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Training in the gym for men and women: music, programs

Now it is fashionable to lead a healthy lifestyle. Its integral part is sport. There is a wide variety of training for every taste. Read about this in the article.

What is training?

Before you start training in the gym,It is necessary to understand what the word "train" means. According to the dictionary of the famous Russian linguist Ozhegov, as well as his other colleagues, it has the following meaning: to do something to improve certain skills.

Exercises in the gym

Training in the gym is almost always aimed atimprovement of any group of physical skills. For example, doing sports, you can develop in yourself such qualities as endurance, strength, speed, agility, flexibility and others. It is impossible to improve only one of these qualities. In any case, the level of each of them will increase, just one of them will be developed stronger than others. In addition, it is impossible to pump muscle mass or lose weight in only one area of ​​the body: training exercises act on the whole body indiscriminately.

Choosing a sports hall

Making a program of training in the gymdepends on what equipment it is equipped with, what simulators work in it. Since each person comes to the gym, pursuing certain goals, he first has to make sure that he will not be forced to pull a bar if he wants to lose weight at all. Therefore, you need to choose the right room for sports. There are different types:

  • Gymnasium. Excellent rooms in order to lose weight and work out on the treadmill.
  • Halls for games in basketball, volleyball, football and others.
  • GYM's. Here you can find cardio and strength training equipment. These halls are suitable for those athletes who combine several types of training at once.
  • Universal halls are suitable for those who do not know what system they want to train on. They are equipped with the necessary simulators and equipment for practicing any sport.

Types of training

When a person decided that he wanted to studysports, found a suitable sports hall, he should think about another question. Namely: how he will train. It's not about the form and schedule of classes, but about the type of training. Here they are:

  • Interval training in the gym can be combined with others. This kind allows a person to quickly settle on a treadmill, for example.
  • Cardio workout. They help to prepare the body for high loads and just improve your appearance. These include running, walking, cycling.
  • Strength training is most debilitating. People who want to build muscle mass, choose this type of sport.

Training for girls and women

There is a wide variety ofwhich can conduct training for women in the gym. Each girl starts to go to the hall for various reasons. Someone wants to lose weight and get rid of cellulite, someone wants to pull up the body. Others try to return to the form after giving birth. In any case, each of the fair sex can find a suitable workout.

In order to properly build a program of activities in the gym, it is necessary to understand how certain groups of exercises affect the female body.

Training in the gym for girls

Cardiovascular exercises help to lose weight.Even if the girl wants to make muscles bumpy, she should not neglect this stage of training, because the fat layer hides the most inflated muscles.

Strength training in the gym for girlsconstitute the most important part of sports. Exercises with burdening allow you to work out those muscles that the fair sex representative wants to make embossed.

The press is helped by exercises such as twisting and lifting the legs. And to make the lower limbs stronger and more beautiful you can with attacks with dumbbells and sit-ups with a barbell.

Cardio Workout

This type of sports should be present inany workout. First, it allows you to improve blood circulation and make the circulatory system work more efficient. Secondly, regular cardio-operations make a person more enduring, and sometimes faster. Thirdly, they help many people lose weight. And, fourthly, they are available to all comers.

Why?The fact is that cardio means a long movement. Therefore, walking, running, swimming, skiing and cycling are the most popular exercises. Any person, even if he does not have the opportunity to attend a sports hall, can perform cardio-operations in everyday life.

Exercise in the gym for losing weight

However, in the hall, under the supervision of experienced coaches, cardio training will be more effective. There is a complex of aerobic exercises, which is advised to many people who decided to go to the hall:

  1. Exercises on the track for running. They need to be performed within five to seven minutes.
  2. Jumping with a skipping rope. The duration of this exercise is about two minutes.
  3. Riding on a stationary bike for two minutes.

This complex should be performed twice with a breakin one minute. At the beginning of the training process, the maximum duration of aerobic exercise is twenty minutes. Subsequently, you need to gradually increase it to forty minutes.

Training for teenagers

Children aged 12 to 16 often comein the gym, without even knowing what exactly they want to do here. Their goal is to improve their body, but they do not think about the means. As a result, they may train incorrectly or get seriously injured.

Training in the gym for beginners andadolescents should be made on the basis of the level of the person's physical capabilities. It is important to understand that children under the age of 16 are not ready for heavy workloads. Even if they were engaged before sports, it is better for them to wait with weight training with weighting.

This is because the children's skeleton is stillis formed, and playing sports, not by age can lead to various injuries. As a rule, the spine suffers most of all. In addition, a teenager who started early strength training can stop growing.

If the child is not ready to give up the powertraining, he, first of all, must combine them with cardio loads. In addition, his weight will serve as an aggravation. Instead of lifting the bar, he can perform pull-ups or exercises to hang.

Training in the gym for beginners

Beginning at the age of 16, a teenager can be put into exercise training. However, you need to do it right, so it's best to ask for help from a professional coach.

Weight loss training

Многие люди, желающие заняться спортом, приходят in the hall for a simple reason: they want to lose weight and make their muscles "visible." This is because under the layer of a layer of fat, not a single muscle will be seen, even if a person pumps muscles for a long time.

