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The first day at work: how to behave? Psychologist's advice

Long search for a suitable workplace andthe interview is finally over. It would seem, having obtained a treasured post, it is possible to forget about experiences. Nevertheless, you constantly worry about how the first day at work will pass. This excitement is understandable, but do not be too afraid. Careful preparation, self-control and advice of psychologists will help you make a good impression on your new colleagues.

the first day in a new job

Begin preparing in advance

If at the end of the interview you werework, do not immediately run away, crumbling in gratitude, and hurry to celebrate your victory with friends and family. Take a deep breath, pull yourself together and ask some important questions to the leader. In order for your first working day to pass as easily as possible, specify the following information:

  • with whom you will meet, who will supervise your work and to whom you can turn for help and advice;
  • specify the work schedule;
  • by all means ask if the dress code is installed in the organization;
  • make a list of documents that you need to have with you for registration;
  • find out what software products you will have to work at, how to properly study them at home;
  • be sure to write down all the information in a notebook, so as not to forget anything.

Never hinder furtherThe official website of the organization in which you are going to work. There you can find additional information, as well as fix in memory the information already received.

first day at work advice of a psychologist

What to do the day before

The first day in a new job is, of course,strong stress. To minimize the experience, it is worth carefully preparing the day before. It is best to spend the day at your leisure - go with your friends to the movies or go on nature with the family. You should get maximum positive emotions, so as not to leave a place for excitement. Be sure to go to bed early.

In order to forget nothing in a hurry, in the evening you need to do the following:

  • determine your working wardrobe and prepare all the things so that in the morning you only need to get dressed;
  • make a list of the necessary documents and immediately put them into the bag;
  • make an action script for the morning, so as not to get lost;
  • Plan how you will get to work, taking into account all unforeseen circumstances to exclude delay.

Never put off collection for the morning. Believe me, you will not be able to do this. It is better to sleep an extra half hour, cook a delicious breakfast and take time to make up your hair or makeup.

The first day at work - advice of a psychologist

All new is stress, and even more so if speechit's about work. You will have to settle in an unfamiliar collective and quickly sort out your responsibilities. Naturally, an unprepared person can become confused or even lose his temper. That is why it is very important to approach this event as the first day at work. How to behave, psychologists will prompt:

  • Throw aside the unnecessary experience. All pass through a complex process of adaptation of personnel. Tune in to the fact that every day you will be all the easier.
  • Treat your colleagues with the utmost courtesy. In this case, your face should radiate friendliness. So you quickly establish contact with employees and find friends.
  • Participate. Empathy for failures and joy for the success of colleagues is an important moment in establishing contacts. Nevertheless, the obsession is not worth it.
  • Its problems and troubles should not be made public. In addition, in no case demonstrate personal hostility to colleagues.
  • Do not be in any way hosted by someone else's workplace. Even if in the company in the order of things to use someone's phone, stapler or printer, on the first working day it should not be done.
  • Do not talk too much about yourself, do not show off your skills and talents. First of all, it is worth showing interest in the work.
  • The first day at work, dedicate to observations. This applies not only to the work process, but also to the behavior of colleagues. Knowing their character traits, it will be easier for you to adapt to the team.
  • Do not wait for the authorities to call you to make a comment. The first time is better to report independently to the management in order to control the correctness of the work.
  • Drive away the negative and despondency.Imagine what success you can achieve today, in a week, a month, a year. Thoughts are material, and therefore they must be positive and bright.
  • Use the status of a beginner and do not seek to immediately show brilliant results. First, try to understand the details of the work.

The main rule, which should be guided,starting a new business is a positive mood. Come into the office with smiles and wishes of a successful working day. It is very important to do this sincerely. If you do not have the mood, then you do not need stretched makeup. It is enough to confine yourself to a polite welcome.

first day at work after vacation

What can not be done

On the first day at work, many make mistakes, which can prevent further adaptation in the team. To get acquainted with colleagues went smoothly, in no case should not do the following:

  • be late (even if this happened not through your fault, in the eyes of colleagues and superiors you will be a non-point person);
  • forget the names (it would seem, it's a trifle, but it can offend, and therefore write down if you are not sure of your memory);
  • flatter both the authorities and employees;
  • boast (it's better to prove your superiority with an excellent job);
  • talk about their previous work (perhaps, colleagues will listen to you with interest, but the authorities may not like it);
  • establish your own order in the office; take on too many obligations both in terms of work and in terms of personal relationships with colleagues;
  • insist on something if you do not understand the question;
  • to advertise friendship or kinship with the authorities or high-ranking officials (especially if you got a place by their patronage);
  • Immediately impose their friendship or closer relationship.

Of course, no one is immune from mistakes, butFirst time is better to keep yourself under control. If you manage to prove yourself well and become a valuable employee, then in due course you will be forgiven for some oversights.

