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Alexander Chernikov: sport achievements and biography

Alexander Mikhailovich Chernikov is a Russian sportsman. At one time he was considered one of the most promising attackers of the country. His whole career is spent in Russian clubs.

Childhood and youth

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Alexander was born in the fall of 1984 in Tolyatti.Being very young he loved to watch hockey on TV. A little older, began to drive the puck with friends on the street. Parents noticed the infatuation of his son, and therefore decided to give it to the section. The guy enjoyed doing, but it was very difficult. The fact is, in childhood he had a small growth Alexander Chernikov. The hockey player was not shy about this fact, but on the site he always had to give more than the rest.

Coaches could not help noticing the persistence of the guy, andtried to help him in every possible way. Even then it was clear that if he tried hard, he could become a very good player. The young man did not like to stomp around his gate. He always liked to play in the attack, which influenced his final position on the court. Since the youth teams, he played the role of striker.

Professional hockey. "Vanguard"

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In 2002, Alexander made his debut in the First League.At that time he played for "Lada-2" from his native Togliatti. Despite the fact that he was only eighteen, he managed to score seventeen goals and make seventeen assists in thirty-six matches. Naturally, the high results did not go unnoticed, and already in 2003 the young man joins the CSK VVS. In this team he will perform for two seasons, after which he will move to Chelyabinsk "Tractor". As part of this club holds two very strong seasons, and only after that returns to his native "Lada".

Championship 2007/2008 the team plays in the RussianSuper League, but the next year qualifies for the Continental League. In the 2008/2009 season Alexander Chernikov makes his debut in the highest division of Russian hockey. He will lead it very successfully: fifty-five games, seven goals scored and seventeen assists. Next year holds at the same level: fifty-four games, seven goals scored and sixteen assistants.

In 2010, Alexander signs a contract with HC"Siberia". The first season in the new team is successful. The hockey player scored fourteen goals in fifty-four games. Plus, seven times assisted partners.

Championship 2011/2012 Alexander Chernikov again holds a very high level. He throws eleven goals and eleven times his teammates hammer from his gear.

In 2012 he moved to Yaroslavl "Locomotive".The new team again demonstrates the high level of the game. Unfortunately, the next season will be unsuccessful. The athlete spends fifty fights, but enters into an asset only eight effective actions.

"Railwaymen" did not renew the agreementwith the player, and he again went to his native "Lada". Here he will be able to restore his former form, and will score nineteen points on the system goal + pass. The striker will prove to everyone that it's too early to write him off, because he can still play hockey at a fairly high level. "Vanguard" will gladly take the opportunity to replenish the composition of an experienced athlete and offer Alexander a contract.

Dreams of the national team

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As already mentioned, there was a time when the youngman was rightly considered one of the most promising players in the country. Many experts were sure that very soon he would be in the national team. However, this did not happen and did not happen to this day.

The point here is not that Alexander Chernikovshowed a weak game, but that there were always hockey players who were stronger in a separate component. Some people are still confident that the striker does not favor Russia only because he has rather modest dimensions.

Characteristic of game manners

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The forward of the "Vanguard" is different in that hevery brisk and agile. It is thanks to these qualities that he can easily escape from the invoice defenders. Many players who had to oppose him, said that Sasha is a very uncomfortable opponent.

Actually, that's the kind he is - Alesandr Chernikov.His fans can only hope that he will have time to play for the national team. And, despite his young age, he is an idol for many beginners.