/ Sandy beaches of Turkey. The best places

Sandy beaches of Turkey. The best places

Tourists, buying a ticket to one of the resortsTurkey, dream of a beautiful beach and warm sea water. Unfortunately, not always their dreams come true. Many beaches in Turkey are not in the best condition lately. But there are places where local residents prefer to rest. About them, by the way, no tourist knows. It is not difficult to get to these beaches. The most important thing is to know where they are located.

sandy beaches of turkey

Sandy beaches of Turkey, or rather, the best beachBlack Sea coast, is located near Patara. This is a small village where many Russian tourists are accommodated. According to some estimates, the coastline of this beach stretched for 20 km. Not far from it there are guesthouses, the cost of living in which rarely exceeds $ 25 per day. Agree, this is inexpensive for Turkey.

Excellent rest you can on the beachOludeniz. If you are interested, then its name translates as "dead sea". It should not be frightened, the Turks have in mind somewhat different meaning of this phrase - the calm sea. The landscapes that surround it are only mountains. Even during a storm, the sea in this place is always calm, which means it will be suitable for small children.

sandy beaches in turkey

Sandy beaches in Turkey - not uncommon, but hereOlympos still stands out against their background. This is, perhaps, the best beach on the whole coast. It is located not far from the town of the same name. There are no shops and hotels that are usual for big cities of Turkey. But in this part of the country there is a real pine forest. A lot of medieval and ancient Roman ruins will allow you to get acquainted with the life of ancient people.

The sandy beaches of Turkey offer a variety ofentertainment, but the main thing is the cleanliness and beauty of the landscapes. All this you can get on the beaches in the village called Side. Recently, this place began to attract tourists much more than Antalya or Marmaris, and all because the local beaches are clean, and the sea is clear and warm.

beaches in turkey
Approximately 140 km from Antalya, on the territory ofAlanya, there is a beach that is markedly different from the local ones. It is ideal for those who prefer a rest in silence, but there are places for noisy companies. You may be surprised, because these two categories of tourists can hardly get along. But a twenty-kilometer long beach can afford such a separation.

Turkey's sandy beaches are not limited toonly beautiful nature. On the territory of the country there are places where you can meet amazing animals. For example, on the beach of Iztuz tourists can get acquainted with these sea turtles.

Travelers always complain about the qualitybeaches in a resort town like Bodrum. Indeed, recently their quality has decreased significantly due to the influx of tourists. But do not give up the rest here because in nearby villages to it are the best sandy beaches in Turkey.

As you can see, the number of excellent beacheson the coast of the country is still great. After spending a little time on the road, you can enjoy an ideal, untouched nature, as well as excellent service.