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The best nudist beaches of the Black Sea: reviews

Nudist beaches of the Black Sea - places of rest thatcalled for an amateur. Now they began to visit more and more locals and tourists. Vacationers appreciate such areas on the coast for peace and quiet, the opportunity to be together with themselves, with wildlife, away from the hustle and bustle of noisy companies and entertainment establishments, leave all the rules and conventions, get a good tan, and maybe new friends. Vacationers should advance to look for information about where nudist beaches are on the Black Sea.

where on the black sea nudist beaches


Vacationers should know the rules of visitingnudist beaches. There are places that allow only men or only women, and this should be taken into account. It is necessary to preliminarily specify where the nudist beaches on the Black Sea are located: the exact location, from which side it is better to approach, and the list of requirements for visitors. Some beaches have official status, and their etiquette requires that guests at the entrance take off all their clothes.

In European countries for refusing to undress insuch a place may even be charged a fine. Do not forget that these places are not intended for children. It is forbidden to litter, make fires, annoy other travelers. Another strict rule: do not use the camera on the nudist beaches of the Black Sea. Even if it is used for the purpose of taking selfies, other visitors might not like it. Not everyone wants to be in such a snapshot or video, which then gets on the Internet.

nudist beaches on the black sea

It is also undesirable on a nudist beach to show an increased interest in persons of the opposite sex. In particular, closely examine a person or release comments about his appearance.

What for? Meaning of the visit

There are several reasons why peopleprefer nudist beaches on the Black Sea usual. First, it is an opportunity to be closer to nature. Such places are usually remote, difficult of access. There are no extraneous sounds: you can listen to the sound of the waves all day long and enjoy the clear water and sunbathing. The second reason - getting a tan. Clothing items usually leave marks on the body, stripes. On a nudist beach, a woman can freely sunbathe topless or completely nude and get a stunning tan.

Some visit naturist beaches just fromcuriosity. And there are those who set themselves the goal to relax, learn to trust people and get to know themselves. Removing clothes in the company of strangers is not an easy step, but it will help get rid of constraint and constraint. Sometimes people come to nudist beaches and just then make new acquaintances.

The best nudist beaches of the Black Sea

where are the nudist beaches on the black sea

The coastal zone of the Black Sea refers tothe territories of several countries. Nudist beaches are found almost everywhere: in Russia, Bulgaria, Georgia and in other countries. Some of the best are located near Novorossiysk, on the island of Crimea or in the Krasnodar Territory. Recently, the official nudist beach in Batumi was opened by the decision of the local authorities. Near Tuapse, near the village of Dzhubga, there is a rather popular nudist beach. Getting there is better along the coastline, passing by the boarding house. The beach area is located at the foot of the Hedgehog mountain, if desired, travelers can climb up and admire the spectacular views, sea view. The sea is very clean, the places are difficult to access, so the usual lovers of sunbathing on the sand in a bathing suit are rare.

Rest for money

There are in Russia and organized paid campings.For example, the beach for nudists "Clean Dunes", where you can rent a tent or a place for it, as well as hire the necessary equipment. Campgrounds are designed for long holidays, ideal for holidays in the summer or autumn. Location - Anapa district. The organization has its own website where you can see photos of the nudist beach of the Black Sea and get acquainted with the price list for services.

Beaches of Krasnodar Region

One of the most popular is Abrau Durso, not far fromLake Limanchik and boarding "Star". The territory is wild, located in a mountainous area. Nearby there are rocky protrusions and large stones. The place is not guarded, but is suitable for lovers of seclusion in nature. A little further away, not far from Maly Utrish, there is another area suitable for this type of recreation - these are very picturesque places with waterfalls and rocks where pistachio trees are found. But it is worth remembering that the beach is not officially nudist, here tourists of various ages and customs have a rest. Most of the beaches, which can be reached from Novorossiysk, have the character of spontaneously organized. Nudists choose them because they are removed from the city and protected from prying eyes by rocks or forest.

Еще один нудистский пляж на Черном море located near the village of Divnomorskoe, referred to on the maps of "Blue Bay". It is well known and used for many years. The coastline is covered with large pebbles. There are a lot of holidaymakers on the beach, but from the drawbacks they note that the territory is not removed.

In the city of Sochi

best nudist beaches of the black sea

Not far from the resort village of Loo there are severalsuitable areas for recreation in negligee. One of the beaches is located on the road to the base "Falcon", about a kilometer from the river. Another quite famous place is located in Khostinsky district. The beach is called “Sputnik”, mostly men rest on it. In their comments, users note that closer to the wellness complex there is the usual guarded recreation area with sun beds and service.

Хороший галечный пляж для нудистов можно найти в Lazarev. It is official, you can get there by turning at the “Forestry” stop. The length has a large, enough space for all travelers. The positive point, judging by the reviews of regulars, is that the coastal area is regularly cleaned from garbage.

In Bulgaria

nudist beaches black sea reviews

On the coast of Bulgaria there are several officialnudist beaches. Entrance to their territory is usually paid, the cost is desirable to specify in advance. Known camping called Smokey, located a few kilometers from Sozopol. It is subdivided into an ordinary and naturist beach. Clean seating area with white sand. It is possible to rent loungers or tents. Nearby there is a protected area where tourists can walk if desired, but, of course, after dressing up.

Near there are two more similar beaches, Veselie andKavatsite, they are all in the same bay. The first is known for interesting rock formations and is quite popular with visitors. Kavatsite - closer to the city, it is easy to reach. You can comfortably sit on the soft sand dunes, nearby is growing a lot of local poplars. Judging by the reviews, the nudist beaches of the Black Sea in Bulgaria like to visitors for good service, cleanliness and order in the territory.

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In the northern part of the coast, closer to Varna, there isits beaches. One of the famous - Kara dere. You can get on a good road. The territory is large and unguarded, many travelers stay here for a few days. It is possible to make fires, but the fuel should be taken care of in advance. Another naturist beach on the north coast is located near the Galata quarter. These are wild places with the amazing nature of Pasha Dere, where tourists come with tents for the weekend.