/ / Astana, Palace of Independence: description, photo

Astana, Palace of Independence: description, photo

This structure is one of the mainsights of the capital of Kazakhstan - beauties of Astana. The Palace of Independence was inaugurated in December 2008 in the presence of numerous city residents and representatives of local authorities.

Today this magnificent building is a placeholding of state events, congresses, meetings, forums and meetings. In this article we will talk about how this building was built, how it looks, explain how to get to the Palace of Independence in Astana. The photos will help you appreciate the beauty of this building.

Astana Palace of Independence

How the building was built

The Palace of Independence in Astana was built inrecord time. Work began in 2007, and at the end of 2008 they were completed. For the construction of an area of ​​eighteen thousand square meters, this is a very high rate of construction.

For design and construction wereTurkish architects were invited to Astana. The Palace of Independence was built mainly by specialists from Turkey. The building was planned to be used for large-scale official events both at the domestic and international levels. The idea of ​​the creators is fully realized: the capacity of the internal premises, comfort and technical equipment allow us to hold all major state events here today. In addition, concerts, exhibitions, national celebrations are held here.

Palace of Independence in Astana

Description of the Palace

Astana guests in the city can admirea lot of magnificent buildings with original modern design. Among them, undoubtedly, is the Palace of Independence in Astana. Despite its name, the building is not a palace in the traditional sense of the word. It is not even a building in the classical style.

This trapezoidal structure of glass and concrete,It is decorated with white metal grilles, which have the form of a zigzag. The architects who developed this project believe that their offspring embodies Kazakhstan and its capital, which develop independently and dynamically.

Palace of Independence in Astana

Internal organization

I must admit that the magnificent structureacquired in 2008 Astana. The Palace of Independence consists of a huge congress hall accommodating 3,082 people, a spacious press center for two hundred and twenty people, a ceremonial hall designed for two hundred and sixty-eight seats, ethnographic galleries, as well as modern and applied art, the history museum of the capital of Kazakhstan, a cinema on three hundred and sixty degrees, a 4D cinema, an electronic library and a mock-up room.

The palace is always open the doors of a large restaurantsix hundred and eighty people, who treats guests with delicious dishes of national cuisine. In the Ceremonial Hall, the most important state events are held: the inauguration of the president, meetings with foreign delegations. On the same floor is a press center equipped with modern technology.

On the second floor guests can visit the galleryapplied and contemporary art. There are permanent exhibitions and temporary exhibitions. In the Palace of Independence in Astana there is an archaeological hall where various exhibits are presented, which will be of interest to guests of different age groups: the Sarmatian warrior and the "golden" man, received his name for clothes made of gold. Specialists say that such a warrior lived around the fifth century BC.

Presented here are objects of everyday life that were discovered during archaeological excavations, decorations and clothing of the Scythian-Saki tribes and much more.

how to get to the Independence Palace of Astana

On the third floor there is a museum of the history of Astana. The Palace of Independence allows visitors to familiarize themselves here with historical documents, objects relating to the achievements of the country.

Those interested can visit the electronic library, two huge cinemas (with a picture of three hundred and sixty degrees and 4D), learn a lot of new and interesting information about the history of the country.

Palace of Independence in Astana: how to get there?

The palace is located in the heart of the city, at the address:Avenue Tauelsizdik, 52. You can get here as a part of the excursion group, and independently came by public transport. It's easiest to get here by city buses No. 10, 18, 27, 35, 47. Stop "Palace of Independence".