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Stadiums in Kaliningrad: old and new

Currently in Russia is a grandiosework on the construction of sports facilities for the adoption of the World Cup in June 2018. One of these stadiums is being built in the westernmost administrative center of our country.


The city of Kaliningrad is the capital of the subject of the Russian Federation withuneasy and long history. Due to its geographical location, the tourist infrastructure is well developed. In the city there are many monuments of architecture that cause interest of visitors: the Cathedral, the grave of Immanuel Kant and others.

stadiums in Kaliningrad

This is one of the most beautiful places in our country, visited annually by hundreds of thousands of tourists.

Football Club, representing Kaliningrad inRussia. is called "Baltika". The arena with the same name, on which the team conducts home matches, is located right in the center of the city and has a capacity of 16,000 people.


On December 1, it will be clear which teams will playa new stadium in Kaliningrad. There will be a draw for the World Cup. In early October, a commission consisting of members of FIFA and the organizing committee "Russia-2018" paid a visit to the capital of the westernmost region of the country to assess how the work on completing the construction of a new facility is underway. After a visual inspection, they will need to discuss those points that should be paid attention.

stadium in Kaliningrad to the hour 2018
Special attention should be paid to the question of how the site located around the sports facility will look.

Construction of the stadium in Kaliningrad for the World Cup 2018 began in 2015.

new stadium in Kaliningrad
The capacity of the stadium "Kaliningrad" - 35 066 people.

The area is 112 000 sq.m.

The stadium "Kaliningrad" is located on the island of October between the rivers Staraya and Novaya Pregolya.

Features of the new arena

A natural lawn is a sign of quality inmodern football. The stadium field in Kaliningrad will be equipped with a watering system and a drainage system and is sewn with a special synthetic fiber. It should protect the grass cover from damage and reduce the risk of injury to athletes.

arena of baltic
The temperature sensors of the root system have been installed, which will be controlled using a touchpad with remote control.

In March, at the stadium, built for the 2018 World Cup,Kaliningrad, as the head of the FIFA department for the conduct of the competitions Colin Smith said, there will be a test match, and the players themselves will test the lawn for strength. To which the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the region Alexander Rolbinov assured the members of the commission in timely fulfillment of the obligations to establish infrastructure in the area of ​​the facility. By the way, in connection with the construction of the stadium in Kaliningrad, the bridge leading to the island is being reconstructed.

arena of baltic
After the end of the tournament, in addition to football matches, concerts, sports performances, show programs will be held here, because the object is a legacy of the 2018 World Cup.

The stadium is not the only task you needto cope with the authorities. By the beginning of summer 2018, Kaliningrad should be fully modernized in order to welcome visitors from all over the world. The renewal of the city's car fleet is another goal for the near future.

Host cities FM-2018


arena of baltic

Capacity - 45 000 spectators.


stadium in Kaliningrad to the hour 2018

Capacity - 45 000 people.

The area is 43 700 sq.m.


stadiums in Kaliningrad

Capacity - 45 000 people.


new stadium in Kaliningrad
"Kazan Arena"

It is designed for 45 000 people.


arena of baltic
Stadium "Fisht"

It is designed for 40 000 people.


stadium in Kaliningrad to the hour 2018

Designed for 35,000 spectators.

The area is 31 400 sq.m.

Is an object of cultural heritage, soDuring the reconstruction special requirements are taken into account. In general, the stadium should not greatly change the previous look, but it will look modern and meet the current standards.

St. Petersburg

stadiums in Kaliningrad
Stadium "St. Petersburg"

Capacity - 67 800 people.


new stadium in Kaliningrad

Capacity - 45 000 spectators.

The area is 61 000 sq.m.

The layout and dimensions of the stadium meet the requirements of FIFA. Part of the seats are reserved for the disabled. All safety measures are provided for in the design.


stadiums in Kaliningrad
Stadium "Luzhniki"

After reconstruction, it will be able to accommodate 81,000 people.

The largest stadium of the country.

new stadium in Kaliningrad

Designed for 45,000 spectators.

The area is 54 000 sq.m.

Nizhny Novgorod

stadium in Kaliningrad to the hour 2018
Stadium "Nizhny Novgorod"

Capacity - 45 000 spectators.

The area is 127 500 sq.m.

After the World Cup 2018, the arena will be reconstructed for the possibility of holding concert, exhibition and other activities.