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Obsessive thoughts: how to stop thinking about people

Every ordinary, worldly person is typicalconstantly thinking about something. These are only enlightened yogis, or monks can remain in such a special state (nirvana), when this process completely ceases. Our head is constantly clogged with all sorts of thoughts, and most of them are thoughts about other people. And they can be connected with work, family, relationships, friendship, etc. Not bad, if these thoughts are constructive in nature, and a comparison or analysis of other people's actions and words spurs us toward more effective action in space.

how to stop thinking about a guy
But it happens that they bring only harm:for example, when they relate to ex-husbands, wives, guys, the former boss (who in the past undeservedly sacked). Constant consideration of past events and persons associated with them is a wasted time, a reflection that takes away the moral and physical forces. Therefore, it is better to reflect on how to stop thinking about people who are currently unimportant in life. Note that you can get rid of this only if you apply some mental and emotional effort.

How to stop thinking about people: former beloved

Women are more romantic andemotional. They tend to long store the memory of past relationships, relationships and novels. They can not on the day of parting take and immediately forget about their former lover. As a rule, thoughts about him are still very long in the head of a woman, especially if she was abandoned. Memories usually concern the most touching and romantic dates, traveling together, making love, dinners and other intimate moments. For some time a woman even enjoys them, but then these thoughts can become so intrusive that the pain of parting does not seem to pass. So it will be, if you do not stop this "mental chewing gum" in time.

how to stop thinking about your husband
How to stop thinking about a husband who, for example,threw it and went to another? Agree, it is difficult to do this, but it does not mean that it is impossible. Enough in these moments, when you want to think about the former, switch to something else. And not mentally, but in practice. For example, you can suddenly get up and start cleaning, reading fascinating literature or going to friends, or you can get dressed and just go out. Then you will not be left alone with your heavy thoughts, but in a crowded place they will all go away altogether. This method (substitution therapy) should be used whenever you feel that your thoughts have been carried into the "forbidden zone". This method is suitable if you want to know how to stop thinking about a guy.

how to stop thinking about people

Another option is to find yourself a good hobbyor a hobby. It is said that this helps perfectly, as all thinking resources are rushed to a new object. Not immediately, of course, but gradually and then finally thoughts about the ex will no longer bother you.

How to stop thinking about people in general?To do this, you must first change a lot in yourself. For example, to begin to appreciate and respect your person, to thank and love yourself only for what you are. These thoughts will lead to a rise in self-esteem and, as a consequence, to the fact that someone else's life, opinion and actions will cease to have authority over you. How to stop thinking about people? Completely get rid of these thoughts is impossible, but they should not be negative and destructive.