu in the shell is not provided, theyall are on the desktops. If desired, they can be sorted compactly into thematic folders. Conveniently organized and the upper curtain - in it the space is divided into two parts, so that the basic settings and notifications are available simultaneously.

Smartphone Honor 4C Pro reviews


Resolution of the camera smartphone - 13 megapixels.But do not immediately praise this camera for the rather large size of the resulting photos. Whether in the firmware optimization is not enough, whether the optics are not quite well chosen, but the photos are noticeable quite distinct noise, if they are not made under ideal lighting. Such photos are enough to capture an important moment, take a picture of the text or make a photo for social networks, but nothing more. About Huawei Honor 4C Pro Gold reviews are mixed though, and some camera like, despite the noises.

However, it is worth noting and the positive side -The camera application starts almost instantly, the focus is fast and accurate. So for an average citizen who does not try to achieve the ideal in a photo, the camera will be more than enough. If desired, the network can easily find a large number of examples of photos made by this particular phone.

About the front camera Honor 4C Pro reviews are prettypositive, it is quite enough for comfortable use of video messengers. If necessary, you can do and Selfie, but with the necessary condition in the form of quality lighting, otherwise the photo will also be quite noisy.

Huawei Honor 4C Pro reviews

Positive aspects, according to user feedback

On average, the gadget receives reviewsestimates are much higher than average, about 4.5 out of 5. This indicates that, in general, users are satisfied with the quality of the smartphone and its price / performance ratio. The main positive side, noticed by those who bought it earlier, are as follows:

  • The main undisputed plus Honor 4C Pro (reviews of itsrepeatedly stress) is a capacious battery, which at the same time was able to remain fairly thin, which made it possible to make a nice body that does not look like a brick.
  • A quality GPS, in any weather, almost instantly starting with a "cold" start. Confident reception of the signal even under adverse conditions.
  • As for a state employee, it's still a good camera, which allows you to take high-quality pictures in good light. Slow focusing and fast shooting speed.
  • Design and quality of the case. Despite the fact that it is made of plastic, users notice monolithic and pleasant appearance.
  • Fast charging technology, which allows you to stay out of the outlet for a long time.
  • A well-optimized operating system,allowing to use the capabilities of the iron component to the maximum and providing comfortable operation in most applications, as well as saving battery power.

As you can see, a lot of positive things are noticed, but it does not do without what the users do not like as a result. Let's look at the minuses of this gadget.

Negative sides

Some moments can create discomfort, and inHonor 4C Pro reviews this note, but they are not critical. Below is a list of just such nuances that you should think about before buying:

  • The lack of the possibility of shooting video in FullHD, despite its support from the side of iron. Poor video quality, poor focus when shooting.
  • The lack of performance in some demanding applications.
  • Many users note as a minus the lack of headphones in the kit, although this is the personal opinion of each user. Ultimately, this moment reduces the purchase price of the device itself.
  • The quality of the display backlight, a small amount of brightness for outdoor use.
  • Heating the housing around the camera when working with resource-intensive applications. Battery heating during fast charging.

Huawei Honor 4C Pro Gold reviews


Smartphone Honor 4C Pro, reviews about which weconsidered ideal for those who want to get a device with good autonomy and the ability to use high-speed mobile Internet. Cons is worth thinking about, and if they are not critical, ignore them.

In general, the device turned out to be successful andAttractive, with a pleasant appearance, with signs of luxury and elegance. It's not ashamed to buy it as the main device for communication, but it will not allow you to make a truly multimedia device with support for heavy graphics.