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Features of the vacation. Which countries are warm in October?

Which countries are warm in October?Perhaps, many of us had to not only hear this question from our relatives, friends and employees, but also periodically ask ourselves. If so, then let's try to figure out the problem together.

Section 1. Which countries are warm in October? Relevance of the issue

in which countries it is warm in October
The second month of autumn in the central part of Russia isalmost always rain and piercing wind. Is it possible to have a good rest if the vacation fell in October? Of course, because there are many resorts in the world and, of course, there are those where there is always warmth, lots of sun and wonderful evergreens grow.

When choosing an autumn tour, one must be especiallycareful that the rest was not spoiled by bad weather. If the choice is successful, you can, emerging from the cold rainy autumn, be where the beautiful summer is. By the way, there will be more positive feelings in this case than when you go to hot countries in the summer.

Section 2. Which countries are warm in October? Festivals and holidays

By the way, very few people think about the fact that inCentral Europe, in contrast to Russia, at this time of year still fairly stable weather, without prolonged rains and nocturnal frosts. Why not go there exactly? Yes, and many reasons. For example, Oktoberfest is held in Munich in October. This is a very famous festival, which attracts beer lovers from all over the world. For the annual celebration specially prepared special kind of beer - "Vizn" - it was very fond of Ludwig I. In the Czech Republic it's time to go to those for whom the holiday must necessarily have wine. Folk games, fun and chastooshkas - a holiday in the Czech Republic lasts for a month!

where it's warm in October

In Israel, October is a special month. At this time in the country a holiday of love: the march of multinational columns, slogans proclaiming friendship, love and peace.

In the United Arab Emirates at this time camel races are arranged.

In Phuket - a celebration of vegetarians.Amazing spectacles can be seen here at this time: piercing the cheeks, processions in white robes, climbing the razor ladder, whose height is 12 m. But there are no victims at this celebration, so amazing performances can only scare a little, but everything ends well.

Section 3. Which countries are warm in October? Sun and sea

Perhaps, every schoolboy, almost without hesitation, will answer that Thailand, Turkey and Egypt - that's where the warmth in October

In Thailand in October, prices are quite low.It's great that in September the rainy season ends, so in this country you can have a very good rest. It is fair to say that there are summer rains in Thailand, of course. However, at this time of year they go at night. In addition, they are also very warm. Unimaginably beautiful places and a wonderful clean sea - for everyone who wants to leave the gloomy cold weather, a trip to Thailand will suit perfectly.

where better to go in October to rest

If you really want to bask in the hot beanssun, it is better to go to Egypt. The sea here at this time is affectionate, and the sun is very hot. Until the middle of November, you can enjoy fine weather: the water temperature is +26 ºC, and the air temperature is up to +30 ºC. Tours in Egypt are relatively inexpensive, so here you can wonderful to spend a long-awaited vacation. In the hotels of tourists will enjoy the excellent service, animators will make recreation with children very interesting.

In October, heat in Turkey - air temperatureis approximately +17 ºC. Rain at this time a lot, but they usually do not go long, and puddles, after the rain has passed, dry up quickly. At this time, there are relatively few tourists in Turkey, so prices are falling. You can have a great holiday, not only swimming in the sea, but also devoting time to attractions. At this time, the locals finish harvesting, so the variety of fruits and vegetables becomes amazing.

As you saw, the answer to the question,where it is better to go to rest in October, depends on the tastes and individual preferences of each individual traveler. One can say unequivocally - there are no reasons for the experience: according to experienced tourists, it is much more interesting and economically more profitable to go on vacation in autumn than in the summer months.