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Rules of conduct in public places.

Culture of behavior in public places,the observance of all the rules of etiquette of communication testifies to the high cultural development of a person, his upbringing and manners. Communication with a well-educated intelligent person brings many positive emotions, it is always pleasant to spend time with him and conduct business. Culture developed and formed many centuries in different ways in different civilizations. But today we came to the fact that the level of culture of the population has fallen significantly, compared with the last century. Many people in several generations have no idea how to behave in society, in transport, in a theater or restaurant.

I want to tell you some rules of conduct in public places.

Let's start with the elementary norms of behavior on the street.

When you walk down the street, you need to respectfullyrefers to passers-by, you can not fasten your fly on the run, tuck in a shirt, pull up pantyhose, etc. You need to go exactly, not waving your arms and the things that you carry. It is necessary to strictly observe the direction of movement of pedestrians, so as not to collide forehead in the forehead with a counter flow.

Do not push the person next to him, and neitherNot to look at beautiful women passing by, pregnant, disabled and people with external deformities, this indicates a very low culture.

In the street, you should also not spit, litter, chew a toothpick in your mouth, walk a line of three or more, as you block the way to oncoming passers-by.

If you met someone on the street, thenDo not run up to him with shouts and hugs, especially if he goes in the company of strangers. The rules of conduct in public places oblige politely to greet him, and if, he did not show his desire to talk with you, go further. If he still stopped, then do not delay it for a long time, because the partner in communication should not wait for him for a long time. And vice versa, if you go with a girl or another man, then you should not start a conversation with a friend on the street, because it's uncivilized to wait for your companion, especially if it's a woman.

If you need to discuss something important, thenbe sure to include your companion in the conversation, men need to be introduced to each other, a woman has the right not to be introduced. But in this case the conversation should not take much time.

Now behavior in public places, public transport.

If you use public transport, thenyou need to remember a few rules: at the entrance necessarily pass ahead of pregnant women, women with children, elderly and disabled. If you see that one of the above needs help, it will be tactful to offer your help, but in no case do not grab at the hands without his permission. When in a bus, subway or taxi, do not conflict with passengers, give way to preferential categories of people. If you step on your foot, do not shout at the whole bus as it hurts, it's tactless. And if you step on the foot of another, it is worthwhile to apologize distinctly and calmly.

In the theatre. If you decide to go to the theater, you needremember the following rules of conduct in public places: to the play in the theater you need to come in advance, in time to put the outer clothing in the wardrobe and put yourself in order. It is necessary to observe the rules of appearance in the theater. In no case can not dress frivolously, especially jeans and T-shirts. Observing the rules of behavior in public places, it is customary to dress in a theater either a classical suit or simply trousers and a shirt (for men). A woman will be more appropriate to wear evening dress and shoes or a classic skirt with a blouse. In the hall you need to go in as soon as the first call is made to the beginning of the show, and take your places strictly. If people already sit on your row, then you need to pass by them to face them.