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Oceanarium (Astana): description, address, mode of operation

Family entertainment center «Duman »(Astana) - the oceanarium, which is the only institutionof this kind, operating in the territory of the CIS. Every year hundreds of thousands of spectators come here to admire insanely beautiful sea animals and representatives of the underwater flora.

Oceanarium (Astana)


The unique Kazakhstani Oceanarium (Astana, "Duman"), which opened in early 2003, accommodatesin itself three million liters of water, diluted with sea salt. In its spacious waters, there are more than 2,000 species of underwater living creatures brought from different parts of the world.

Several reservoirs entered the oceanarium complex.

  • Central - the most spectacular.At the bottom of it is located an unusual acrylic tunnel seventy meters long. The visitors of "Duman" walk along this tunnel. During a fascinating excursion, the spectators feel that they are on the very bottom of the ocean. Here you can observe sharks and various sea creatures at arm's length.
  • Two exhibition compartments - includedeleven tanks of different sizes. Here you can see representatives of ichthyofauna and learn interesting facts about the life of rare inhabitants of the water depths. Pools show visitors freshwater waters of the southeastern region, coral reefs, the South American continent (piranhas, paku, crabs, exotic seahorses, starfish, cowfish, and sea anemones).

You can see predators that pose a danger to humans:

  • fish-stone;
  • lion fish;
  • porcupine fish.

By the way, there is not a single person who would not remain impressed after he visited Oceanarium (Astana), photo and the description of which is presented in this article.

The services

In addition to demonstrating the fascinating sea kingdom aquarium (Astana) provides its guests with several attractions.There is an animatronics theater called "Jungle", a cinema 5D, a huge children's playground with various entertainments for children, an attraction "Aviasimulator", a shop "Zhemchuzhina", which offers compositions from shells, souvenirs, models of ships, decorations for aquariums. Also in the center there is a bowling club, a cafe, a puppet hall, which gathered in its collection various masterpieces of architecture on a reduced scale.

On the territory of "Duman" there are hotel and shopping complexes, a center for children with developmental features, where they are taught to interact with the wildlife.

Read more about the Animatronic Theater

The idea of ​​creating the theater belongs to the head of Kazakhstan. The project became the most ambitious in the republic. It completely creates the atmosphere of the jungle, immerses in the era of dinosaurs, tyrannosaurs and triceraptors.

The program is conducted in an interactive format.Spectators travel through the jungle of an Indian tribe inhabited by mechanical dinosaurs and other creatures. At the end of the fascinating journey, the visitors of the theater find themselves in a town of the Mayan civilization, where an exciting show awaits them on the big stage.

Tours of the "Jungle" are held hourly, and the show takes place on weekends from 13.00 to 19.00.

Nervous, women in the position and children under five years is undesirable.

Children's entertainment city

It is an entertainment center for children.ten years. The game town has several zones focused on different ages, and allows parents without fear of letting their child run, crawl and jump on all sorts of merry-go-rounds, slides and trampolines.

Oceanarium (Astana)

5D cinema

The second floor of "Duman" accommodates the attraction5D, which will give your viewer an unforgettable experience while watching. Splashes of water, heavy wind, rocking the chair and a magnificent sound with the image create the complete illusion of swimming, racing or flying.

Additional Information

В стенах «Думана» происходит много различных interesting events. Most visitors are interested in the process of feeding the inhabitants of the aquarium. In addition, twice a day, the staff of the complex descend into aquariums in diving equipment and demonstrate small performances. Particularly impressive feeding sharks (quite a dangerous trick).

Oceanarium (Astana) photo

Show Schedule:

  • "Shark feeding" - daily at three in the afternoon and at seven thirty in the evening.
  • "Mermaid" - every day at twelve and one o'clock in the afternoon, as well as at 3, 5 and 7 pm.


Oceanarium (Astana) address has the following: Kazakhstan, Astana, Kurgaldzhinskoe highway, building at number 2.

Additional information about the work of the aquarium can be found by calling the organization’s manager or by visiting the official site of the Duman Aquarium (Astana).

Oceanarium: mode of operation

The complex is ready to receive visitors daily from ten in the morning to eight in the evening. From May to August the aquarium closes its doors at 22.00.


Ticket price in aquarium (Astana) varies depending on the attraction and the age of the guests.

The cost of a regular ticket for a child from 5 to 12years - 2 500 tenge (about 450 Russian rubles), students and pensioners (upon presentation of a certificate) pass for 2 500 tenge, the cost of entry for an adult is 3000 tenge.

The program "All Inclusive", which includes a visit to the aquarium, exotarium and animatronic theater, costs 5500, 4500 and 3500 tenge for adults, children and students, respectively.

It should be noted that often in the entertainment center a variety of promotions are held, discounts are offered.

Admission for children under the age of five is free.

Oceanarium (Astana) address

"Duman" (Aquarium, Astana), all residents of the city and its guests call multipurpose and modern entertainmentcenter that is able to satisfy any desire of its visitors. If you have a chance to visit the Republic of Kazakhstan, do not miss the opportunity to visit this amazing complex and touch the fascinating underwater world.