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Maxim Golovkin is the brother of Gennady Golovkin. Biography and photos

For the ardent fans of the sport there is no pointto represent Gennady Golovkin. They know that this boxer is considered one of the strongest athletes in his weight class. However, his brother Maxim Golovkin is a less public, but very close person. In the past, this boxer is an amateur. Today, he positions himself as an experienced trainer, a loving husband and father. About this remarkable personality, often left in the shadow of Gennady, we'll talk today.

Maxim Golokin

Brief information about the brother of the famous boxer

Gennady Golovkin and Maxim Golovkin (photo can besee below) - siblings. And they are also twins. They always did everything together, including training and speaking. Both brothers were even represented in the same weight category. But they adhered to a special principle, never to fight with each other.

If it happened that it was necessaryto hold just such a fight, one of the brothers necessarily withdrew his candidacy and left the competition ahead of time. For example, this is what happened during the selection for the Olympics in 2004. At the same time, the question was settled about who exactly from the brothers will go to her. Without thinking twice, Maxim Golovkin gave up this vacant position to his brother.

Maxim Golokin photo

At the present moment, our hero is no longerperforms in the ring. Nevertheless, from the boxing he still decided not to leave. Instead, Maxim closely engaged in his own career, and from time to time he trains Gennady. Although he and his brother have their own coaches, and more experienced and qualified. But first things first.

A small biographical note on Maxim

Despite his star brother, whom everyone knew and talked about, Maxim Golovkin (biography he was carefully hidden) was almost alwayson the second roles. Until recently, almost nothing was said about him. But his fate is no less interesting than that of his brother. So, Maxim was born in early April 1982. His home town was Mikuduk (a remote administrative district of Karaganda). Here he graduated from school, was educated and carried away boxing.

Parents of a sports family

Maxim Golovkin was born in an ordinary working family.His father was Gennady Ivanovich - a miner with a long track record and incredibly hard-working hands. He began his career as a regular mining master of ventilation.

Later, he managed to become the chief engineer of the mineunder the name "Karaganda". Thanks to diligence and perseverance Maxim's father was repeatedly awarded with honorary titles, medals and diplomas. The most memorable award for him was the title of "Honorary Worker of the Coal Industry". During his lifetime, he managed to assess the potential of his sons and see their opportunities. In the winter of 2014, the father of boxers died suddenly.

Maxim Golokin and his wife

Mother Golovkin - Elizabeth Sergeevna, there is no timeShe was a laboratory assistant in a chemical laboratory. According to her, she was engaged in the education of both boys. However, Golovkina was not at all eager to make outstanding athletes out of them. On the contrary, its main task was to teach them responsibility and independence. First of all, they had to grow up good people, and only then sportsmen.

According to Elizabeth Sergeevna, despitethe unconditional victory of Gennady, watching her speech is still scary. Therefore, she always tries to do this when the battle has already taken place and its result is known. However, she, like Maxim Golovkin himself, always supports his champion, supports him and worries.

How did the brothers get into the big box?

In addition to Maxim and Gennady, the Golovkin family hadmore children. In particular, the elder brother also took part in the education of future champions. For this, he led them for the first time in the boxing section. Then both boys turned eight years old. Before that, the boys were already engaged in football and basketball. But, like ordinary boys, they often liked to fight. For this they entered into sparring. However, it was only for fun and in training. In reality, both brothers never competed with each other for the title of champion.

Why did Maxim not continue his boxing career?

As Maxim Golovkin himself says - Gennady's brotherGolovkin, in childhood they tried all kinds of sports that are only possible. But preference was given to boxing. When they were 11 years old, they firmly decided to go to the end and conquer the heights of boxing Olympus. In this case, Maxim never planned to do it on a professional level.

Moreover, in the period from 1999 to 2000, forParticipation in the competition was necessary to seek funds. At that time it was very difficult to find a sponsor. Therefore, it was decided to send to the competitions only one - Gennady. So it was cheaper, more reliable and easier. That's why Maxim stayed on second place, and his brother quickly went up.

First coach and training boys

Section of boxing, where Maxim Golovkin entered (photohe will see below) and his brother, was located in the territory of professional sports school number 1. The coach of the boys at the time was Viktor Dmitriev. According to him, both brothers immediately stood out among the others. They were stubborn and hardworking. And although at first they almost did not go into the ring, a few years later they managed to set the heat to many amateur athletes.

Maxim Golukin biography

Not so long ago, an outstanding athlete visited hisnative school and the beloved first coach. His joy was boundless. By the way, other well-known boxers once engaged in the walls of this building, among them Erzhan Musafirov.

Honorary title of coach

Recently, Maxim received the honorary titledeserved coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The award ceremony took place in Karaganda, during the closing of the international tournament dedicated to the memory of the famous coach Galym Zharylgapov. According to the hero himself, he was awarded this award for active participation in the training process timed to the World Cup. As a reward, Maxim was awarded a badge and a coach's certificate.

Maxim Golokin brother of Gennady Golokin

Creation and participation in the GGG team

At the peak of his career, Gennady and Maxim Golovkin(photo of these wonderful brothers are presented in our article) decided to create their own team. They called it on the initials of Gennady GGG. Initially, it included only a few people. Later, the need for cadres increased, and the team began to grow with it. At the moment the number of its participants exceeds 10 people.

gennady and maxi ghertiny photo

Among the members of the team of brothers are onlythe most trusted experts, friends and experts, playing a huge role in advancing on the way to the success of Gennady himself. For example, the "GGG" includes the brothers Herman (Maxim and Oleg). Until recently, they were the official representatives of the boxer. Despite the fact that with them the athletes go almost from the very beginning of their boxing career, they still had to step aside. Tom Loeffler came to replace them.

Another member of the team is the head coachGennady - Abel Sanchez. According to Maxim, he is very serious, demanding and just a good person. With his help, his brother managed to achieve those results, which glorified the name of Golovkin for the whole world.

Subtlety and humility

Modesty and secrecy are two main featurescharacter of our hero. It is because of them that Maxim Golovkin and his wife never appear in public together. According to Maxim himself, he tries to share his personal life and work. Therefore, he protects his family from the press. He believes that they do not need extra attention. He knows more about his brother. He has a spouse Alina (pictured below), with which they signed in 2007. At the moment they live in Germany, where they had a new heir and future athlete son Vadim. Although Gennady himself does not want the fate of the boxer to his son.

Gennady Golokin and Maxim Golokin photo

Is there an emotional connection between the brothers?

According to Maxim, he was always close to hisbrother. And not only constantly came and accompanied him during the competitions, but also supported him morally. Being in a foreign country, Gennady could always rely on the shoulder of his brother. And Maxim was happy to support and talk with the champion heart to heart.

They say that the twins have some kind ofspecial connection. But she's not at all like the twins (they can feel each other at a distance). It is rather emotional. On the movements and facial expressions, Maxim immediately understands what emotions his brother is experiencing at one time or another.

Wishes for beginners career boxers

Maxim believes that, only working hard, you canto achieve some results. Moreover, he considers the help and support from the family to be a great merit in the success of his brother. With such a rear, the hero says, no difficulties are terrible.