/ / Scooter Oxelo Mid 7 - a tool for fast driving and saving time

Scooter Oxelo Mid 7 - a tool for fast driving and saving time

Many teenagers are considered a scooter as a means of quick driving and freedom. Some even get to it before school. It not only saves time, but also allows you to develop physical data.

Simplicity of management, comfort at driving and smallweight allow the use of scooters by adolescents without compromising their safety. Scooter Oxelo Mid 7 is designed specifically for schoolchildren, who need to quickly move around and feel full freedom at the same time.

scooter oxelo mid 7

Modifications of the Oxelo brand

The manufacturer of vehicles MID 7 anda lot of other commercials, scooters and skates is a company of French origin Decathlon. For these models of scooters there is a separate brand Oxelo.

Model MID 7 is available in two trim levels. The first - a scooter with shock absorbers, the second - without them. And, each species has found its followers.

Means with shock absorbers are more like adults. The scooter has a smooth running and softens the blows. But their presence significantly lowers the speed, so children prefer rollers without them.

In addition, the scooter with shock absorbers has moreheavy weight. Therefore, the choice is sometimes obvious. As for the colors, the manufacturer is not very happy here. But still you can choose something brighter if the purchase is intended for children, and stay on a strict option for using the scooter by adults.

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Simple means for high-speed driving

Some opponents of scooters argue thatits use is advisable only in the warm season. Of course, this is so. But, the tool is able not only to save time, but also to give children pleasure, and tangible benefits. Teenagers already require independence, and the roller can be taken even in public transport. Scooter Oxelo Mid 7, in addition, is quite compact and will not cause any inconvenience to the child or other passengers.

Main features of the model

The main weighty advantage of themodel is that the scooter is able to withstand a weight of up to 100 kg. Its own weight does not exceed 4.3 kg, which makes its use convenient for young children. For comfortable use by children of different height, a height-adjustable handle is provided, which can be extended up to 93 cm.

Oxelo Mid 7 scooter is simple and compactfolds. This makes it easy to find a place to store it, including in a school locker. To ensure that the transport does not spoil the surrounding things and for more comfortable storage, a special cover is provided, which is recommended to be purchased separately.

Scooter Oxelo Mid 7

The characteristics of the model are as follows:

  1. The model is designed for a teenager from 145 cm to 185 cm in height.
  2. The body is made of aluminum and is supplemented with thermoplastic rubber. This guarantees special durability and makes transportation easy.
  3. The wheels have a sufficient size - 175 mm. They are made of PU rubber, which provides a good roll on and excellent grip on the road.
  4. Specialized bearings of ABEC 5 class guarantee soft sliding, which is especially appreciated by obstinate teenagers.
  5. For safety, there is a powerful brake located on the rear wheel.
  6. The size of the deck is 120X330 mm.

scooter with shock absorbers

Tips for safe use

Considering that the Oxelo Mid 7 scooter is designed forchildren from 6 to 12 years old, safe use of it is very important. Parents are encouraged to check for cracks and large gaps every time before use by their children.

Bearings are especially exposed to wear and tear.wheels. It is important to check them regularly, lubricate them and change them as needed. The manufacturer "Decathlon" recommends purchasing materials for servicing the scooter, which significantly increases the service life of the scooter.

scooter oxelo mid 7 characteristics

User Reviews

Scooter Oxelo Mid 7 reviews collected in the mainpositive. Judging by the feedback of users, the model is trustworthy, it is reliable, safe and durable. However, the manufacturer and caring parents recommend purchasing protection equipment. It is especially important to use a special helmet.

Scooter Oxelo Mid 7 is created taking into account the nuances of urban realities, its simplicity in operation makes it a transport number 1 for the movement of adolescents.

But there are complaints about using the model ininclement weather. Transport is equipped with mud flaps, which are located on both wheels. But on a rainy day, splashes fall on your feet, due to the fact that the rear mudguard dwarfs the brake. But the surface for the leg is rough enough, so the foot does not slip.

oxelo scooter mid 7 for children from 6 12 years old

Using a scooter

Scooter Oxelo Mid 7 reviews has aboutuse. Despite the solid aluminum alloy construction, it is necessary to adhere to several rules. This will significantly extend its service life and make skating comfortable and safe.

Storage of scooter must be done in dry form and away from direct sunlight. Regularly inspect and exclude jags, cracks and abrasions.

It is important that the Mid 7 is exclusively a model for walking. Therefore, it excludes acrobatic stunts. This is dangerous for riders, because this scooter is not designed for such loads.

Sometimes there are difficulties in trying the firstfold the vehicle. But the manufacturer for convenience of users places a step-by-step scheme on the frame itself. Of course, children may not understand the wisdom of the drawing, but any adult can easily figure out what's what. Then you can show the guys how everything is done. Usually children grasp all the wisdom on the fly.

Для складывания предусмотрен рычажок, который you should click. After this, the steering wheel is pulled back and immediately stretches itself. Scooter turns into a compact thing, which easily fits into a special case.