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"Blackberry" phones BlackBerry. Reviews speak for themselves

BlackBerry translated from English means"blackberry". A rather unusual name for a world famous phone company. What does the beloved berry have to do with such a corporation? It is difficult to answer this question. Although we should not forget that to some extent, fruits and berries have become a kind of type for communications equipment produced in the USA. Here is the clearest example. This, of course, about Apple and their "apple" name and brand. Despite the fact that the apple is not related to high technology, Apple has managed to become a global giant. Let's see what is so interesting and worthwhile in “blackberry” products.

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BlackBerry is the brainchild of Canadian giantResearch In Motion, originally specialized in wireless data devices. They released their first mobile phone in 2000 with the model name 957 Proton. In just a couple of years, the name of the brand became authoritative among business people. Reviews of BlackBerry began to spread at the speed of light, which, in fact, led them to this level of recognition and sales.

The main reason for this success was thatAll devices of this brand have data encryption function. That is, it is impossible to listen to them and intercept incoming mail, as well as other data. On the quality of the BlackBerry reviews have always received the best. This is not surprising, since initially all of the company's products proved to be not advertising slogans, but serviceability and reliability.

Although initially exportedThe US and Canada of this product has been banned, the company occupies a leading position in the world among such giants as Nokia, Sony, Samsung. The first millionth copy was sold in 2004. On the BlackBerry phones reviews fell from all sides. They confirmed their position in the market, guaranteed quality of communication and provided services.

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In just 10 months, the company repeated itstriumph - the second sold millionth! About this model, the BlackBerry reviews were as admiring as the previous one. The triumphant success accompanies the brand for almost ten years. By the new year 2007, five million people became happy owners of BlackBerry products, and after another three and a half years, thirteen million lucky people.

Here it is, the bird of happiness BlackBerry.Reviews of millions of models have done their job. The company began to develop with the dynamics of the horse, gaining speed for a gallop. And right now she is at the height of her fame.

The latest models produced by the corporation have becomeunrecognizable compared to firstborn. Due to the growing demand for smartphones with widescreen displays and a touchscreen, the BlackBerry did not lag behind and released the Z30. This five-inch flagship can only be recognized by the company inscription.

This device does not have any special featuresdistinguish it from rivals in the class. Nevertheless, it has become very popular and unusual for BlackBerry products. Reviews of this model are very good. They only once again confirm the quality.

blackberry reviews

And what do you think about BlackBerry products?Reviews help developers correct inaccuracies in the work of systems and programs. The opinion of users is always important for manufacturers, because they are the buyers.