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Purpose and standard size of the badge

Any self-respecting firm, whether it's a bank orcafe, takes care of its customers. And one of the points of good service is to provide visitors with information about employees. That is, when you approach the seller in the store, you already know his name (and sometimes his surname) and position. This is possible thanks to a special badge.

What is a badge?

This is an unusual word for us borrowed fromEnglish language for a card from plastic or paper, usually a small size, providing customers and visitors of the institution with brief information about employees.

There are two correct forms of pronunciation of the original word badge, based on the classical translation:

  • English badge;
  • American - badge.

But many English words have properties a bitchange when translated into Russian. There was no exception to the badge. It acquired a softer form - a badge. But still more common is the diminutive wording - a badge.

By the way, in the explanatory dictionaries the badge is treated as one of the elements of the uniform.


Badges are common in firms and institutions,(for example, cafes and restaurants, pharmacies, shops, beauty salons, banks, etc.), as well as at various public events (for example, auctions, exhibitions, seminars, meetings).

As for the information on the plate,then it can be any. Most often the standard size of the badge provides the location of such attributes as the name and surname, as well as the position of the employee.

standard badge size

If an individual design is created for the badge, you can also find the company name and logo.

Some badges can be used not onlyas a small information board, but also perform the function of a pass. Often this can be found in large corporations, laboratories and some medical institutions. Then badges are carried out to order and additionally contain a photo of the employee, and sometimes data for automatic badge (a barcode or a wired chip).

The information can be arranged both vertically and horizontally.


The badge can be made to order from special firms (advertising agencies and printing), bought in stationery stores or made by hand.

Custom-made badges can be made in a variety of designs and materials such as:

  • plastic;
  • laminated cardboard;
  • metal;
  • tree;
  • magnet and so on.

Ready-made badges are most often made in one design solution from a plastic cover and inserted into it a replacement card made of paper (can be of different density).

size of the badge

Make a badge yourself with the help ofcardboard and any fastening (for example, pins). But the easiest way to use stickers-stickers, on which information is written with a marker. They just stick to the clothes, and then just as easily removed, leaving no trace.

Ways of fastening to clothes:

  • clip;
  • magnet;
  • pin;
  • lace and the like.

The size of the badge is standard (mm) and non-standard

The parameters of a typical badge are similar to the valuebusiness cards euroformat. The most common standard badge size in all countries is 86 x 54 mm. As a rule, this is enough to accommodate the most necessary information. But there are times when such a standard badge size does not allow the company logo or other distinguishing marks to be placed. Then you can make the plates on the order, using your own or other proposed parameters:

  • 70x50 mm;
  • 100x70 mm;
  • 100x100mm.

standard badge size mm

If you do not know if the standardthe size of the badge, it is best to contact an advertising agency or a printing company. They will be able to tell you what the size of the tablet will be better, based on the created layout.