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Leaflet is a necessary element of any advertising campaign

At the moment, an increasing number oforganizations seek to attract new customers using a marketing element such as advertising. It is noteworthy that, apart from advertisements in newspapers and clips on television, there are other types of dissemination of information about the offered goods and services. For example, a leaflet. This is one of the elements of polygraph advertising. It is usually used for various campaigns, the purpose of which is to attract consumers and investors. Depending on the task and goals pursued by the organization's management, a flyer and a booklet can be used as an advertising element. Leaflet is the third type of polygraphic advertising. It is about this type and will be discussed in this article.

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By mailing

First we will consider what the leaflet is.This is one of the types of printed products, which is designed specifically for mailing. Therefore, its width and length should not exceed similar parameters of the envelope. Or the leaflet should have a structure that makes it easy to add it for later shipment. That is why in printing for this kind of advertising products the use of A4 format is ideal. Leaflet, the dimensions of which correspond to the length and width of such a piece of paper, can be provided with several folds arranged parallel to each other. The ability to easily fold is a priority and a priority feature for products intended for mailing.

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Etymology of the term

The meaning of the word "lifeth" is rooted inOld English. This term is based on the transcription of the concept of leaf. In translation, this word means "leaf of a tree", "plant". In the 15th century this term had one more interpretation: "a thin metal plate". Predominantly the word leaf was used to characterize gold. Gradually this interpretation was used only in narrow circles. To replace the "thin sheet of gold" came the meaning of "page of the printed edition." Although it was used only in phrases, the meaning of which was reduced to "turn the page". With the beginning of the era of printing (1867) in the publishing industry appeared the term leaflet, which denoted a certain type of printed products. The meaning of this concept has been preserved to this day.

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Available varieties

Leaflet - a kind of printing products,which can be made in various variations. Everything depends on the budget and the objectives pursued by the contracting authority. So, for example, for promotions you can use leaflets, printed both in black and white, and in color. In addition, the type of paper used is also different. The material for creating this type of product can differ in density, color and texture. Leaflet is one of the mass types of advertising. Therefore, it is not entirely advisable to lay a large budget in its creation. Leaflets come with a cut, perforation and the usual. The first category is a product whose outer contour is decorated figuratively. The second kind is intended for the lifter, in which a part of it must be torn off (questionnaire, coupon code, etc.).

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Separately it is necessary to tell and about appearanceproducts. The leaflet is a sheet printed on both sides. Of course, the colors are mostly contrasted and colorful. Leaflet, as a rule, has several folds - folds. Thanks to them, the advertising product can be folded in various ways: accordion, half-and-half, S-shaped, delta-shaped or other method. The number of folds can be from one to infinity. Folds give the leaflet a vivid personality.

It is noteworthy that the advertising products of thiscategory has one particular characteristic, which distinguishes it from a number of analogues: some sort of fastening elements (springs, staples, clips, glue) do not exist in it.

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Purpose and required parameters

As already mentioned, the leaflet is designed formass mailing. Its characteristic features are compactness and at the same time informative. To attract more customers this type of printing products should include several important components. The first is a visual series. If the leaflet is made without accents that can attract the attention of the reader, it is not useful. The second mandatory component is the material in which you can find out all the necessary information about the action, goods or services advertised by the company. The last item should be contact information: phones, website, e-mail, address, etc. If you harmoniously mix such "ingredients" as inexpensive print, excellent appearance and informative content, you will get a leaflet, which is an indispensable attribute of any organization's advertising campaign , which sees the goal of conquering the market and maximizing customer acquisition.

The widest range of application of leafletsmedicine is considered. Information about medicines, the description of services and methods of treatment, location of the institution and other information is conveniently placed on A4 sheet and visually easily perceived by the public.