/ Where to go to Spain in the autumn?

Where to go to Spain in the autumn?

How quickly the summer flew by!What a pity that you can not get warm in the sun and plunge into the cool river or sea water ... In addition, the vacation is given to the majority only in September - where to go? In Spain, the answer is obvious. This sunny, bright, hospitable country will bring you back to warmth, because in September the summer is there in full swing.

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In the central regions of the country, the air temperature exceeds 30 aboutC, and in the north +27 aboutC. That is why in September, tourists from all over the world come here who want to extend the summer season.

By the end of the month it's getting a little cooler,the amount of precipitation increases, the sea can storm. But for rest the weather is still very comfortable. The cost of tours to Spain begins to decline, the price of services in hotels becomes lower, therefore, during this period, rest will cost you much cheaper.

Many even experienced tourists do not realize what Spain is like in September. Where to go and where it is better to spend this time, we will try to understand.

In September, a particularly good holiday in the Canary Islandsislands and in Catalonia. The famous seaside resort of Salou is most suitable for youth recreation. It is famous for its luxurious beaches, a huge number of amusement parks, the most popular of which is PortAventura. The resort has a very lively nightlife. There are many restaurants, bars, cafes, discos and clubs. Excursions for acquaintance with local sights will be organized for you.

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Where to go to Spain in Septemberbeach vacation? First of all, the resorts of the most beautiful island of Tenerife. Here you can relax on any of the beaches you like, even located on the territory of fashionable hotels. Payment is made only for services - rent of umbrellas, mattresses, sunbeds and for various water attractions.

Often people are interested in travel agencies,where to go to Spain in September. It all depends on what kind of vacation you prefer. Many will be interested in amazing city tours with visiting historical and architectural sights of Spain. You should definitely visit Barcelona and see the ancient buildings in Tarragona, see the ancient city of Girona, which preserves monuments of various cultures.

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Young parents often wonder where to goto Spain with a small child. Virtually every resort in this hospitable country is suitable for such a holiday. Everywhere for families with children created excellent conditions. But the best resort for recreation with children (according to our compatriots) is Costa Dorado. There is a magnificent dolphinarium, water park, a lot of attractions.

If you are still interested in the question of wherego on holiday in Spain, we can recommend you the world famous resorts - Costa Blanca, Costa de Sol, Costa Brava, Mallorca. Rest in this country will leave an unforgettable impression. Many people come to Spain to admire the colorful festivals and carnivals that they are able and like to spend here.