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Washing machine Bosch MAXX 4: user manual

A well-known manufacturer of Bosh, beforeto present the world with another novelty, conducts not only many tests, but also uses all available methods to ensure maximum safety. To the MAXX 4 washing machine pleased its owner as long as possible, a detailed instruction is included in the kit for it, which helps to ensure proper care and use.

It is worth noting that it is easier for some people to understandthe material presented by means of visualization, therefore, for the explanation of important questions, as a supplement, there are schematic pictures. But before you start using the device, you need to familiarize yourself with the safety and general rules and recommendations of Bosch.

bosch maxx 4 instructions

Safe operation

In accordance with the instructions for the washing machine Bosch MAXX 4:

  1. The device must be connected exclusively to cold water supply. The model range is intended for home use only.
  2. It is not recommended to allow young children and pets to enter the device.
  3. Heating the protective cover glass during washing can reach high temperatures, so it is not recommended to touch it during the process.
  4. Touch the control system and the electric cord of the washing machine only with dry hands.

To reduce the likelihood of premature failure of the device and cause harm to the health of consumers, it is necessary to comply with all the operating rules of the device, prescribed in the instructions for Bosch MAXX 4.

Installation process: features

When the washing machine is brought home, thenFirst of all you need to remove the transport bolts. Typically, they are installed in the store to maintain the proper state of the internal parts. Four bolts are most commonly used. To get rid of them, you must use SW 13.

washing machine bosch maxx 4 instructions

As for the connection, according toinstructions for the Bosch MAXX 4 washing machine there are two ways that the hose can be connected to a water pipe: using a separate pipe or by using a mixer located in the bathroom or kitchen sink. In each case, the filling hose must be screwed to a special tee. The second part is connected to the machine.

As for the organization of the plum, in anyThe opening should be located at least 60 cm from the beginning of the floor. It is necessary to use a clamp, which will help reduce the likelihood of leakage.

In accordance with the instruction manual Bosch MAXX 4 WFC2060, the device must be installed in accordance with the level. For these purposes, a special building ruler or a regular glass with water is suitable. The maximum slope should not be more than 2 degrees.

First start

Manufacturer in the operating instructions forBosch MAXX 4 recommends the first time to start the device without laundry. You can do this with a special starting agent or a conventional washing powder. The composition is poured into the main wash compartment and the standard cycle is started on the "Cotton 60" program. Such measures will make it possible to clean the washing machine of industrial dirt and prepare it for loading laundry.

 bosch maxx 4 User manual

Programs and functions of the model series

The choice of the necessary program is provided hereusing a universal handle that turns in both directions. Speaking about the functionality of MAXX 4, with the help of a variety of modes you can cope with serious and old pollution, to wash without any harm delicate things and children's clothes, sports accoutrements and even shoes. And although each mode has its own temperature, you can change all the settings yourself if necessary.

bosch maxx 4 wfc 2060 user guide

Also, individually, you can initiate a procedurerinsing and spinning. Everything depends on the tasks set by the user. In addition, so that the machine is not strongly vibrated, the number of revolutions can be reduced up to 600. But in this case, the laundry will be more saturated with moisture. If the thing is delicate, then the additional rinse function will always come in handy. The quick-wash mode is usually used in the event that clothes or underwear simply need to be refreshed. In the instructions for the Bosch MAXX 4 WFC 2063 OE, you can see the table in more detail, where the time is indicated for each mode. The maximum washing time is 135 minutes.


For those who have this model is not the firstwashing machine, launches washing will not be very difficult. As a rule, first you need to make sure that it is really connected to the power supply. It happens that because of the rush, consumers are mistaken in choosing a washing program. Do not despair, because you can still choose another mode. To do this, perform the following procedure:

  1. Move the program selector to zero.
  2. We wait for a couple of seconds, then select the program that was planned to be used earlier.
  3. Press the start - and the washing machine starts the process according to the newly selected mode.


In the manual for Bosch MAXX 4, the manufacturer notes that the device will last longer if it is followed by proper care. It is also important to use it solely for its intended purpose.

Dosers, where the detergent is placed,The conditioner for clothes also needs to be washed out periodically as the plaque forms in due course, the powder will not be completely washed out from a compartment. Typically, the procedure must be repeated after every four washings.

bosch maxx 4 wfc 2063 oe user guide

According to the instruction, Bosch MAXX 4 is notit is recommended to use for washing with non-washing machines. For example, powders for hand washing create abundant foam. Also, you can not use grated finely laundry soap - it can clog the powder receptacle.

Only a strict compliance with the Bosch MAXX 4 instruction will allow you to evaluate all the advantages and quality of assembling the equipment of the leading manufacturer of household appliances.