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Can I quit drinking on my own?

Many people feel like quitting drinking.you can't do it yourself. However, if you try, you can find many examples from life that refute this postulate. If you are firm in your decision to no longer touch alcohol, it is enough to follow a few simple recommendations and in no case neglect them.

stop drinking on your own
First of all, you need to clean the body.From what? From alcohol toxins, among which are ethanol residues, as well as its metabolites. It will take a long time for the body to deduce them itself, so you can help it. Since ancient times, for this purpose, used a decoction of oats. On the day you need to drink at least 3, or even better, five glasses of this broth. Before this, it is better to do an enema.

If you decide to stop drinking by yourself, youall your willpower will be needed. Whenever you have a desire to take a sip of alcohol, take a few deep breaths and exhale and repeat the phrase "I quit drinking."

A warm bath should be taken twice a day. Best of all, if at this time you also drink 1-2 glasses of warm tea.

In between meals you should drink likecan be more pure water (up to 8-10 glasses). And after you have eaten, it is best to go for a walk in the park or to the river / lake bank. The main thing is to avoid drinking companies whenever possible, even if it is a simple beer: the temptation will be too great there.

how to quit drinking
Тем, кто желает бросить пить самостоятельно, в anyway it is quite difficult. And sometimes the desire to drink seems altogether unbearable. A warm shower often helps to relax and be distracted.

Be sure to pay attention to your diet.In order not to overload the digestive system, it is better to avoid eating spicy food, a lot of seasonings and spices for a while. It is also worth reducing the amount of consumed meat, poultry, fish and seafood. Do not get involved in tea and coffee. This is due to the fact that these products increase the desire to drink. But vegetables and fruits for those who want to stop drinking on their own are a real find. They can be eaten in any quantities, they will only accelerate the process of recovery.

In the period of getting rid of a bad habit, you need to saturate your body with vitamins, especially group B. In the pharmacy, you can buy ready-made vitamin complexes.

Thinking about how to quitdrinking alcohol, many people face a dilemma. It is almost impossible to completely exclude from the circle of your communication people who occasionally allow themselves to skip a glass or two. In addition, there are situations (for example, the anniversary of a best friend or a wedding), when it is impossible to refrain from drinking alcohol. It is important not to break: to know your measure and never exceed it. It is better to drink quite a bit of high-quality drink, which you can enjoy while savoring it, rather than pour in a few liters of cheap beer. So, if you do not get rid of alcohol at all, try never to overstep the line between “drink” and “drink”.

how to stop drinking on your own
Separate topic - how to stop drinking on their ownto the woman. As you know, the dependence of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity is much faster than that of men, and it is somewhat more difficult to get rid of it. Many women admit that keeping a diary helped them a lot in the fight against alcohol. The main thing is to be sincere with yourself. Write about everything. About whether there was a craving for drinking, whether you managed to overcome it and how you did it. Some, in order to increase their motivation, write various inspirational phrases on paper, for example, “All victories begin with victory over themselves” and others hang these leaves around the house. Constantly coming across the words are deposited in the subconscious, imperceptibly for you changing the way you think.

And, of course, the most effective way of howstop drinking on your own - find a new exciting activity or hobby. If you immerse yourself in creativity, the study of something new and interesting for yourself, the thought of how to drink, soon will completely disappear from your consciousness.