/ Why is a person happy and how to become happy?

Why is a person happy and how to become happy?

Many people are wondering howsome manage to constantly be happy, see in everything a positive, rejoice and every day wake up with a smile on his face. Why is a person happy? Is there absolute happiness or does it appear only at certain moments in our life?

What is happiness?

Happiness is a philosophical concept,meaning a person's condition, in which he is completely satisfied with his life. If ordinary people ask about what it means to be happy, the majority will begin to list certain material benefits. To have a house, an expensive car, a good job, an opportunity to travel - many people consider this to be happiness.

Why a person is happy

In fact, happiness is a state of mind.It depends on how a person relates to what he has. You can not have untold riches, but at the same time be happy, at the same time, wealthy people often feel unhappy. A person can be happy simply because he internally accepts his living conditions, is grateful for what he has, does not envy, and does not long to get the impossible.

For everyone, happiness is something of its own, noa single answer to the question of why a person is happy. Someone is enough to feel positive emotions, just having a delicious dinner, and for someone to feel the real bliss is possible only with the purchase of the most expensive car.

Childhood is the happiest time

If you ask a person about when he wasmost of all happy, many, most likely, will remember their childhood years. Young children are open to everything new, they know how to find positive things that adults do not even notice. It is the ability to rejoice in small things that makes children truly happy.

Children do not hide their emotions.They laugh if they are happy, and cry if they are sad, sing and dance when they want. Children are able to be what they are: direct, independent of the rules and standards of society. That's why a person is happy as a child almost constantly.

With the birth of a child, parents are given a chance to look again at the familiar world with childish eyes. Children charge adults with positive energy, happiness and positive.

Why a person is happy

Can a person always be happy?

Probably, there are no such people who neverlife was not hurt, anger, despair, sadness. It is unlikely that at these moments you can feel happy. Why is a person not always happy? Why there is no absolute happiness?

In the life of everyone, there are black stripes.Some have fewer, some have more. Even with a look always a happy person sometimes experiences negative emotions. When people say that they are happy, it does not mean that they never get upset. Just their life is filled with joyful moments, which together give a feeling of happiness.

The troubles and sorrows that sometimes happen to everyoneof us, allow, on a background of contrast, more fully to feel positive emotions. Sometimes a person does not understand how happy he was until he lost something. Re-acquiring something that gave a sense of happiness, people begin to appreciate it and enjoy every minute of their lives.

A person should be happy

Why are people unhappy?

The most common explanation for the reasons why a person is not satisfied with his life is very easy. This can be a boring job, problems in relationships with loved ones, financial difficulties, illness.

Sometimes you can meet people who havelife is almost everything: the other half, children, good work, the opportunity to travel. It would seem that under such conditions a person should be happy. However, many seemingly successful people do not consider themselves to be such. They constantly do not like something, they make a tragedy of everything and often complain. Why does this happen?

First of all, such people need to understand thefor oneself, for one's own purposes and desires. Only by clearly defining what you really want, you can become truly happy. Very often people simply do not know how to appreciate what they have. They are accustomed to perceive all the benefits that they have for granted, and do not notice their happiness.

How to become a happy person?

Psychologists give a lot of advice in this regard.To begin with, you need to analyze your life and identify the moments that do not suit you. For example, it is worth considering why a person is happy at home with his family, and at work constantly falls into depression. People are able to change their lives for the better, so why not find a more interesting work, which you want to go with pleasure?

To find happiness, it is necessary to stopcomplaining and seeing everything is just bad. It is worth looking at the world in a different way, trying to find a positive in the simplest little things. If suddenly your favorite song played in the minibus or a stranger on the street smiled at you, is not this a reason for joy?

Always a happy man

There are many other tips on how tomake your life more beautiful: do not waste time on useless things, often rest in a pleasant company, live for today, but do not forget about the plans for the future, develop and strive to learn new things. By following all these rules, you will certainly feel how the world is painted in bright colors, and the answer to the question of why a person is happy will become clear and simple for you.