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Baby food for muscle mass: feedback, proportions

Today we will talk about such a product asbaby food for muscle mass. The reviews of experienced athletes suggest that the effectiveness of taking this protein product is comparable to the use of expensive protein cocktails. Is this really the case and what are the benefits of infant formula for an adult organism? Let's deal with this issue together.

baby food for muscle mass reviews

Sport and food

The diet has a huge, if not decisive significancefor the athlete. Any coach will tell you what are the three main components of an effective muscle mass set. This is regular training, recovery from physical exertion, as well as quality and healthy nutrition. At the same time with the first two points of disagreement does not arise: every athlete knows his scheme of physical activities. But the diet is always a lot of controversy, in which everyone adheres to his opinion. Today, many people use baby food to gain muscle mass. Athletes' reviews confirm the active growth of muscle mass and a high level of physical activity. This provides a supply of protein, which is shared with the body of the infant formula.

baby food for muscle mass

What determines the growth of muscles

Many will respond that from physical exercises.This is in part the right thing, but to increase the muscle, it needs a strengthened diet. Hard diet and high loads in the gym will not lead to anything, except for exhaustion of the body. At the same time, muscle growth depends on the quality of food and, in particular, on the level of protein content in it. Often used baby food for muscle mass. Reviews at the same time say that an excellent alternative is a healthy diet, that is, the use of a sufficient number of protein products. This milk, eggs, chicken breast, legumes, whole grains. But to quickly get a good result, it is recommended to use special protein supplements. Can baby food completely replace specially designed mixtures for sports nutrition? Let's look.

reviews baby food for muscle mass

What are the advantages of children's mixtures as a protein supplement

High physical loads increase the need fornot only in protein, but also in vitamins, minerals, trace elements. At the same time, everyone knows that their high concentration contains baby food. For a set of muscle mass (reviews offer a large number of real examples), a full-fledged nutrition of all tissues and systems is necessary. Additionally, adherents of the use of infant formulas instead of sports nutrition speak about the high quality of these products and the availability of control over the products manufactured. The risk of acquiring a product that is hazardous to health is minimal. However, let's listen to what doctors and nutritionists think about using baby food to gain muscle mass.

baby food for muscle mass gain baby

Obvious shortcomings

First of all, this is the chemical composition.Sports nutrition is intended solely for nutrition and the growth of muscle tissue. This is an exclusively protein cocktail, which is completely processed into a building material for muscles. And what is baby food for muscle mass? This is a full-fledged diet for the growth of the baby, which contains a large amount of fats and carbohydrates. The adult person who is engaged in sports, tests deficiency of fiber, and all other elements act with the basic food. If the athlete has a lean physique and wants to gain extra weight, then this is an acceptable option. At the same time, people with a sporty physique and a tendency to set excess weight such an additive can do much harm. By its composition, baby food is closer to the geyners, that is, cocktails for weight gain, rather than muscle tissue. So excessive use of such a product will lead to the appearance of unwanted fatty layer.

baby food for a set of muscle mass how to consume

The cost of baby food

At first glance, it costs much less thanspecialized sports nutrition. Most likely, that is why it receives such good reviews of baby food for a set of muscle mass. However, do not flatter yourself: first you need to calculate how much mixture you need for a day. Remember, the athlete's goal is to get enough protein. To meet the need of an adult seriously engaged in sports, it takes at least half a package at a time. Athletes are recommended to consume a protein drink at least twice a day. It turns out that the "positive" reviews are quite "mistaken". Baby food for muscle mass can with a high probability to lead to an increase in the fat layer, and it is very costly. Depending on the brand, you will give about 3-4 times more than for a similar course of quality sports nutrition.

baby food for muscle mass gain baby

Analogues of protein cocktails

It's no secret that in everyday food there isa large amount of protein. Instead of looking for a magic tool, you can use those products that you have always at hand. Very useful is the chicken breast, which can be used in boiled or baked form. For the preparation of protein snacks, use egg or milk shakes with the addition of cottage cheese, fruit and berries. It is more difficult to calculate the amount of protein consumed, but you do not need to purchase specialized drugs.

Baby food for muscle mass "Baby"

This brand is known to everyone who has a familySmall child. Many generations in a row grew on this substitute of breast milk. The basis of it is protein, about 60%. This is lactalbumin, immunoglobulin, lactoglobulin. The required dosage of carbohydrates is presented in the form of lactose. In the mixture added fats of vegetable origin, as well as vitamins and nucleotides. The same composition has baby food for a set of muscle mass "Baby". This composition helps a small child to grow rapidly and actively add weight, and the athlete can withstand high loads.

baby food for muscle mass proportion

Baby food for muscle mass: how to use

First of all, you need to optimizetheir food. Since infant formulas contain a large amount of carbohydrates, you need to minimize their intake with basic food, otherwise you will gain weight not only due to muscle growth, but also because of the accumulation of fat. The body simply does not have time to process a huge amount of carbohydrates. As already mentioned, in order to provide the necessary amount of protein, you need to consume about 150 g of powder mixture at one time. She is bred in a glass of water and drunk before and after training.

Everyone in choosing their food shouldbe guided by common sense. You can use baby food for muscle mass. Proportions are approximately understandable: if a child weighing 5 kg needs about a liter of mixture per day, then an adult weight of 50 kg needs about 510 liters. At the same time balanced nutrition will be difficult to call, since it is designed for the needs of a growing body. Of course, we are now talking about a full transition to nutrition mixtures for the period of active weight gain. Nutritionists and sports trainers recommend not resorting to extremes and regulating their diet with the help of natural products. A large number of chicken meat and vegetables, milk, cottage cheese and eggs - an excellent food for muscle mass. If the physical load is so great that it does not allow for a standard diet, specialized sports supplements should be used. They do not harm and do not contribute to gaining excess weight, and also allow you to quickly find the figure of your dreams. At the same time, we must remember that physical activity is the key to the growth of muscle mass. But for the period of "drying" or reducing the amount of fat tissue protein shakes should be canceled.