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Coolness is what? Meaning of the word

The proposed article is devoted to the answer to the question,which means coolness. For a better understanding, synonyms of the given concept will be considered, as well as the reasons on which the presence or absence of this personality quality depends. Particular attention will be given to the problem, can it be developed at home and what is needed for this.

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Coolness is a concept that has both a positive and a negative meaning.

  • As a personality trait, it is peculiar to people,able to make weighted, adequate solutions in stress situations. The latter is understood as the body's stress (from English stress - tension), its non-specific reaction to external unfavorable factors.
  • In a negative context, composure is seen as the ability to commit cruel acts against other people or animals without manifesting any emotions.

To better understand, we will consider both concepts on examples and we will select to each word-synonyms.

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Landing on the Neva

It was 1963.From the airport of the city of Tallinn flew Tu-124 with passengers on board. Even at the take-off occurred an emergency - jammed the chassis. The commander of the crew Viktor Mostovoi asked for an emergency landing, but the fog that thickened over the city did not allow it to be accomplished. He was offered to sit down in Pulkovo, on a spare ground strip (Leningrad). While the emergency services were moving to the place of the proposed landing, the liner circled at an altitude of 400 meters, producing fuel. When there was nothing foreshadowing trouble, another unusual situation awaited the crew - the fuel gauge turned out to be faulty. When the aircraft entered the eighth round, the fuel supply ran out and the left engine stalled, and a couple of minutes later the second, although the counters showed the presence of fuel.

Caught at a distance of 21 km from the airport,The 30-year-old liner commander, having retained his composure, took the only right decision - to sit on the Neva, without endangering the city. Choosing a site between the Finlyandsky and Bolsheokhtinsky bridges, he filigree planted a plane ten meters from one of them. Having made an emergency landing on the river, he saved the lives of passengers and crew. The man's composure was striking. However, eyewitnesses say: Mostova left the liner last, and everyone was amazed - in a few minutes he became completely gray.

So, there are two main indicators of coolness:the presence of a stressful situation and the ability to preserve the clarity of thinking, which made it possible not to succumb to panic, but to adopt the only solution that is right in the situation that has arisen. We list the synonyms of this concept:

  • the ability to control oneself;
  • calmness;
  • presence of mind;
  • self-control;
  • excerpt.

Coolness is considered here as the quality of the personality, the character trait that the commander of the crew possessed.


Episode from "Seventeen Moments of Spring"

The cult film of 1973 left in memory a lotstrong episodes, one of which - the interrogation of radio operator Kat. The Sturmbannfuehrer of the SS, who conducted it, uses an inhuman method against his mother: that the scout be turned over by Shtirlits, he lays her baby child to the naked window, although he may die from frostbite. At the same time, the fascist himself is nervous, justifying his actions as a duty to the country. There are two more Germans in the scene: SS Untersharfuhrer Barbara Krajn and Helmut Calder.

Let's pay attention to their behavior.In Helmut humaneness is preserved, he realizes that the child is not guilty and can not be responsible for the actions of adults. He tries to calm the baby, to resist the actions of Jurgen Rolf. And when this fails, he pulls the trigger to deal with the cruel tormentor of the baby. Quite another behavior shows Barbara. No muscle twitched on the face of a woman, the very nature called to protect children. In a negative sense, composure is indifference, insensitivity, coldness, insensitivity, apathy, spiritual frailty (synonyms). Krajn is not capable of compassion, she does not have an emotional response to what is happening. In this case, the woman is 20 years old according to the scenario.

What makes people like that?Lack of love and cordial affection in the family, alienation from loved ones, thoughtless fanaticism. Of course, Krajn can not be an example for imitation, but Viktor Mostovoy's actions are respected, and many would like to keep the clarity of thought in a difficult situation.

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What Happens During Stress

Why is it not always possible?The main secret lies in the fact that under conditions of increased stress of the adrenal glands the hormone cortisol is produced. It is toxic and has a significant effect on the brain and not only. Cortisol contributes to increased heart rate, changes in adrenaline levels in the blood, blurred thinking. Many systems stop working. The main thing in our case is that rational thinking is completely rejected.

If we admit that composure is the subordination of feelings to reason in difficult moments, how does this work for individuals?

How is composure formed

Formation of this quality, like other featurescharacter, occurs from childhood. If a person is easily irritated, panicking or losing his temper, it becomes a habit - an action in which he begins to feel the need. There are three ways of its formation:

  • Imitation. If adults do not know how and do not try to control their emotions, then the child will demonstrate similar behavior.
  • Multiple repetition of the action. If the child is offered an algorithm of behavior under stress that leads to the result, he will also become a habit.
  • Purposeful efforts. Positive reinforcement becomes important here.

So, composure is the ability to subdue emotionsand feelings of reason in difficult situations. What algorithm can be worked out for this? Given that the body is experiencing neuro-endocrine changes, the best option is to pause. It should be used to cope with surging emotions: anger, excitement, confusion, etc.

In ancient times, the sages, before pronouncing the phrase, arranged for themselves a test of three gates:

  • Before the first they asked themselves: "Are my words true?"
  • At the second gate the question was: "Are they necessary?"
  • At the doors of the third sages asked: "Are these words kind?"

Only three times answering "yes", the sage spoke the prepared phrase out loud.

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How to keep cool

Targeted efforts can also lead to results. What tricks can I use besides the pause? How to develop coolness consciously? We offer several ways:

  • Rephrasing. It may be applicable if the source of stress is someone else's words, including a provocative question. You can win time with the help of the phrase: "Did I understand correctly that ..."
  • Soft check or refinement. Additional questions will help to cope with the emotions of both opponents.
  • Time-out.If during a pause a person can make a few sighs or count up to 10, then it takes more time to understand what is happening. The opponent can be offered to return to the problem in half an hour, for example.
  • Take. Having understood in the course of the dialogue that sharp or incorrect words were said, it is necessary to sharpen this attention and repeat the phrase differently.
  • Slow speech. Long pauses in conversation and a decrease in the rate of pronunciation of words relieve tension.
  • Emotion designation. Recognition in those feelings that have taken hold of a person, reduces the degree of dialogue: "I'm too irritated to ..."

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The advice of Daniel Levitin

American psychologist propagandizesthe practice of preventive work, when it is analyzed in advance what can go wrong and what unpleasant surprises can occur in this or that situation. Certainly Victor Mostovoi's actions were repeatedly practiced on simulators, when options for possible engine failure were considered. Coolness is the ability to curb emotions and give way to reason, mobilizing the body, but not the appearance of a ready solution out of nowhere.

Therefore, in a calm environment, it is advisablein advance to think over certain actions in the case, for example, preventing the loss of valuables, documents, emergency leave of the apartment, etc. To do this, you need to define special places for storing keys, phone, documents, purse. Photo or copies of documents should be placed on an electronic medium in order to quickly restore them in case of loss.