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David Ginola: career of the football player

David Ginola Désiré is a French footballer,known for his performances in the First League, as well as in the English Premier League. He played at the position of midfielder and became famous as an uncompromising player with a good vision of the field. It is interesting that Ginola never stood out as a powerful invoice, and from the team-mates the Frenchman was nicknamed "leg-stick".

David Vinola

Carier start

David Ginola is a native of Saint-Tropez.At a young age, he seriously took a great interest in football, and at the age of eleven the guy became the best football player of the amateur tournament of Saint Raphael, and even received an invitation from the Milan Academy. However, he began his professional career in "Toulon", where for three years he was the leader of the team.

In 1990, the transit through the Paris "Racing"Ginola was in the "Brest". Speaking for the team from the city of the same name, David "got on the pencil" of France coach Michel Platini and received a debut challenge to the main team of the country. For two seasons in the "Brest" striker held for the club fifty fights, in which he scored 14 goals.

Moving to Paris

The second time in the French capital, David Ginolawas in 1992, and this voyage was more than successful. For three years, as part of the titled capital's grandee, the midfielder won his first career titles. Together with the "PSG" Ginola became the champion of France, and also the owner of the national cup and the French League Cup. In total for "blue-red" David has spent 115 duels. In addition, it is in the composition of the Parisian player for the first time played in European competition.

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In the English Premier League

In 1995, David Ginola was involved in thescandal in French football. In particular, the tricolor coach Gerard Houllier accused the midfielder of defeating Le Bleu from Bulgaria, which blocked the way for the French to the 1994 World Cup. David stopped calling in the national team, however, this fact is not very disappointing - the player after the participation in the championship of England literally fell in love with the Premier League and to the end of his career did not leave Albion.

In 1995, "Newcastle" experienced a change of generations,so the club needed new players, capable, that is called, to "plow" and prove. Such as David Ginola. Footballer became part of the star structure of the "forty", which for a long time on an equal footing fought with "Manchester United" for the gold medals of the championship. His debut goal in the team of Kevin Keegan David was noted in the second match. It should be noted that the midfielder had a very good relationship with the English coach, so when the latter left Newcastle in 1997, Ginola did the same.

His next club was Tottenham, with whomthe French player had to solve completely different tasks. "Spurs" led a desperate struggle for survival and with their self-sacrificing play, David helped the team to cope with this task.

Ginola quickly established itself in the main structure of the newteam and in the next season his Tottenham managed to win the League Cup, bypassing such formidable rivals as Manchester United and Leicester. Successfully went to the team and the FA Cup, in which the "Spurs" only in the semifinals lost to "Newcastle". The French midfielder was the real leader of that team and at the end of the season he deservedly received the title of the best player of the year.

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Completion of career

At the age of 33, David Ginola wentfinish the game at Aston Villa, where he spent two seasons. The French midfielder was no longer the unconditional player of the main lineup, however, and going on to replace, looked no worse than team-mates. In a burgundy T-shirt football player twice managed to score goals scored against the opponents.

Last months in professional sports Ginola still spent in the English Premier League. In five games, he defended the colors of Everton.