/ / Punta Cana, Ocean Blue & Sand 5 *: description of rooms, service, reviews. Holiday in the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana

Punta Cana, Ocean Blue & Sand 5 *: description of rooms, service, reviews. Holiday in the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana

The resort of Punta Cana is located in a verya favorable place, where the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean converge. Many people want to visit this fabulous place. Therefore, here and were created all the necessary conditions that tourists could feel the atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. The resort has a large number of hotel complexes, restaurants and entertainment centers.

Especially here pleases the beach strip, magnificentwhite sand, coconut palms and a blue lagoon. This is the kind of tourist that will meet. And in part it reminds a lot of advertising about the notorious paradise pleasure. A corner of dreams where you can forget about the hectic everyday life and enjoy a warm water, delicious cocktail and wonderful air.

Holiday in the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana) impresses with itsdiversity. Even a budget tourist can choose for themselves a worthy option. For the guest there are all recreation centers. You can do different kinds of sports. Some of the most popular are tennis, surfing and horseback riding. In addition, vacationers can always use the swimming pools, attend massages and much more. Do not miss exactly. For a quiet and measured rest, the tourist is offered interesting walks along a previously agreed route. Dominicans appreciate the nature and everything associated with it, so here the ecological situation is settled, nature is not clogged and protected. Based on these considerations, hotels and hotels do not build on the beach line, the minimum distance is about 60 meters. Therefore, the beach will have to walk a bit, but the view from the windows of the room will be stunning. The best Punta Cana hotels (5 stars) will be featured in this article.

About the resort of Punta Cana

punta cana ocean blue sand 5

The location of the resort is quite interesting.After all, he is practically in a deserted place. Around is a small countryside. Here there are no cattle and no straw houses, as a Russian person might think. The whole point is that the complex stands in a zone of a picturesque coast. Places incredibly beautiful - palm trees, sand, mysterious caves and much more. People come here to rest physically and soul, to get full pleasure from sea water and a beautiful horizon.

The complex itself offers its guests allthe necessary blessings of civilization - beautiful and bright rooms, delicious food, pleasant staff and a huge number of additional services. Rest here - a real pleasure, many tourists who have visited this place, must return.

But those who came to the Dominican Republic on businessbusiness, it is better to find another option for housing. After all, Punta Cana is located far from the center, therefore transport movements can cause a number of certain difficulties. It is better to choose one of the hotels located in Santa Domingo, for example the complex Barcelo Gran Hotel Lina.

Barcelo Gran Hotel Lina

This hotel can be attributed to one of the mostluxurious establishments. The complex is given 5 stars. It was located on one of the central streets, so you can meet here as ordinary tourists who look with interest at the sights, and businessmen who solve their important affairs. Everything you need is within walking distance. For guests who came with a business purpose, the first floor is allocated. It is there that there are conference rooms, computer rooms and offices for presentations, and you can also hire an assistant for the duration of your stay at this hotel. Pleases that the administration is reasonable about the pricing policy and financial capabilities of people, so there are numbers of different categories.

One of the best hotels in Punta Cana is the hotel complex Punta Cana Ocean Blue Sand 5 *.

general information

This hotel can be attributed to the most chic andrich. In the construction was invested nemerenoe amount of money. Luxury is not hidden here, but on the contrary, they are flaunted. Therefore, people of the upper strata of society - businessmen, actors, singers and other representatives of the upper classes - mostly stay here. The hotel has its own beach, casino, expensive restaurants and much more for a chic vacation.


holiday in the Dominican Republic Punta Cana

Hotel Punta Cana Ocean Blue Sand 5 * decorated inclassic style. At the same time designers used very expensive, and most importantly - natural materials. Therefore, in the interior you can observe a large number of wood, marble, glass. A high level of service attracts a huge number of guests who crave a truly comfortable and luxurious life. The pride of the tourist complex Ocean Blue Sand 5 * - the beach. First, it's a giant size. Secondly, clean white sand, sea, necessary communications and servants will not leave indifferent even the most demanding and spoiled guests of the complex.

The complex was erected in 2006.The latest technological developments were used for the construction. Get to the hotel Punta Cana Ocean Blue Sand 5 * is easy - it is located 20 kilometers from the airport. Thus, you can independently take a taxi, rent a car or order a transfer. The guest will be met by a representative from the hotel and will drive to his destination, as well as help with luggage.

Within walking distance of the complexlocated one of the most popular entertainment centers, in which the largest casino of the entire coast is located. Thus, each guest can calmly perform an evening rendezvous and try their own luck.


