/ / Positive and negative reviews: green coffee for weight loss - a panacea or another "soap bubble"?

Positive and negative reviews: green coffee for weight loss - a panacea or another "soap bubble"?

negative reviews of green coffee
Every remedy for weight loss is new, justreleased to the market, or already tested additives - have their supporters and opponents, as a consequence-positive or negative feedback. Green coffee is no exception. Appearing in the Russian market about two years ago, it is quite popular dietary supplement for weight loss, and its effectiveness has been proved by a number of scientists. In this article, we will talk about why the drink helps to lose weight, give its characteristics, consider the positive and negative aspects of the application.

All about the drink. Positive and negative reviews: green coffee - good or bad?

According to independent studies of unroastedbeans of the coffee tree, the main active component of the product is chlorogenic acid, which positively influences metabolism and affects the acceleration of metabolism. Also in the composition of a number of vitamins, essential oils and antioxidants. You can brew the beverage yourself from the grinded grains, or you can take the green coffee extract. Either way, the recommended dose of intake in the first case - 2-3 cups a day, in the second - capsules dosage of up to 1600 mg per day.

green coffee reviews are negative
It is the use of so much green coffee(according to the statement of manufacturers and distributors) helps to lose the greatest number of kilograms. Of course, do not believe the advertising and hope to reduce your weight by 6-8 kg per week, but from 1-2 kg you can easily get rid of. The whole secret is that dietary supplements only work when the person taking the drug, in parallel, takes other methods to reduce weight. For example, it follows a diet or simply monitors the caloric intake of food. Given that green coffee a little suppresses the appetite, reducing the energy value of the diet will not bother you. So why are there negative reviews on the web? Green coffee, as mentioned above, may not work for some of the respondents due to a number of physiological reasons (your body is simply unable to perceive the action of chlorogenic acid or the increased weight is a consequence of not breaking the metabolism, but of any disease) or it may not work simply because , that someone is drinking a delicious cup of a drink with a hearty supper or a three-course dinner. Agree, any most modern medical product for weight loss will not work if the patient exceeds the recommended caloric intake and leads a sedentary lifestyle.

Other negative reviews: green coffee does not justify the expectation of losing weight

green coffee reviews harm
Many refer to the drink as an ordinaryblack (read - fried) coffee, expecting that its taste will be just as exceptional. Unfortunately, it is not. The overwhelming majority of those who lose weight note that it is not tasty, especially since the usual milk and sweeteners can not be placed in it. You can slightly improve the taste of the drink by adding a pinch of cinnamon, dry ginger, cloves or lemon juice, but this does not help much. Yet you must remember that green coffee is a means for losing weight, and not for satisfying your own taste preferences. Many after a couple of days of regular drinking drink get used to it and drink with pleasure. In addition, with regard to such a product as green coffee, negative reviews are also found about its price. Unfortunately, unroasted grains are an expensive pleasure, the price of one pack starts from 900 rubles, and it lasts for a maximum of 2-3 weeks of regular use. Of course, during this time you will be able to see some results. We emphasize that when using coffee as a supplement to a diet, the length of the full course should be 1-1.5 months. Here also consider.

It is important not to allow a banal overdosedrink, because it contains caffeine: high blood pressure, palpitations, sleep disturbances - that's what consumers say when they leave green coffee reviews. The harm is not proved (in the absence of direct contraindications), so the recommended daily dose will only benefit your body: antioxidants will give shine to the skin and shine to the hair, chlorogenic acid will slightly accelerate the metabolism, and the beverage is very invigorating and will help suppress excessive appetite. Choosing this tool as an assistant to losing weight, approach its application with all responsibility.