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Description and the scheme of the metro of Kharkov

Kharkiv Metro is the second largest in Ukraine.Inferior to the number of stations and the length of the rails only the Kiev Metro. For a year it transports more than 250 million passengers. To date, the Kharkov metro scheme consists of three lines, 29 stations are functioning and new ones are being built. The fleet of wagons consists of more than 200 units.

History of the Kharkov Metro

metro map of Kharkiv
Kharkiv Metro was launched on August 231975. It was in honor of this date that one of the last stations built in the Alekseyevka district was named. The need to build underground public transport was caused by a sharp increase in the inhabitants of the city, and, consequently, the growth of the city's districts. The first soil drilling began in 1968. For the work were invited builders from Baku, Kiev, as well as Donetsk miners.

The exact date of starting construction was chosen on July 15, 1968, when the first trunk was laid in the railway station of Kharkov. And the construction of the first station - "Soviet" - began in August of the same year and was timed for the liberation of Kharkov from the fascist invaders.

The first train run was conducted on July 30, 1975.August 23, 1975 metro scheme of Kharkov consisted of 6 stations. In the first year, the passenger traffic was about 300 thousand passengers, with an average speed of 40 km / h. In parallel, the construction of the next metro line began. In 1977, the Kharkov metro scheme was replenished with the first station of the second branch called "Pushkinskaya".

The third line, Alekseevskaya, was opened todevelopment in 1984, leading to underground transport and to the northern microdistricts of the city. The solemn launch of the first station of this branch was made already in independent Ukraine by President Leonid Kravchuk in 1995.

The metro scheme of Kharkov at the expense of Alekseevskaya branch was expanded to 5 stations.

The modern underground

metro kharkov scheme of lines
The modern Kharkov underground isa complex scheme of engineering facilities, providing transportation of up to 800,000 passengers every day. In the 90s, an automatic infrastructure maintenance system was put into operation, which increased the level of security, and also reduced the cost of maintaining the system. All stations have video surveillance systems.

The underground, Kharkov. Line layout

metro scheme of Kharkiv
In total, the Kharkov metro serves passengers on29 stations of three branches: Kholodnogorsk-Zavodskaya, Saltovskaya and Alekseevskaya. Each of the branches provides a communication between the center and the respective microdistricts. The branches are intertwined, creating a convenient opportunity for transplantation. Docking stations: Gosprom - University, Historical Museum - Sovetskaya, Metrostroiteley Vashchenko - Sportivnaya. Each station is designed in accordance with the name, in different styles and using different building materials. The fare after the last increase is 4 hryvnia, which roughly corresponds to 20 American cents or 10 Russian rubles. Serves the Kharkov metro municipal company. In the park there are more than 200 wagons. The fleet of wagons is regularly updated. According to the plan to expand the metro, Kharkiv metro system will be replenished by 5 stations and a car depot by 2026.