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Knives "Pirate": description, technical characteristics

To the attention of consumers interested inpiercing-cutting production, on the modern knife market a wide assortment of various models is presented. Judging by the numerous reviews, the buyers of Pirate knives are in great demand.

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A market sector specializing in manufacturingand wholesale sales of goods intended for tourism and extreme recreation, is represented by various manufacturing companies. Great experience in this area has a Chinese company Pirat. This company produces crossbows, pneumatics, products for hunting and fishing, as well as a large number of universal blades.

The high popularity of such products is due to the manufacturers' responsible approach to the production process and the use of high-quality raw materials.

About the knives "Pirate"

Such products are represented by a wideassortment of models. Knives "Pirate" can be throwing, tourist, folding, souvenir, wedges for survival, for everyday use, etc.

The following differences in the design and design of the knife models of the Chinese manufacturer can be distinguished:

  • The length of the blade varies between 80-130 mm, and the thickness: 1.8-3.5 mm.
  • The handle for the knife is made of ebony wood and steel.
  • The total length of the products is from 12 to 38 cm.


When making different models of knivesthe manufacturer uses high-quality steel grade No. 440. Its Rockwell hardness is 56-58 units. Judging by the numerous reviews of consumers, this is quite a high value: the blades have proven themselves as very strong and reliable products. Knife handles are also made from very reliable and durable materials: impact resistant plastic, hardwoods and metal alloys.

Judging by the reviews, among the various models the mostFolding knives "Pirate" are in demand. Such products are very ergonomic, convenient and meet the established standards. Since the folding knife "Pirate" does not belong to the category of "cold steel", its acquisition does not require permission.


"Nemesis". Description

This product is a "collapsible"which in the Russian market belongs to a series of urban knives. The certificate states that this blade is a tourist blade. An anti-corrosion anti-reflective coating is provided for the blade. Fixation of the blade is carried out by the mechanism of back up. In order to ensure reliable retention of the knife during the operation, the developers equipped its handle with a special wide notch under the fingers. This cutout together with the front part of the spring form a "quasi-guard". A steel clip is provided for the knife, which can be attached from both sides of the handle. Its end part has a triangular shape and is equipped with a special hole for the lambskin.

Characteristics of "Nemesis"

  • The total length is 26 cm.
  • The length of the handle is 145 mm.
  • The length of the blade is 115 mm.
  • The thickness of the blade is 3.7 mm.
  • The blade is made of steel No. 420.
  • The handle is made of anodized aluminum.
  • Clamp - back up.

knives pirate

According to the owners, these knivesare very successful copies of similar products, the release of which deals with the Italian manufacturer Shenzhen Wan de Chang Import & Export Co.Ltd, which uses in the production of steel grade number 690. From the Italian Chinese models, in addition to the steel grade, differ in that they lack a safety device and the thickness of the blade is reduced from 6.0 to 3.7 mm.

According to the owners, the Chinese "collapsible""Nemesis" is executed very qualitatively. During the fixation of the blade in the open position there is absolutely no play. The product is very convenient. Those consumers who have the skill to handle such a knife, it will not be difficult to fold it with one hand. To the merits of the Chinese "Nemesis" can be attributed and low cost. Unlike the original, its price is 15 times smaller. Chinese counterfeiting can be purchased for only 800 rubles.