What you need to do on the first day

The first day in a new job is a serioustest. Nevertheless, one must drop panic and include rational thinking. To further work was given to you easily, on the first day you need to perform the following minimum program:

  • Show initiative in getting to know your colleagues. Remember that you are in the already established team, and in order to occupy a certain niche in it, you need to make efforts.
  • Immediately take care of the organization of your workplace. In the future, you may simply not have time for this. In addition, you can create the impression of an active and hardworking person.
  • Try to understand as deeply as possible all the features of work in this team and understand its atmosphere. Be observant.
  • Understand the specifics of their work, as well as the features of the regime. Collect and review all documentation that contains information about your rights, responsibilities and other significant conditions.

first work day

If you are the head of the department

Sometimes the boss adapt to a new workinga place is much more difficult than an ordinary employee. If you are the head of the department, then the first day and in your future work should be guided by these rules:

  • Do not criticize the subordinate in the presence of his colleagues;
  • Leave your personal impression of a person - you have the right to speak only about his professional qualities;
  • clearly and concretely express your thoughts, giving instructions or making comments;
  • criticism should contribute to the improvement of performance indicators, and not be a means of self-expression;
  • In informal communication with subordinates, be polite and be friendly;
  • be attentive to your employees - always inquire about their well-being, and also congratulate on holidays.

the first day of work of a new employee

Work after vacation

The first day at work after vacation can becomea real torture. Even avid workaholics by the end of a well-deserved rest can become depressed from the need to resume their routine duties. As psychologists assure, this state is quite normal and eventually passes. Nevertheless, it is better to prepare before the end of the holiday.

Планируйте вой отпуск таким образом, чтобы отдых ended 2-3 days before going to work. At this time it is necessary to adjust the sleep mode - again get used to go to bed early and wake up early. But with a head immersed in everyday life is not worth it, because you are still on legal leave.

It is worth noting that it is difficult enough to withstanda full working week after rest. That is why try to plan your vacation so that you can start your duties, for example, on Wednesday or Thursday. So, you will have time to join the working rhythm before the weekend and do not have time to get too tired.

To the first day at work after the holiday was easy and peaceful, follow these recommendations:

  • Encourage yourself for a well-done job (for example, a delicious dinner or going to the movies);
  • to return to the previous rhythm was painless, start with the most interesting cases, and leave the routine for later;
  • every 30-40 minutes take small breaks to avoid overexertion (at this time you can review photos from the holidays or share impressions with colleagues);
  • immediately start to keep a calendar in which the deadlines for the most important cases will be set;
  • be sure to have a snack during the day (stimulate the brain and ensure a good mood can bananas and black chocolate).

the first day at work

Signs and superstitions

For many people simultaneously desired and frighteningis the phrase "I'm leaving the first day for a new job!" Signs and superstitions are widespread not only in everyday life, but also in offices. Sometimes, wanting to achieve the location of the authorities or raise the salaries, employees of reputable companies can resort to the help of psychics, fortune tellers and even perform magical rites.

Of course, cook miracle-working potions or do or do a doll-voodoo director is not worth it. To make the first day of your new job a success, remember some office signs:

  • At the corners of his office, arrange coins to attract a salary increase or a premium;
  • so that computers do not hang, and the printer does not chew paper, communicate with technology politely and affectionately, thank for the work (if you are shy in front of colleagues, then do it mentally);
  • try not to start work on the 13th;
  • on the first day it is not necessary to leave the office until the end of the working day, either for personal or for official purposes (this is for dismissal);
  • Do not keep the door of the office open, otherwise get a lot of errands;
  • on the first day, do not order business cards, badges or badges on the door, otherwise there is a risk that you will not last long on this job.

Features of the adaptation process

Work in a new teamprocess of adaptation. And it is important to understand that this applies not only to the beginner. The team should also get used to the emergence of a new link and in every way help it to join the work process. We can distinguish four consecutive stages, of which the adaptation is composed:

  • To start, a new employee is assessed from the point of view ofview of professional and social skills. Based on the data obtained, it is possible to compile an adaptation program. It is worth noting that it is easiest to join a new team for employees who have experience working in a similar position. Nevertheless, even such a person does not immediately get used to the new conditions and daily routine.
  • Orientation involves familiarizing the beginner withhis job duties, as well as a list of requirements that are put forward both to his professional and personal qualities. For this purpose, conversations, special lectures or preparatory courses can be conducted.
  • Effective adaptation occurs at the time,when the employee begins to join the team. He can manifest himself both in work and in communication. It can be said that during this period the employee applies the received knowledge in practice.
  • Стадия функционирования подразумевает переход к stable performance of official duties, in accordance with the established schedule. Depending on how the work is organized at the enterprise, this stage can last from several months to one and a half years.

head of department


The first day at work brings a lot of emotionsand new impressions. In a short time you need to get to know not only the work, but also get to know the employees and win their sympathy. The main thing is not to panic if there are difficulties and to objectively take criticism. It is worth noting that the first day of work of a new employee is a crucial, but far from decisive moment. Even if everything went smoothly, you still have a long period of adaptation.

Стоит отметить, что в Западной практике the probationary period lasts about six months. During this time, you need not only to show your knowledge and skills, but also to adapt to the new team. In domestic enterprises, however, the novice is given no more than two weeks (in rare cases, a month), and therefore one must prepare for the first working day in advance. Try to learn as much as possible about the organization, as well as read the recommendations of leading psychologists. To give yourself additional confidence, follow the popular signs.