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Advertising in VKontakte groups: how to place correctly?

Advertising is a powerful marketing toolpromotion and at the same time the most popular. It can be called an instrument for managing large masses of people. Being explicit or implicit, intrusive or delicately intruding into personal space, advertising works with the human subconscious, forcing to think in a key, profitable advertiser. The phenomenon quickly spread and at the moment is perceived as ubiquitous. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in that, just as often advertising products appear on television, radio and other media, they are firmly entrenched in the Internet.

Social networks have invaded our lives alsoimperceptibly, but much more recently. Oriented on the connection between people who are far away by territorial standards, soon "Twitter", "VKontakte" and "Facebook" became a place of communication in principle, a means of extracting information, including news, music, videos and films. Advertising just could not miss such a wide range of opportunities to conquer the audience. The administration of the same social networks not only uses marketing moves to their advantage, but also allows its patrons to do, in fact, the same thing. This phenomenon is directly related to advertising in the "VC" groups.

advertisement in groups of вк

VKontakte communities

Community "VC", roughly speaking, is agroups of people by interests. They are created for various reasons, including for the marketing promotion of their product (company, works of art, etc.). Small communities, targeting a small number of people, either remain in the same form or are closed without promotion. But gigantic groups, whose number of participants reaches one million, for their administrators are not only a hobby, but also a job, and a real means of earning.

VK Group as a means of earning money

Advertising in "VC" groups is only one of the typesmaking money on the community. The rest, such as applications and / or lidogeneratsiya, advertising targeted, offers, also have their advantages and disadvantages.

how to make an advertisement in a group

Recently, the advertisement "VKontakte"evolved along with the development of the most popular social network in the post-Soviet space. While the site "VC" was focused not on content, but on users, the promotion was frank spam in the form of links, not more. This species is still present, but is it worth saying that it is practically ineffective? The question appears: "Advertising in VKontakte groups is properly arranged?"

History of advertising in groups "VK"

The chronology of development stops in 2010.as on the introduction of microblogging "VKontakte" and "My News", and in 2011 - the reform of communities, as their new look, namely public pages (public posts) became available. Links were still the limit of advertising in the "VC" groups. It was a redirection to a certain community indirectly or directly.

2012 marks the emergence of reposts("Tell Friends / Subscribers") and feedback, which allowed a wider distribution of advertising, and a little later there were also opportunities to fix the records.

advertising in groups of VK

Why all this? Most of the "chips", introduced a certain number of years ago, are in use and still, offering some sort of no, but efficiency.

The year of the supposed end of the world in principle becamevery important in terms of advertising in the social network. There was a new opportunity to spread advertising in groups "VKontakte", - the exchange.

Advertising Exchange: Opportunities and Types

Early exchanges allowed to work with advertising indifferent social networks. They still exist. In 2013, the same "VC" also began to conquer this area, starting with the introduction of its own stock exchange. Of course, the VKontakte exchange works with advertising only this social network. But it allows you to not use any third-party services.

In addition, there are the following popular advertising exchanges:

  • VKTarget;
  • VKSerfing;
  • SMO-Pult;
  • Liked;
  • VKPrka;
  • V-Like;
  • Smo-fast.


advertising in groups

VKTarget allows you to earn money on suchsocial networks like VC, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Twitter. Among the opportunities of the exchange are not only advertising in the VKontakte groups. Earnings are possible when joining a specific community, fulfilling the order "to put / tell friends." Those. You can use not only the group, but also a personal page.

To use the first option, you must bind the account to a group / public. To perform the task from the advertiser, the performer is given 24 hours.


VKSerfing works exclusively with VKontakte,but not directly, so you will have to face the interest that is paid to the stock exchange itself. This is not the innovation of a particular service: everyone has it, with the difference in the amount of interest charged from the user. And if the previous stock exchange has an advantage in the form of other social networks, then VKSerfing loses to the official VKontakte exchange in this respect.

