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Shopping in Cyprus. What can I buy?

Usually, when traveling abroad, touristsplan to go there and do shopping, because in another country you can sometimes buy very high quality and interesting veshchichki at an attractive price. Resting in Cyprus, foreigners will be disappointed by the assortment of goods and their prices. In the high season, the cost of many things here is too high. Therefore, shopping in Cyprus will be expensive. And if you really want to wander around the local boutiques, you should come in certain months, when shops arrange sales.

shopping in Cyprus
Unlike other resorts, Cyprus does notbet on trade. Here the tourist business reigns, and those who want to buy in this country should get to the center of Nicosia, where shopping centers and shops are concentrated. Branded and expensive clothes are bought mostly by local residents, so the outlets are located far away from tourist areas.

The legislation of the state provides thatshops in Cyprus have the right to set discounts on their goods only in certain months - February and August. For shoppers, this is a great time, when very high-quality clothes or shoes can be bought at half price, sometimes discounts amount to 70%.

shops in Cyprus
Of course, for most holiday makers shopping onCyprus consists in purchasing locally produced goods, these can be ordinary souvenirs or gold products or alcoholic beverages. First and foremost, it is worth noting that you can buy relatively inexpensive jewelry made of gold and silver, they are made famous, so you should not worry about quality. The tax is not levied on the jewelry, which is also, undoubtedly, a big plus.

Rest in Cyprus involves not only bathing in thesea, but also a trip to the cities and villages. Be sure to go to Paphos, near it is the village of Geroskipou, where the locals make delicious rahat-lukum. This is a peculiar mecca not only for tourists, but also for the Cypriots themselves.

The shopping in Cyprus will be inadequate, if notvisit the beautiful village of Lefkara, where local needlewomen sell lace embroidery. It is worth, of course, not cheap, but there will be a memory of an unforgettable rest. Wicker from vines and pottery, woodcarving, porcelain - all this is also appreciated by foreigners.

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Many gourmets will appreciate the Cypriotalcohol. A bottle of wine will be an excellent present for any holiday. Here, various varieties of sweet wines, orange liqueur, brandy, grape vodka, port wine are produced. If in most eastern countries in the markets you can and should bargain, then shopping in Cyprus is more civilized and quiet. Sellers indicate fixed prices for goods, so bargaining is unacceptable.

The kind of local shops can surprise foreigners,because the more modest the boutique is decorated, the more expensive and quality the goods offer. In Cyprus, it is not customary to post bright neon signs calling out passers-by, everything is decorated modestly, but tastefully. Although this resort country and is not designed for profitable shopping, but still you can buy very good and quality things here, and if you arrive at the right time, you will be able to save money.