/ / Baiterek of Astana is a majestic symbol of Kazakhstan

Baiterek of Astana is a majestic symbol of Kazakhstan

Baiterek is the symbol of Astana.To the western guests of Kazakhstan he reminds a huge "Chupa-Chups", majestically towering above new buildings of the capital. However, in reality, the symbolism of a grandiose building is much more complicated and interesting ...

Baiterek Astana and Nursultan Nazarbayev

In 1997, a decision was made to transferthe capital of Kazakhstan from Almaty to Akmola. The official transfer procedure took place the next year, and Akmola itself changed its name - henceforth the main city of Kazakhstan should be called Astana, which in Kazakh means "capital". The initiator of all these perturbations was the first president of the republic Nursultan Nazarbayev.

As an experienced politician, Nazarbayev understood that oneOnly the capital status of Astana can not be turned into the main city of the republic. We need infrastructure, we need a new urban mythology, we need places of interest that will be magnetized to the capital of tourists.

Then the idea arose to erect a monument in Baiterek in Astana.

Baiterek Astana

What does the monument symbolize?

Why does Baiterek in Astana (Kazakhstan) look like this?

It turns out that Baiterek is sculpturalthe embodiment of the world view of ancient Kazakhs. They imagined the universe in this way: somewhere between the worlds a river flows, on the shore of which a wonderful tree of life called Baiterek grows. The roots of this tree keep the underground world in balance, the trunk is located in the world of people and animals, and the crown goes into the heavenly world. Thus, the Baiterek tree is a kind of axis of the universe. By the way, similar worldviews were among the Vikings who worshiped the magical ash Yggdrasil.

Every year a magic bird flies to BaiterekSamruk. Somewhere among the branches, she lays a golden egg, which later turns into the sun. And all would be well, if at the foot of Bayterek did not live the evil dragon Aidekhar. From time to time he manages to steal an egg, but the bird Samruk always brings it back. By this myth, the ancient steppe people explained the alternation of day and night, summer and winter, as well as life and death.

Baiterek Astana Monument

The myth of Baiterek is very important for a world outlookKazakhs. We can say that it is the basis of a new national idea. It is not accidental that there are about a dozen auls with this name in the country. In addition, the proud name "Baiterek" is one of the main socio-political magazines in Kazakhstan, as well as the Astana football club. "Baiterek" is also the project of a rocket and space complex created jointly with Russia.

So do not be surprised that the myth of BaiterekIt was also the basis for the project of the famous Kazakh architect Akmurza Rustembekov. Construction under his leadership lasted five years, in 2003 the new symbol of Astana Baiterek received the first visitors.

Political symbols

Creators Bayterek Astana managed to combineancient mythological subjects with modern political background. For example, the height of the structure without the ball is 97 meters, and this is not an accident - it was in 1997 that Astana became the capital. By the way, at an altitude of 97 meters you can see a special memorable sign in the form of an imprint of the hand of Nursultan Nazarbayev. The inhabitants of the capital state that if you make a wish by putting your hand into this impression, then it will come true, and very quickly. By the way, the height of the entire structure is 105 meters.

Baiterek in Astana

There is also another symbolic one in Baitereka globe, divided into 17 parts, each of which is signed by a representative of some religion. So the creators of the monument once again call upon humanity to live in peace and harmony, to avoid discord on religious grounds.


If a person is not very interested in history andthe whole symbolism of Baiterek does not really touch him, the main attraction of Astana will still find something to please him. The complex has a large number of first-class cafes and restaurants, on the last tier is an observation deck, there is a wonderful aquarium. Right inside the ball, which is crowned Baiterek, there is a bar.

In the near future interesting should be evenmore, in the summer of 2017, the Bayterek of Astana once again began to receive guests after an impressive reconstruction. Given the steady interest of Western tourists to Kazakhstan, there should be no shortage of guests.

Baiterek symbol of Astana

And we are the same!

The inhabitants of Barcelona say that the world will perish thenwhen complete the Sagrada Familia. Astana residents, on the contrary, assure that nothing will happen to the world and Kazakhstan while Baiterek is standing. The landmark, which in 2017 was only 20 years old, managed to become a favorite and recognizable symbol of the republic, adorning an unimaginable number of postcards, magnets and notebooks.

It got to the point that they wanted with their Baiterekacquire and residents of many other localities. Their Baitereks now stand in Ust-Kamenogorsk and Ekibastuz, as well as in the villages of Aksuat and Novoishimskoe. A miniature copy of the monument is in the modest city of Karkaraly.

Perhaps this best proves the popularity and significance of Baiterek. After all, the unloved symbol will not be copied.