Advantages of this service:

  • that it allows you to work not only for communities, but also for the performer from your personal page;
  • that on it it is possible to earn with the minimum quantity of friends / subscribers; True, there is a proportional dependence of earnings on this number.

The same can be said about other services: differences in the number of served social networks, features of payment and ordering are present, but the essence remains the same.

If it is necessary to advertise in groups "VKontakte", the reviews say that it is best to work through the official exchange of this social network.

Official advertising exchange "VKontakte"

advertising in groups vkontakte as correct

The principle of the advertising exchange is simple:the administrator of the community indicates the amount that he wants to receive for the publication of the record in his public / group. Advertisers with the help of a special interface have the opportunity to communicate with him and offer their links for promotion. The plus is that the administrator himself makes the decision to publish.

The VKontakte administration is the guarantorhonest transaction between the advertiser and the administrator of the community in which the post for promotion is located. The required amount is immediately reserved on the first account and transferred to the second after the day (24 hours) after the publication of the record, provided that the link was not deleted.

The advertising market "VKontakte" assumes direct placement of links for promotion. It is taken into account that:

  • Participation in the project allows you to independently search for advertisers;
  • If the advertiser has contacted the administrator through the exchange, advertising is prohibited bypassing the exchange system.

Technical limitations

Those who want to learn how to make advertising in the "VC" in the group through the exchange, it should also be remembered that:

  • it is allowed to publish no more than ten messages a day;
  • The periodicity of publications should not be more than one hour with the calculation for one placement.

For community administrators

All groups and public pages whosethe average monthly total coverage is more than two hundred thousand people have the right to participate in the advertising exchange. If the community meets this requirement, when you open the "Manage Community" menu, you will be able to see the additional tab "Advertising Exchange".

If the group / public is not connected to the service, the function "Connect to the advertising exchange" will be available when the tab is opened.

If the group / public is already connected (a) to thisservice, then a window will open, in which you can specify the desired cost of publishing an advertising post. The final amount is calculated from the specified price, commission of twenty percent (same for all) and VAT (18%).

The cost of publishing an advertising post on the wallcommunities can be changed at any time. The minimum amount is 100 rubles. The maximum is not limited, but it is worth staying within the reasonable, so that in the pursuit of the benefits do not remain at all without offers.

The administrator has the opportunity to assign a status to his community: applications are accepted or not, that is, whether it is active on the exchange.

advertising in groups

In the special box, you can also specify a comment for the advertiser: with which links to goods / services it is preferable to work (which ones the community is to advertise).

For advertisers

With respect to those whose goal is to advertise "VKontakte", that is, to sell it, attracting more customers to the service / product, the following points can be noted.

  • Advertising placement service in the social network "VK"Provides advertisers with a wide coverage of communities offering their services. With the help of a special interface you can see the number of subscribers of groups / public pages, the cost of advertising on their walls, comments on the preferences of the topic of promoted links. They can be sorted by each of the criteria.
  • The technical limitations of the exchange allow advertisingbe noticed: it is guaranteed that the record will remain the first on the community wall for at least an hour, and for the day it will move down no more than ten points.
  • To create an advertisement, use the "Advertising" tab; it exists at the bottom of any page of the site "VKontakte".
  • The effectiveness of an advertising campaign can be traced through a statistics chart for all posted messages or for some one separately.

Advertising in VKontakte groups: how to remove?

While the public relations of public relations administrations andadvertisers allows to cooperate favorably both first and second, there is a group of users "VKontakte", which, to put it mildly, this situation does not suit.

advertising in groups vkontakte earnings

There are two main ways of how to deal with this.

  • The first is based on the fact that many advertising postsare built on the principle of "Share a record ...". The community that bothers with advertising, it is necessary to add to the black list. Then go to the "News Filtering" tab and turn off the checkbox "Show copies in News" in the blacklist properties.
  • Second. Use of online applications or extensions for the browser, which will block unnecessary advertising or close posts according to the filter principle by "advertising" words.