Before you begin, you need to understand: training in the gym for weight loss consists of several components. Having missed one of them, a person will not achieve the desired result:

  1. Warm up. This block allows you to prepare the body forphysical activity and prevent the risk of injury. The warm-up does not take much time: only fifteen minutes is enough to warm up the body. For this you can run, tilt or crouch.
  2. Cardioion, or exercises called aerobic. For forty minutes, reserved for this stage of training, a person will burn fat deposits.
  3. Power training is aimed at working out of separate groups of muscles. It usually lasts about fifty minutes.
  4. Stretching is the final stage of classes. It is performed so that the muscles do not look pumped up, but looked harmonious.

Training for men

Men who decide to attend a sports hall, most often pursue one goal - a set of muscle mass. It rarely happens that they want to lose weight. This is the prerogative of girls.

Training in the gym for men should consist offrom warm-up, cardio loads, power section and stretching. You can not miss any of the stages, because it will reduce the effectiveness of classes and, of course, increase the risk of injury. This training program in the gym for men and women is the most secure, so self-restructure it and skip some stages it is impossible.

Training in the gym for men program

Representatives of the stronger sex should understand thatoccupations in the hall will be beneficial if conducted with the mind. Regularity and correctness of the exercises are important, therefore, it is better to consult a professional before starting the training process. In addition, you need to work out all the muscle groups. It is necessary to draw up a schedule of lessons and set aside certain days for working on different muscle groups.

Warm up

Whatever program of training is not chosen by a person,it is important to understand that an integral part of doing sports is warm-up. It does not take much time. There is a wide variety of workouts, both for warming up the whole body, and for preparing certain muscle groups for training.

It is very important not to neglect the warm-up.At the same time, the exercises that are part of this stage of training should be more warming up those muscle groups over which the work will be carried out. During warm-up, it is necessary to prepare the whole body for classes, for example, to jump on a rope or run a few laps in a jog. And when it comes time to knead separate muscle groups, more attention should be given to those that will be worked out on this particular day.

You can not leave any muscles and joints withoutwarm-up. Even if it seems to the person that during the exercises these or those muscles will not be affected at all, they should still be warmed up to avoid injuries.

Errors of newbies

Many people are sure that during sports you can not drink water. This opinion is fundamentally wrong, because the liquid allows you to gain strength and perform exercises more effectively.

There is no need to visit the hall every day. Training for weight loss or muscle mass is carried out three times a week. It is important to draw up a clear timetable for the classes to take place.

Do not constantly perform the same exercises: it is much more useful and interesting to diversify the training process with new tasks.

Form for playing sports

Any person who leads an active lifestyle andgiving time for sports, will advise the newcomer to find comfortable clothes and shoes for training. Indeed, from such small things the entire course of the training process can depend.

First of all, you need to purchase a freeT-shirt or T-shirt made of cotton or linen. Synthetics, silk and other materials for sports do not fit, because they interfere with the flow of air to the body. During training in the gym, a person sweats heavily, and clothes made from natural fabrics absorb sweat drops. Pants and shorts also should not constrain movements. They should be made of cotton or linen for the same reason as the shirt.

The best workout in the gym

Что касается обуви, то каждый спортсмен выбирает the most convenient model. However, the best for running sports fit sneakers on lacing or Velcro on a dense sole. This is done so that a person does not feel every pebble under his feet. Special footwear for sports is made of breathable materials that allow sweat to evaporate, and sneakers - do not smell.

Лучшие тренировки в спортзале – те, во время which the person did not receive any injuries. In order to minimize this risk, care must be taken to protect it. This category of sportswear includes knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves. Special gloves increase friction between hands and shells, making them less slippery. This, in turn, reduces the risk that a person will fall from a simulator or projectile and receive any kind of injury.

Athlete nutrition

A person who plays sports shouldmake the right diet. He should abandon the flour products, sweets, fatty and fried foods. You can replace them with bran loaves, bitter chocolate, marshmallows. It is better to cook the food not in a frying pan, but in a double boiler.

The athlete's diet should include vegetables and fruits.They need to be eaten daily and not to neglect these products. At the same time, a person engaged in the gym performs exercises for gaining muscle mass, so he needs to use as much of the building material as possible - protein. Most of it is found in fish, dairy products, eggs and meat. Therefore, a vegetarian and an athlete are incompatible concepts.

Training Music

In order for a person not to quench the desire to train, and he worked intensively, it is important to choose the right music.

For gymnastic workouts and exercisesstretching is best suited for calm music without pronounced bass. This will allow the athlete to perform the exercises at the optimum pace, without risking a sharp movement to break any ligament.

Music for training in the gym

Faster music for workouts in the gymshould be reserved for running and other cardio loads. According to statistics, most people go to the beat of the beats playing the song. Thus, a person can increase the pace of walking, running or exercising on a bicycle simulator with the help of music.

Музыка для тренировок в спортзале не должна distract the athlete. Therefore, it is better to stop listening to your favorite motivating tracks during strength training. As mentioned earlier, people often move in time with the bass. Out of habit, by increasing the speed of movements or abruptly performing an exercise, for example, with a barbell, a person can not only spoil the projectile, but also get injured: sprain, dislocation, bruise or even a fracture.