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We are waiting for Turkey! Hotels in Marmaris

In the south-west of Turkey there is a colorful anda versatile resort Marmaris. Here, in the meeting place of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, is the bay of Marmaris, which is an example of ecological purity. And the city itself because of the many discos and bars are also called the Turkish Ibiza. Here you can find a hundred bars, the terraces of which are located on the beach. Also one of the streets of Marmaris is given to dance establishments. And the music in this city does not stop until morning. Therefore, this resort is most suitable for lovers of a fun holiday. Although it is visited by tourists of different caliber who came to rest in a country called Turkey. Hotels in Marmaris can provide leisure for all comers.

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They are many here, and they are very diverse.And the one who has already visited here, was able to evaluate the choice of completely different types of accommodation. For example, lovers of luxury who have "tight" wallets will not be disappointed here. Turkey, the hotel "Marmaris Park" - this is the place where they can relax in a chic atmosphere. It is located in the park zone of the bay, near the village of Icmeler. This hotel has 290 tastefully furnished rooms and 16 bungalows. All of them are equipped with individual air-conditioners, telephones, refrigerators, satellite TV and other amenities. But this is not all, than tourists can please Turkey, Marmaris. 5 star hotels are found everywhere. This hotel "Aqua", "Casa De Maris", Club "Turban Palace", "Elegance" and many other luxury hotels.

Take at least the hotel Elegance 5 *, whichis located 3 kilometers from the center of Marmaris and, naturally, on the beach. It was built in 1992, and in 2007 the last restoration was made. And now it has three 5-storey buildings with 190 rooms. There are also restaurants, bars, two conference rooms, several swimming pools, a jacuzzi and a sauna for hotel guests. Like the rest of Turkey, the hotels of Marmaris spoil the tourists in full, as the entertainment here is the sea. Guests of the hotel "Elegance" can play squash and shoot from onions, diving and surfing, visit the solarium and a gym. There is a tennis court and a fitness center, video games and billiards, massage and beauty salon and much more.

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But not only rich people are attracted by Turkey.Hotels in Marmaris can also accept tourists with more modest income. There is a category of youth hotels that everyone can afford. But even despite the relative cheapness, they offer their guests quite decent service and food. However, bars and discotheques that are lined up next to such democratic hotels will not allow young people to sit in their rooms. And an example of such a hotel can serve as the Green Beach Hotel 3 *, which is located in the city center, next to the sea. In its 5-storey building there are 65 standard rooms. Also in this hotel there is a restaurant for 120 people, a vitamin bar and a bar on its own beach. In addition, the hotel has a small swimming pool, a TV room, and in the lobby there is free Wi-Fi.

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In the resort of Marmaris there are also club hotels.This houses in 1-3 floors, each of which nevertheless has its own beach. Own beaches here can boast all 4-5-star hotels, as well as some hotels with 2 and 3 stars on the sign. But apart from the beaches there are other entertainments, for example, small cruises on turquoise bays. Here, before the tourists open picturesque landscapes, mysterious caves and wild beaches. In a word, like all of Turkey, Marmaris hotels can offer an unforgettable vacation.