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Where to go to rest in June for holidays and on weekends

In the yard - the end of spring, everything is hottersun, and we are more and more playing a suitcase mood. We begin to make plans, where to go to rest in June, if not on vacation, at least for the weekend, taking Friday or Monday, or maybe that, and another day of the week. Beach vacation - perhaps the first thing that comes to mind. But in our latitudes the air warms up quickly, but the water in the first month of the summer is suitable only for people tempered. Let us leave the banks of native reservoirs to those who wish to meditate with a fishing rod or to spend a romantic evening by the fire. Come back here in the hot July.

where to go for a vacation in June

Where to go to rest in June to sunbathe,and to be bought? In the equatorial belt countries - Thailand, Bali, the Dominican Republic - the rainy season has already begun. In the UAE and Egypt, the thermometer has already exceeded 40 degrees. But summer has fully entered its rights in the subtropics. Tender warmth and water at a temperature of +23 wait for tourists in the Mediterranean resorts of Turkey and Greece. Morning and evenings there are still fresh, and this time can be used with advantage for cognitive excursions.

Fans of climate hotter will not rack their brainsover the question of where to go to rest in June. Israel, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, continental Greece - there this month the sun's rays hit the ground like a hammer on an anvil, and the thermometer's column stably holds at the mark of +37. But in Cyprus, fresh sea breeze softens the heat to quite comfortable +30. It's time to dilute the impersonal beach holiday with a busy excursion program. If you only have a few days off, an unforgettable weekend can be spent on the shore of the Azov or Black Seas. At the resorts of Crimea, the beach season opens, and the shallow Sea of ​​Azov very quickly warms up. But in Bulgaria and the Adriatic the first month of summer is considered rainy.

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If you prefer the harsh northern nature,on the question of where to go in June to rest, the answer is one: to cruise around the countries of Scandinavia. The snow-white liner slides along the lake surface of the majestic Norwegian fjords, the cries of seagulls, the mountains covered with glaciers ... We do not forget that on the twentieth of this month the summer solstice falls, and tourists from all over the world come to Scandinavia to admire the white nights. For the weekend you can get to Finland or the Baltic countries.

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Where to go to rest in June in Western Europe?The Gulf Stream softens the European winter, but it significantly cools the air in the summer. It often rains in the Netherlands, Great Britain, northern Germany and France. But in Belgium, in Antwerp, on June 26-28, there is a beer festival, and in England the people celebrate the Queen's birthday with a grand scale. In the south of Europe, summer already reigns. Italy and Spain, sunny Provence beckon not only the sights of ancient cities, but also beaches.

After the end of the school year, the children of the schoolage require parents to be rehabilitated for suffering suffered from exams. Where to rest in June, so that the child is dispelled, refilled, gained new impressions and strength? Schoolchildren are waiting for the resorts of Evpatoria and Anapa, children's camps in Bulgaria, and there is also a rest in the mountains: the Slovak Tatras, the Ukrainian Carpathians. At the weekend, you can get out with a child in the cities of the Golden Ring, go to the lakes of Karelia or ride a cruise ship along the Volga.