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A little about how to choose a fish sounder for fishing

Today, the technical equipment of fishingdemonstrates a fundamentally new level. No one is surprised by the carbon fiber rod of stunning ease, like the brand-name inertial coil on it. And such a recently "fantastic" device for searching fish stocks in reservoirs and studying the structure of the bottom, as an echo sounder, is becoming more popular among anglers.

how to choose an echo sounder for fishing

However, not everyone knows how to choose the echo sounderFor fishing, which will be most useful for a certain type of fishing. The assortment of these devices is huge, therefore even to the skilled fisherman it is not easy to be defined with a choice.

For a correct evaluation of this deviceIt is necessary to know the principle of the echo sounder. In fact, the device consists of two parts: a sensor-receiver (it emits an ultrasonic signal and catches it already reflected from the fish and the bottom of the reservoir), as well as a processor that processes the information received and displays it graphically on the screen.

The modern echo sounder is able to determine the topography of the bottom, the presence of fish and the depth at which it is currently concentrated, the depth of the reservoir itself, and also approximate

echosounders for fishing from the shore
o estimate the size of floating living creatures and various objects. In many models, there is an approximation function that allows a more detailed study of a specific area of ​​water.

To answer the question of how to select the depth sounderfor fishing, you also need to know what is the main difference between models. So, the most affordable devices are equipped with only one probing beam, capable of covering the range of 9-24 degrees. Extensions of functionality in such echo sounders are not provided. Single-beam "fish finder" allows you to view the relief of the bottom quite well, but due to the narrow zone of action they are often ineffective in searching for fish.

Thinking about how to choose the sounder forfishing, it should be borne in mind that more expensive modifications of echosounders have in their arsenal 2 (or 3) probing beams, as a result of which the search area at 10-meter depth for a 45-degree device reaches 8.5 m and for a 90-degree instrument 20. In such devices, it is possible to connect a plurality of additional sensors.

Even more expensive models are three-dimensional, theyon the screen display the location of underwater objects and bottom relief in the form of a three-dimensional image. With their help, the fisherman can easily determine the location of the fish (both the direction and remoteness of the location of its location).

Echo Sounder Practitioner

Finally, the most expensive and effective are the ultra-modern Interphase echo sounders, equipped with an extended set of sensors and a large color display.

Such devices are especially useful for owners of rigid hulls, they will help to avoid collision with underwater objects.

Thus, the solution to the question of how to choosethe echo sounder for fishing, directly depends on the type of fishing and is closely intertwined with financial opportunities. And the choice, as you can see, is very wide. For example, echo sounders for fishing from the shore need not be very powerful, as they will be used for not too deep depths. So is it worth it to overpay?

Among the Russian fishermen are quite popular echosounders "Practitioner" of various models.