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Creeping line LED with own hands: production guide

If you look closely, there are very many differentcolorful mobile advertising. It is installed on buildings, billboards, office windows and cafes, and some mount it directly on the windows of cars. All this depends on the direction of advertising. Its dimensions also differ significantly from each other. But at the heart of them all is the running line LED.

creeping line LED with own hands

Thanks to moving letters, constantly moving one after another, a large amount of information can be brought to the consumer or attracted to this or that institution.

Manufacturing of LED running linesattributed to the inhabitants and masters of the Celestial Empire, but it turned out that almost everyone can do it at home. The main thing is to have all the necessary and irresistible desire to create.

To make it work

If you put together the followingdevice, you will get a running line LED. It's not so difficult to accomplish it with your own hands. The main thing is to carefully follow the assembly instructions. What do we need?

  • The motherboard, or, in another way, the controller.
  • LED modules for running lines.
  • Multiple power supplies.
  • Wires and power loops.
  • Magnets.
  • Aluminum profile.
  • Aluminum corner.
  • Wires 2-1,5 mm.
  • Screws, screws and sealant.

Of the instruments should be at hand:

  • Saw edged.
  • Electric drill.
  • Screwdriver.

What is it for?

creeping line LED

  • LED modules for running lines -directly carry information. There are several types in different colors: white, red, blue, green and multicolored. They are also distinguished by the steps between the pixels. And the kind of protection: moisture resistant and interior.
  • Power supplies - designed to convert the voltage from 220 V to 5 volts.
  • Wires are needed to connect power supplies and modules.
  • Loops are designed to transmit a signal from the motherboard (controller) to the LEDs.
  • Wires 2-1.5 mm are designed to transfer the electrical converted current from the unit to the module and from the module to the module.
  • Magnets are necessary for a different assembly of running lines.
  • Aluminum profiles and corners after their assembly and connection are the body of the LED display.

Size matters

LED modules for running lines

Given the purpose of the LED creeping line, its size is important. It depends on the aluminum profile, from which the body will be made. There are three types:

  • Narrow aluminum profile - optimally suited for automotive advertising.
  • Medium aluminum profile - designed to build a scoreboard up to 6 meters.
  • Wide aluminum profile - designed for enclosures over 6 meters, their size can last indefinitely.

Step-by-Step Assembly of a Row

  1. On a flat surface (table), put the modules in a horizontal position, strictly from left to right - as indicated on the modules themselves.
  2. After laying out the required amountmodules they must be connected with wires and power loops among themselves. To do this, the module has the necessary sockets for wires and loops (always red stripe up). Then connect the module to the guides. They can be single row, two, three and four rows. Place the guides on the modules in accordance with the holes for the screws on the back of the LEDs and tighten the bolts.
  3. Connect the power supply to the controller wire2-1.5 mm. It also has a hole for fixing the loop and wires. Using a loop, connect the motherboard to the module. One power supply unit with a capacity of 40 amps is enough for 7-8 modules, but in order to avoid overheating and breakdowns, it is best to take one unit for 6 modules.
    manufacturing of running LED strings
  4. If there are several power supplies, they need to be connected in series.
  5. Next, everything must be carefully sealed.To do this, it is necessary to lubricate all the joints of the modules with the help of a sealant. You need to do this carefully enough. As a result, a hermetic mosaic of LED modules, interconnected by wires, power supplies and guides, should be obtained.
  6. Now you can start building the case.Due to the different sizes of the profile, you can collect almost any shape of the case, and you will get your running light-emitting diode. With your hands and efforts you will achieve that it will get the design and size you need. Everything depends on its purpose. For this, the aluminum profile should be cut to the specified dimensions, but reduce the length by 2-3 mm. Using corners, assemble the frame.
  7. Insert the prepared mosaic from the light-emitting diodes into the frame from the aluminum profile. In one side of the body, drill a hole for the output of the power wire and the USB-output.
  8. From a thin sheet of any metal, cut a suitable back wall. And with the help of screws and a screwdriver attach to the main body. And with the help of sealant, cover all the joints.
  9. The last stage is programmingfinished scoreboard. The program for LED treadmill can be of varying complexity. This operation can be carried out using any software for running lines.

If all the instructions and requirements have been followed, a working running light LED should be obtained. It's not so difficult to assemble it with your own hands, as it turned out!

Types of programming and destination

program for LED string

Due to the ability to program a running line, it can carry almost any information.

  • In buses and stops show the route, time of arrival and departure.
  • In cafes and restaurants, advertise the menu or the dish of the day.
  • In banks and exchange kiosks for public display to exhibit exchange rates.
  • In any public place, gently and unobtrusively advertise various things and services.
  • They are also optimally suited for indicating the current time and ambient temperature. But for this purpose it is necessary to build in it a clock and an electronic thermometer (temperature sensor).

Programs may also vary from one anotherspeed playback of the specified text, the way letters appear and many others. When programming LED displays, 30 kinds of various effects can be used.

And in conclusion

As one of the great ones said: "All ingenious is simple!"

And from the above material and equipmentit turns out an excellent running line LED. It's not so difficult to create it with your own hands, almost anyone will cope with this task. The main thing is to follow the instructions and take your time.

And in that it is made independently, there are a number of its advantages and advantages:

- You can choose the color;

- to pick up the optimum size;

- program at your own discretion;

- and prove to myself that everything is possible.