/ Koh Chang - beaches of the Thai island. What are they?

Koh Chang - beaches of the Thai island. What are they?

What attracts numerous tourists to one of theislands "Country of smiles" - Koh Chang? "Beaches, of course!" - many of those who have already visited Thailand will say, and they will not be mistaken. But what they are and how they differ from each other? What are their pros and cons? Let's try to answer in this article.

Koh Chang Beaches

Everything depends on what we are talking about - aboutwhich part of the island of Koh Chang. Its beaches - chic, beautiful, snow-white, with creaking as snow in the cinema, sand - are located mainly in the west of the resort. Here, of course, many hotels are built, there is a beautiful infrastructure, there are cafes, restaurants, entertainment and everything that the soul desires. But the east of the island is almost deserted, the beaches here are rocky and even rocky, although there are secluded sandy coves. But here amazingly beautiful nature and famous waterfalls.

In the north of the island there are several villages, wheremostly live local people. There are working port and piers, where tourists come on ferries. The best beaches of Koh Chang are in the west of the island, and that's where the majority of vacationers rush. The most popular of them is the White Sand Beach.

Best beaches of Koh Chang
It is closest to one of the piers,so it's easier and easier to get to those who leave the pier. Here, tourists are offered a full range of traditional Thai pleasures - from massage to night markets, shops like "Seven-Ileven" and even "go-go show." A huge range of hotels, including cheap bungalows, and boutique villas on the beach. The beach itself is huge, and even in the high season there are not a lot of people here. In addition, almost all of them accumulate in its central part, and if you move away or move north or south, you get into a real desert. At the same time, "White Send" is located near the main village of Koh Chang Island.

Beaches further to the south have their own specifics."Pearl" is good for sunbathing, but you can swim there only in special shoes, and then you will get hurt. However, landscapes, and especially sunsets, in these places are so inexpressibly wonderful that living in local hotels is more expensive. Maybe because by the evening this beach, where people come from other places during the day, is empty, and you are left alone with tropical nature. The same can be said of the neighboring coast of Chai Chet. It is sandy, and completely deserted by the sunset. However, shops, markets, bars and even a supermarket are here for tourists.

Beaches of Koh Chang reviews
Families with children also chose Koh Chang.Beaches suitable for toddlers are, above all, the already mentioned "White Sand" and Klong Prao. The last coast has a shallow entrance to the water, and it is very safe to swim here. In the north of the beach a great place for lovers of seclusion, in the south - a lot of entertainment. Especially the guests of the island have a fire show. And on the nearby beach of Kai Bey - a paradise for relaxation. Here the best in the resort massage parlors. Young people like Bai Lan and Lonely Beach more: there are a lot of parties in these places, there are discos in the water, and even spend Ful Moon Pati, as in Koh Phangan.

And what are the most interesting beaches in Koh Chang?Reviews of tourists are named in the first place by Bang Bao and Long Beach. Both of them are like the resorts of Goa. People live here for many months, mostly hippies and rastamans, as well as those who rent their homes somewhere in a prosperous Europe and work alone, renting a house. There is on Bang Bao and a traditional Thai village on stilts. To get here, especially to Long Beach, is quite problematic and expensive, but there is a special atmosphere, a soul company and everywhere sounds the sounds of reggae and hip-hop.