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How on "Tele2" to put in the black list an undesirable number?

The desire to block calls andMessages from a specific number may appear for various reasons. The ability to refuse to communicate with the subscriber exists in most modern mobile operators. Tele2 is no exception. How can you get rid of an obsessive fan or avoid contact with an unpleasant person? How on Tele2 to blacklist? We will tell about it in this article.

how to tele2 blacklist

Terms of Service

Before answering the question of how to blacklist on Tele2, I would like to familiarize potential users of this service with its terms:

  • You can activate the service simply by adding the first number to the list of unwanted subscribers.
  • Deactivation of the service may be performed if all numbers are removed from the list or forced disconnection.
  • If the “Black List” was disabled forcibly,then the existing subscriber numbers are stored in memory for one month (that is, if the service is re-activated during this period, the numbers stored in the list will still be blocked).

How to blacklist on Tele2

  • When connecting the service, all calls and text messages from the selected subscriber will not be received.
  • In total, a limited number of numbers can be added to the black list: 30 pieces (if you need to add other numbers, you should first exclude some of their numbers).

Terms of use of the Black List service

How to blacklist on Tele2 andhow much is it? Commands to activate the service and manage it will be given below. Connecting the blacklist is free. It does not matter whether the first is a connection or a secondary one. There is a daily fee of one ruble (it does not depend on the number of subscribers listed). Also, each time you add a room will be charged 1.50 rub. (regardless of what number on the account, the first or thirtieth).

how to blacklist on tele2

How on Tele2 to blacklist?

It was previously mentioned that the connectionservices are made at the moment when the first number is added to the list. Thus, no special commands need to be entered. How to put the number in the black list "Tele2"? Adding numbers and managing the service is done from the phone. So, to enter the first number in the list and activate the service, dial the following combination: * 220 * 1 * #. The subscriber number should be specified in the “8” format, followed by a ten-digit number. In response, you will receive a message about the activation of the service and the successful completion of the operation.

Managing the Blacklist service

In addition, the subscriber can add the number inthe “blocked” list (how we put the subscriber into the Tele2 blacklist, we told earlier), a number of commands are available for him to control. In particular, you can view the entire list of undesirable subscribers by entering the query * 220 #. Information from the number will come in a text message. If you need to add the second and subsequent numbers, then the same command is useful * 220 * 1 * #. At the same time, the subscriber can be removed from the list by changing the unit to “0” in this command. If the question of how to put the phone in the black list of "Tele2" is understandable and it is necessary to find out if there were calls to your number from the blocked subscribers, then the following recommendation will be useful. You can get information on calls from unwanted numbers by dialing * 220 * 2 #. At the same time, it is possible to receive data for the last 48 hours (in other words, if the call from the blocked subscriber was made three days ago, then information about it will not appear in the message).

how to put the number in the black list tele2

Deactivation of the Black List service

Если вопрос, как на «Теле2» поставить в черный the list is no longer relevant and there is no longer a need to block the subscriber, then you can deactivate the service. As mentioned earlier, its deactivation can be carried out in two cases:

  • If from the black list all numbers were erased.
  • A forced shutdown was carried out, while the numbers remained blocked.

With the first paragraph, everything is clear - simplyerase all numbers from the list. By the way, this can be done not only with the command * 220 * 0 * #, but also by sending an SMS message to number 220, in the text of which you need to specify the following combination: 0 ** . When forcibly disconnecting the “Black List” service, you need to enter the command * 220 * 0 # from the phone. In this case, calls from previously blocked numbers will again do the same as messages. The subscription fee will no longer be charged from the next day. All numbers that remain on the list are saved for thirty days. During this period, you can reactivate the service while maintaining the previous settings. How can I blacklist Tele2 if more than a month has passed since the service was turned off? The commands for managing the blacklist remain the same. All numbers that were previously present in the list of unwanted, if necessary, will have to be added again, paying for each 1.50 rub.

how to put the subscriber in the black list tele2


The “Black List” service allowsself-outline your social circle. Now you can refuse to accept calls and text messages from unwanted subscribers. In this case, there remains a way to check whether calls to your number from the black list were made in the last 48 hours.