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Feminine eyes of men: we debunk some myths?

Each female representative in her youth andA young man presents himself in dreams as a conqueror of men's hearts. But what quality in women is most valuable to the stronger sex? What is it - femininity through the eyes of men?

femininity through the eyes of men

Large breasts are very feminine!

According to most ladies, for men extremelyimportant external data of the opposite sex. There is even a common opinion that a man can only love with his eyes. And each charmer more than once imagined a magical picture, like men - all without exception! - would lose their heads, even glancing in her direction. Beauty even created a myth that for men the main criterion of femininity is a large bust, an aspen waist and long slender legs. Although practice shows that femininity through the eyes of men is not always seen in the large size of the chest and long legs. Many men like, on the contrary, representatives of the weaker sex with a small breast - they are associated in their minds with childishness and vulnerability. This category includes the so-called "male fathers", "patrons". So the size of the breast is far from a hundred percent indicator, determining the femininity through the eyes of men.

Long slender legs - and no man will stand!

femininity through the eyes of men pictures

Here's an example:along the street there is a slender, beautiful woman in a strict suit. Perhaps, some members of the male class will pay attention to it, but will do it secretly: the external restraint of the lady will put a psychological "barrier" for the display of obsessive attention. But the girl in a short skirt, showing off even the crooked or excessively thin legs, will surely attract not only glances, but will also push many to signs of attention: replicas, immodest touch, attempts to get acquainted. Perhaps this is femininity in the eyes of men? Pictures from humorists vividly demonstrate this view.

But conclusions about the cause of male attention to do early.After all, in a frankly seductive garment of a charming woman, men see only accessibility, a hint of the girl's desire and her readiness for a fairly close relationship. Dressing fast, the lady really attracts the attention of many men. And it's funny to hear from her a hackneyed phrase: "Yes, these males only need one!" Wise people say in response: "Yes, men need only one ... from one that can not offer anything else!"

Character traits

It turns out, based on survey data,femininity through the eyes of men is not always expressed solely in appearance. Beauty is only a component of this main feature of the fair sex. And beauty, as is known, is a subjective concept.

secrets of femininity

A real woman does not have to havecorrect facial features, slender figure, magnificent manners. Most men note that a truly feminine can only be a sensitive, modest, soft and complaisant lady. Although some of the strong half of humanity attributed to the manifestations of femininity stubbornness and perseverance, quick temper and capriciousness, eccentricity and unbalance, romanticism and mystery, extravagance and emotionality.

So what are the secrets of femininity hidden in?In the comic legend of the creation of a woman there is such a moment: the Lord mixed all a little - and turned Eve. Therefore, the truly feminine will be the one in whose character there is little. But the most important feminine quality is absolutely all men consider understanding. After all, even a very strong, courageous woman will certainly meet her "man" if she learns to listen, listen to him, empathize - and then it does not matter what her breasts, height, hips and size of eyes.