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Packing of the goods that Sells: the instruction for creating

Packaging the goods is the first thing yourpotential buyer. With the help of spectacular, attractive packaging, you can attract the attention of a person. But the unfortunate design, uncomfortable packaging, in turn, can forever alienate a person. Pushed off to such an extent that he did not even ask about how stupendous the product is hiding under it. How to create not just a stylish, but a sold packaging? Experienced marketers and designers give us on this account a few tips.

packing of goods
To begin with, let's find out the key points in which the product packaging being sold differs from hundreds of others:

  • Favorably allocates the goods against the background of similar products;
  • provides the consumer with accurate and complete information about the purchased product;
  • "Shouts" about the brand, the brand and the subject of sales;
  • focuses attention on the benefits received by the buyer.

When designing a package, it is necessaryanalyze the target audience and its preferences. It is important that the packaging of goods is not only attractive, but also convenient in terms of transportation and storage of products.

What should be the qualitative packaging of the goods?

First of all, it is convenient.It is for this reason that large goods are offered in boxes with handles, milk is poured into special moisture-proof bags, and sauces in a plastic container with a dispenser are much more in demand than in glass containers. The main criteria in this regard are the convenience of using the goods and packaging (transportation, storage, opening, etc.).

product packaging development

The next criterion is informative and honest.It is very important that, looking at the packaging, the buyer could get all the information about the product that interests him (after all, he will be able to open it only after he has paid for the acquisition).

Packaging must be safe and environmentally friendly.And in the calculation takes the safety for man, the environment and the goods themselves. For each group of products there are standards that must be taken into account when creating tare.

Packaging for the goods must preserve itconsumer properties. This is especially important when it comes to selling food. If you sell non-food products, fragile products, such characteristics as resistance to mechanical influences, moisture resistance and heat resistance come to the fore in this respect.

packing for goods
Especially important is the economics of packaging.Ideal when its cost is 7-10% of the total cost of the goods. Exceptions are allowed unless in those cases when you implement special gift sets. The price of packaging must in no case exceed the cost of production.

And, finally, the self should be attractivedesign. It should allocate the package against a background of a number of analogues, like the representatives of the target audience, attract their attention, conform to their lifestyle. The development of the packaging of goods should take place taking into account its type, cost, status. And, of course, packaging should eloquently demonstrate the corporate style of the manufacturer!