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Hotel Adalin Hotel 4 *, Kemer - Review, description and reviews of tourists

Turkey is one of the most beloved countries in terms ofrest for Russians. There are many beach hotels here, where you can spend a wonderful holiday. One of them is Adalin Hotel 4 *. It will be discussed further.

General information

When it comes to Turkey, the lipsinvoluntarily begin to stretch in a smile, and in my head immediately pops up the sea, the sun and palm trees. A person who has not been on vacation for a long time, will immediately start dreaming about how to plunge into this wonderful fairy tale.

Adalin Hotel 4

Most of the regular visitors of this countryhave long been noted for themselves a few places where you can have a good and interesting time. They include cafes, restaurants, closed beaches and, of course, hotels. Actually, it is about one excellent hotel Adalin Resort Hotel 4 * ("Adalin Resort Hotel") and will go further in the article.

Why do people choose Turkey

Before booking at the Hotel AdalinHotel 4 * (Kemer, Beldibi, Goynuk), you need to consider the features of the holiday, which he offers. Why do those wishing to have a good rest choose Turkey, and not any other hot country? This question can be given several answers at once.

Adalin Resort Hotel 4 rates

First, it's quite an inexpensive vacation.Probably, this is the most important criterion for many people. But, even despite the small cost of rest, it should be said that this country is ready to provide tourists with quality rest. It attracts people from all over the world. Everyone can afford such a holiday, even if his incomes are not large enough.

Secondly, beautiful nature makes you forget everythingin the world, to plunge into a real paradise. The sun, the sea, palm trees - it's just a dream for any person. Among tourists, even the opinion goes that if a person has not been to Turkey, he has lost a lot.

Thirdly, a large number of entertainmentwill delight any tourist independence from sex and age. Women really like shopping in local shops and souvenir shops. But besides this, horseback riding, sea cruises, fishing and, of course, diving are very popular.

Hotel description

If people are going to go on vacation, then beforethey immediately have a choice - which hotel is best to stay. Despite the fact that many plan to spend days on the sun, they still need to make the right choice. The hotel is a place where tourists rest after a long and busy day. It is very important that nothing should stop them.

Adalin Hotel 4 reviews

Some hotels may not operate showers orroom is dirty enough. It also happens that the staff does not want to be polite and constantly rude. All these seemingly insignificant flaws can spoil the mood. In order for this to happen, you need to choose the right place for your overnight stay.

Hotel Adalin Resort Hotel 4 * in Kemer (Turkey)will have to taste to those who decided to turn their holiday into a real fairy tale. He got 4 stars. This indicates that the guests are available to rest at the highest level. The hotel is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Unlike many others, this hotelQuiet enough. Tourists will enjoy the silence after noisy days. Well, those who want to relax actively and noisily, can have fun in the disco, which is located two hundred meters from the hotel.

Accommodation and Accommodation in Adalin Hotel

As in many other hotels, check-in to the roomoccurs not earlier than ten o'clock in the morning. But, if people have arrived earlier, then the staff is always ready to meet halfway. Prices in Adalin Resort Hotel 4 * are acceptable. You can book rooms of different categories. The cost depends on the number of people, the length of the rest, and also the season.

There are as many as sixty-seven rooms in the hotelwith all conviniences. They have everything you need: your own bathroom, hairdryer, Wi-Fi, balcony and even a minibar. The cost of rooms is not so great. So, for example, the cost of a standard room here starts from 1185 rubles per night. This is very good, if you consider that the number corresponds to all the standards set for a prestigious hotel.

Adalin Resort Hotel

Why is the cost of living in a hotel suchaccessible? There is no mystery. The hotel owners are trying to maintain their reputation and the popularity of the hotel at a high level. It is very important for them to receive words of gratitude from their customers.

If suddenly it turned out that at an early arrivalall rooms are still occupied, then you can use the service of the luggage room, where you can leave your luggage, and most go for a walk until the room is ready for occupancy.

Sport on site

Great attention in the organization of leisure in hotelsthe whole world is given to sports. Many people even on vacation try not only to eat and drink, but also to maintain their physical form in perfect condition.

For these people, Adalin Resort Hotel has preparedgood gym. Tourists will surely like a large selection of simulators that are in perfect condition. And those who are interested in outdoor sports are invited to play on the beach in volleyball. You can also take equipment for table tennis, darts.


