/ / Vorontsov Palace (St. Petersburg): opening hours, description, interesting facts

Vorontsov Palace (St. Petersburg): Opening hours, description, interesting facts

Not in one city of the former RussianEmpire was built his Vorontsov Palace. St. Petersburg in this list is also present. In addition, the Vorontsovs erected palaces in Odessa, Simferopol, Alupka and even Tbilisi. However, in this article we will talk about the architectural monument, which is located in North Palmira.

Vorontsov Palace (St. Petersburg): description of the monument

Роскошное и величественное здание в центре The northern capital of Russia belonged to the chancellor and diplomat Mikhail Vorontsov. This man, as you know, was very ambitious and demanding. He liked just one of the many architectural projects. And the author of this project was none other than Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli.

Vorontsov Palace Saint-Petersburg

The Vorontsov Palace (St. Petersburg) was built onFor nine years, from 1749 to 1757. Distinctive features of the building: pomposity, richly decorated facades and generous interior decoration. In a word, there are absolutely all the details that usually accompany the architectural style of the Baroque.

No less elegant and cast-iron fence of the palace. In addition, the building was surrounded by a huge garden, which reached right up to the Fontanka.

The erection and decoration of the palace flew Vorontsov ina pretty penny. He got into debt so much that he was forced to give the palace to the Russian treasury in 1763. In the near future the whole complex was transferred to the Order of Malta.

MI Vorontsov - the customer of the palace

Воронцовский дворец (Санкт-Петербург) был built on the order of Mikhail Illarionovich Vorontsov. "Sales, but ... still an honest man" - this is how Kazimir Valishevsky described it unusually. Catherine II, by the way, also disliked Vorontsov. True, he possessed all the qualities that a successful diplomat needs. For this he was appreciated.

Vorontsovsky Palace St. Petersburg mode of operation

M.I.Vorontsov was restrained and extremely cautious in his statements, foreign ambassadors never managed to disclose his true intentions. He looked very representative and ideal for diplomatic work.

Vorontsov Palace (St. Petersburg): mode of operation and location

The palace complex is located in the city center byaddress: Sadovaya street, 26. Today in the main building is located Suvorov School. However, access to the palace is open around the clock. That is, you can inspect the structure without problems and at any time. The nearest metro station is Gostiny Dvor.

An integral part of the palace complex isThe Maltese Chapel, which was built in 1800. Today in it periodically arrange concerts (the ticket costs 350 rubles). In the Maltese Chapel you can get to and purely for sightseeing purposes. In this case, the entrance will cost 200 rubles.

Vorontsov's Palace St Petersburg Description

Interesting facts about the Vorontsov Palace

It is not superfluous to note that the building is an object of the cultural heritage of the Russian Federation. Finally, a few interesting facts about the Vorontsov Palace of the city of St. Petersburg:

  • inside the palace there are 50 ceremonial halls;
  • this is one of the most luxurious buildings in St. Petersburg, and the interior of the Vorontsov Palace, originally, was not inferior to the royal residences;
  • the building used to be surrounded by a beautiful park with cascades and pools;
  • Vorontsov spent all his savings on the construction of the palace and finishing works, so there was simply no money left for the maintenance of the graph;
  • For some time the palace wore an exotic name for Russia: "the castle of the Maltese knights."


The Vorontsov Palace (St. Petersburg) isthe most valuable monument of baroque architecture in Europe. It was built in the middle of the XVIII century. Today, you can still enjoy beautiful music at one of the concerts in the Maltese Chapel.