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Velasquez-Werdum - the battle of the year

For most fans of mixed martial artssuch names as Kane Velazquez and Fabricio Werdum. they say a lot. If to look objectively, for today these two fighters are titans of heavy weight category in UFC. The historic confrontation of Velasquez-Werdum, which occurred in 2015, was to determine the strongest in the division and close all disputes about how much Werdum is worthy or not worthy of being a champion.

Brazilian star MMA

Fabrizio is a very experienced fighter.In addition to the rich baggage of battles conducted according to MMA's professional rules in various promotions and organizations, he is also a two-time world champion in European Jiu-Jitsu heavyweight champion, is the owner of a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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Mexican American

In turn, Velasquez is also extremely dangerous andtitled fighter. He is rightfully considered the best fighter in the heavyweight category for the entire existence of the UFC organization. Therefore, the duel in the cage Velasquez-Werdum was long-awaited, because the additional reason for the battle was also the correspondence competition of Brazilians and Americans, which was formed during the years of the existence of mixed battles.

Fight of the Titans

June 14, 2015 at the tournament UFC 188 Velasquez-Werdum there was a sensation.Yes, that's right, because the Brazilian athlete was considered an underdog prior to the start of the fight. However, even from the very beginning of the struggle for the American champion, the battle began to take shape unsuccessfully. In the first five-minute session, Kane gets a cut just below his left eye. Werdum not only could withstand the exchange of blows, but also looked more advantageous in the stalls.

The second round was marked by the fact that Fabrizio was ablefinally take the initiative to his hands and in the end almost sent the opponent into a knockout. In the third round it became clear that Velasquez finally weakened and with great difficulty continued a very meaningful duel for him. He decided to transfer the Brazilian to the stalls and fell for a stifling reception called "guillotine." As a result, the battle of Velasquez-Werdum ended with the early and very convincing victory of the Brazilian challenger.

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After the fight, Kane said that he made the mistake of devoting little time to training in the highlands and inadequate acclimatization. According to him, this played a decisive role.

Thus, now the honorable public is in anticipation of the revenge, whose name will already be "Fabricio Verdum-Velasquez".