Dining at the hotel is one of the main issuesfor any tourist. Arriving home, friends and relatives of holidaymakers first of all will ask about what they ate at the resort, what interesting dishes were served for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Adalin Resort Hotel 4 Adalin Resort Hotel

Those who rested in the hotel Adalin Resort (Kemer,Turkey), will be about what to tell. Here, tourists are served a variety of different dishes. The big advantage is a food on system "buffet". You can take as many dishes as you like. Those who do not like eating at the hotel can go to a restaurant or a pool bar. Definitely, everyone will be satisfied with such food.

Here, both local andinternational cuisine. The choice of products is great. You can choose the food to your liking. Special meals are organized for children. According to reviews, many meat and fish dishes are cooked here, vegetables, fruits, dairy products are included in the menu.

Vacation with children

People who choose to relax with their children in the Adalin Hotel 4 * may not worry that their children will be bored here. A child of any age can find entertainment for his soul.

Many children are delighted with the games in the pool.In addition, for them there is a special playground. For the youngest visitors of the hotel, staff provide strollers and special high chairs in the restaurant.

beauty and health

Often tourists go to Adalin Hotel 4 * not onlyin order to sunbathe in the sun. They want to get the most out of the trip. Especially for its visitors, the hotel organizes a variety of health-improving procedures, such as massage. Thanks to this every visitor of the resort can relax and feel refreshed.

For lovers of steam works a Turkish bath andsauna. And after all these procedures you can go to the beauty salon, where the professionals of their business will be happy to make a hairdo, make-up or manicure for every vacationer.


Most holidaymakers leave positivereviews about Adalin Hotel 4 *. They believe that this is the best place for a family holiday. A large area of ​​the hotel will surely appeal to both children and adults. The cozy and clean rooms will delight everyone without exception.

Hotel Adalin Resort Hotel 4 in Kemer Turkey

Most of all people like the ratio of price andquality. Many do not even believe that for such a small cost you can stay in a luxurious room. Holidaymakers say that they were impressed by friendly staff. Especially a lot of positive feedback is about the manager who is always ready to come to the rescue and solve absolutely any problem.

In addition, visitors to the hotel appreciated the varied food. The menu is rich. At the end of the holiday many do not want to leave. Tourists who have visited here once, come back here again.

Получает много положительных отзывов красивая и well-groomed area around the hotel. A luxurious swimming pool with transparent water is popular with many holidaymakers. They like to spend time here, sunbathing on a sunny terrace.

Представленный отель полностью соответствует their status. It is located in the city center. Nearby there is everything that an ordinary tourist needs. Here you can find pharmacies, shops, clubs, restaurants. Do not need to go through the whole city to find the necessary institution. All kinds of entertainment, such as water polo, volleyball, darts, etc. make leisure interesting, and recreation is active. The view by the pool is amazing. The big plus is the ability to include your favorite music. This hotel administration does not prohibit its visitors.

General impression of the rest

To summarize, it should be said that rest in Turkeyis one of the best options. Visitors to this resort will be able to get a lot of positive emotions here for the whole year. Despite all the positive qualities of the resort, you need to choose the right place for your holiday. Hotels for tourists are different. Nobody guarantees that everything will be as a person imagines.

Hotel Adalin Resort Hotel 4 Kemer Beldibi Goyniuk

Accommodation in an inappropriate hotel not onlywill spoil the mood for the whole weekend, but can also leave not very good memories of Turkey as a whole. To avoid this, you need to consider accommodation options from 4 stars. Then you should count on the rest of the highest category.

Adalin Hotel is ready to offer all comersopportunity. The hotel staff will be glad to new guests. These people will try to do everything to please their customers and give them pleasure. From the first minutes any tourist will be delighted by what he saw, just can not believe that at an affordable price he bought a ticket to a real paradise.

Elegant view from the window of the room,inspire the writer or artist to create his new masterpiece. A magical atmosphere will create a unique mood for the whole family. This is what Turkey is famous for - a country with incredibly beautiful landscapes. Stopping at the Adalin Hotel 4 *, people make themselves a luxurious gift, which will be remembered forever. This is a good place for a beach holiday.