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If you want to cry for no reason, what should I do?

There are people who do not cry, but there arePersons who want to cry all the time. What is the cause of human tears? Most often, a person can independently answer this question. If something bad happens, people cry, and if something good happens, they can cry too. But it also happens that nothing has changed in life, and tears still flow. Let's deal with this issue.


I want to cry

Вполне логично, что человеку хочется плакать, if grief happened in his life. Thus, a person can relieve emotional tension and get a kind of relaxation. The same applies when something unexpectedly happens. So that the person does not have a nervous breakdown, violent emotions come out in the form of tears.

Well, and if you want to cry without a reason?It should be understood that any effect has a cause. If it is not obvious to you, this does not mean that it does not exist. Not all people are well able to own their emotions. But some individuals have achieved excellence in this art. Here they have unexpected tears.

For example, in the morning a person had a difficultconversation with the boss. The employee was reprimanded, but he managed to save face and remained impartial. But when they came home and sat down in front of the TV, they might suddenly roll tears. And there seems to be no reason. But she is. The subconscious mind delayed the moment of emotional discharge. There is no need to restrain such sobs. If you constantly reproach yourself with emotionality, you will get a nervous breakdown.


why do you want to cry

If you want to cry, but there is no reasonlook at your life in the context of the past month. Perhaps the failures fell on you from all sides. You were fired from work, the children began to study poorly, your husband began to drink. But you tried to hold on. The only thing that betrayed your emotions was a bad mood. It should be understood that such failures can drive anyone into depression. And getting out of this vicious circle can be problematic. You can cry every night in the pillow and curse fate for injustice.

What to do in this case?Do not hold back tears immediately. Are you fired? Come home and cry. It makes no sense to put on a smile and lie to others about good health. Husband started drinking? You can not take this fact for granted. Yes, hysteria does not help solve problems, but a frank conversation can help the cause. Solve problems as they come to prevent depression.

Nervous tension

I want to cry reasons

This often happens when a person is worried.before some event. For example, you might want to cry if you sit over books for a week and study for an exam. Before his surrender, tears can flow in three streams. But this is still a good option. Nervous breakdown can happen just in time for the exam. Naturally, this can not be allowed.

To avoid overvoltage, do notfocus on the goal and not see anything else. If a student teaches an exam, he should not forget about food and friends. Be sure to go out and get distracted. It should be remembered that the brain is actively working and remembers for four hours. Then all efforts will be in vain. The same applies to other situations. If you are waiting for a response from the manual, do not dwell. Anyway, you should worry less - it guarantees you a good mood, good spirits and healthy nerves.

Low self-esteem

what to do if you want to cry

What if you want to cry?Need to understand the reason. If it is not, think that you are not satisfied with life? Perhaps the reason lies in the man whom you see daily in the mirror. You may be unhappy with your appearance, your character or abilities. All this greatly underestimates self-esteem. And then, flipping through the Instagram tape and admiring someone else's life, it may seem to you that you live too boring.

Of course, the easiest way to get out- do self-flagellation. But it does not help. You should increase self-esteem. A person who is confident in himself will not be wondering why he wants to cry. Such a person does not question his uniqueness. In order to increase self-esteem, you need to learn to love yourself.

Lost targets

if you want to cry

If you are constantly crying, it means something in life.goes wrong. What exactly? Do you have a goal? Not? Well then it is clear why I want to cry. The fact is that goal-oriented people always see the light ahead of their life path. Regardless of how far their dream is, it still warms the soul. And it should not be something tangible. A person must strive to be realized in something. And the easiest way to do this in work.

Having a real goal ahead you will strivereach it. And the very fact of their need will warm you. But to become a good specialist in your field is not enough. It is necessary to establish the harmony of your life. You need to write all aspects that are important to you: sport, love, career, etc., and then promote it all at the same time. A person will be happy only if he has all the important life aspects in balance.

External stimuli

Tears may appear in response tounfavorable external environment. If you want to cry for no reason, look around the room where you are. Maybe the room is too dark and the walls are psychologically pressured on you. And maybe the room is too dusty and small particles cause allergies. Moreover, a person is not always able to give himself the report that he wants to cry. The reasons for it will remain a mystery. If tears wind up, try changing the situation, but rather go outside. Fresh air and sun always help to get rid of sadness and improve well-being.

How to help yourself

If you understand that the problem is psychological,it will be useful for you to somehow get distracted. Even if it seems to you that everything in life is normal, but you still want to cry, take a trip to nature. Have a family picnic or dinner. Meet up with friends. Talking with loved ones helps to forget your own problems. And if there is no opportunity to meet with someone or go somewhere? In this case, a good book can help. Plunging headlong into an exciting plot, you stop thinking about the bustle, and it will help you to distract a little.