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Jerzy Dudek - the greatest Polish goalkeeper

Today's Polish goalkeepers are notworld celebrities. Yes, of course, they have a fairly high level, however, they do not go to any comparison with a goalkeeper like Jerzy Dudek. This Polish goalkeeper became known to the whole world and played for the strongest clubs in Europe. Now he is 43 years old and he finished his career, but it will be remembered for a long time. Jerzy Dudek was once one of the strongest goalkeepers in the world.

Carier start

However, Jerzy Dudek did not immediately become worldcelebrity. At the age of 18, he signed a professional contract with the Polish club "Tsongcordia", which was practically unknown to anyone, and even in Poland it was not very famous. There Dudek performed for a long time: for four years, during which he became the main goalkeeper and played 119 matches. A more promising goalkeeper at the age of 22 noticed a more serious Polish club "Sokul", which he signed, but for a very short time - only for six months. Jerzy Dudek was the goalkeeper who was expected to have a much more exciting destiny.

Weather in Sokol

Jerzy Dudek, whose biography is just beginningunfold, did not stay in the Sokula. He played there only fifteen games, after which he was spotted by one of the strongest Dutch clubs - Feyenoordom. It is here that the ascent of the goalkeeper begins, which was remembered not only by his contemporaries, but also by fans of football of all generations.

New house

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We can say that it was Feyenoord that became forDudek was the second house, the club that was closest to his heart. The goalkeeper spent six years there, having played 139 matches. In the first season, when he only came to the club, he was not trusted with the place at the base, he had to compete with more experienced goalkeepers, so Dudek played only three matches. But then in each subsequent season he went out absolutely in all matches of "Feyenoord". Jerzy Dudek, whose statistics have already amazed, only at the age of 28 decided that he wants to try something else. If he was a field player, this could be a problem, as they often finish their careers in 32-33, but goalkeepers can safely play and up to 38-40 years. So, having won the Feyenoord Championship with the Dutch Championship and the Johann Cruyff Cup in 1999, Dudek decided to change club registration - for seven and a half million euros he moved to London "Liverpool".

Success in Liverpool

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As in the "Feyenoord", in "Liverpool" Dudekliterally found his calling again. He spent his next six years here until he was 34 years old. He played slightly fewer matches - 127, but unlike the Dutch club, from which the goalkeeper left to "increase" at his own will, Dudek's services here simply were not needed. The last two years he spent on the bench, leaving on the field a couple of times a season. That's why he decided to change the situation before retiring. It is worth noting that with the "Liverpool" Polish goalkeeper has achieved the greatest success - in 2003 he became the owner of the League Cup, and in 2005 the dream of every football player came true. Dudek, being the club's main goalkeeper, won the Champions League Cup, and then the UEFA Super Cup. In the local arena, he still managed to win the FA Cup, although he did not already play at the base. In the summer of 2007, the 34-year-old goalkeeper moved to the club, which all players dream of - FC Real Madrid.

Dream on the bench

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Experienced goalkeeper moved to FC Real Madrid,fulfilling his dream, and became one of the key figures there. However, unfortunately, not on the football field. In "Real" in those days undividedly dominated the gate Iker Casillas, so for four years, held in the royal club, Dudek appeared on the field only 15 times. However, he was still a kind of talisman, mentor, patron, who influenced all players only in a positive way.

National team appearances

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In the national team of Poland Jerzy Dudek played a very importantrole - he spent sixty games for his native team, at the same time began his performances in 1998, at the height of his stay in Feyenoord, and finished only in 2013. Of course, he has not traveled to major tournaments for recent years, but he participated in both friendly and qualifying games, thereby supporting young players and demonstrating to everyone that his days are far from in the past and he is capable of many more in football issues .