Naturally, the institution of such a high classoffers meals according to the buffet. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners take place in the hotel restaurant. At the request of the guest, they can bring him food to the room, dial her from the buffet, the service is absolutely free. Try delicious cocktails or sip alcoholic beverages in bars. Their huge number in the hotel Ocean Blue Sand 5 *. The restaurant offers tourists a wide variety of dishes from around the world.

Number of rooms

ocean blue sand 5 rooms

At the disposal of Punta Cana Ocean BlueSand 5 * is 374 rooms. All apartments have a different price category and area. Each room is very comfortable and has everything you need for an ideal stay at the Ocean Blue Sand 5 * hotel.

Room Description

  • Junior Suite. The room has two rooms and a bath. Magnificent view from the window to the orchards.
  • Junior Suite Pool View. The room has a private terrace with a swimming pool. As a bonus to the number are attached two free games of bowling.
  • Honeymoon Suite. The room has several floors, an open terrace with a magnificent jacuzzi, as well as a number of additional services that can be used at any time.
  • Privilege Junior Suite. Room for real pleasure. It has a huge number of candles and offers aromatherapy.
  • Spa Privilege Junior Suite. It has everything you need. As a bonus, guests are provided with a free massage daily for 30 minutes.

ocean blue sand 5 service

On the territory of the hotel there is a hugenumber of interesting institutions, as well as a range of all kinds of services. They took care of the children. On the territory there is a playground for children, a special children's menu, a huge number of attractions, services of animators, nannies, tutors and much more. Adults can visit beauty salons, massage sessions, engage in their own figure under the supervision of a specialist. At Ocean Blue Sand 5 * service and so perfect, but the administration is constantly working on new services, updating rooms and training staff.

Guest Reviews

ocean blue sand 5 entertainment

Among the main advantages of the hotel, vacationers note the following points:

  • Friendly service even without tips.
  • Cheerful staff who even during work can sing and dance, charging everyone around with positive emotions.
  • Attentive waiters who are watching to ensure that the guests on the table did not have dirty dishes.
  • A huge range of drinks, ice cream and desserts.
  • A wide range of restaurants with an unrivaled cuisine.
  • Excellent conditions for a family holiday, a spacious playground for children and a menu for the youngest.

About nutrition

ocean blue sand 5 restaurant

Hotel Ocean Blue Sand 5 * (Dominican Republic, Punta Cana)abounds with bars and restaurants. If someone wants to eat seafood, it's worth visiting a wonderful restaurant for family and couples. This institution provides for a dress code - men should be in shoes and trousers. The atmosphere is very pleasant, and the variety of dishes is amazing. You can come here every evening, but the hotel has other equally chic restaurants that you also need to visit.

Japanese cuisine restaurant works by appointment.Here you can not only enjoy delicious food, but also watch an interesting show. In the cafeteria you can drink aromatic coffee with dessert for every taste. The sports bar is open around the clock.

Rest in the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana) is associated with clean beaches and azure water.


ocean blue sand 5 beach

The hotel complex is equipped with several swimming pools,which are treated not with bleach, but with a special solution without a specific odor. You can safely swim with your eyes open. There is a bar near each pool. Waiters quickly remember the preferences of customers and try in every possible way to please. The more animated situation near the pool is closer to the ocean - there are daily animations.

On the beach there is a restaurant, which offers a complex lunch for campers. It is very convenient.

On the territory there are ponds with fish andturtles, the herons and ducks are free to walk. In the restaurants give loaves to feed them. Around the whole perimeter of the complex, a locomotive runs all day long, which greatly facilitates the movement, when it is particularly hot. The very same territory is compact and very convenient for walking.

A place of honor at the Ocean Blue Sand Hotel 5 * entertainment.


Days and evenings of tourists are skillfully entertainedanimators. It's always fun and interesting. In the evenings live music sounds, guests are enticed by incendiary Spanish dance motifs. Then there are fascinating competitions with songs and dances. Every day, their skills are demonstrated by parodists, magicians, acrobats and other artists. Sometimes stories tell about the Dominican Republic. Every day, like a holiday.

Tips for tourists

Near the tennis court, you can renta bike. An hour's drive is worthless, but you can not ride around the perimeter of the complex. But you can safely go to the side of the local city. You can catch a surprised look at yourself, but you should say hello in the local language, as everyone immediately starts to smile and greet you. After making a circle on the highway, you can go back to the hotel. It is necessary to visit a nearby complex where mangroves grow. Here lives a lot of birds.

It is also necessary to visit the wild forest, which is on the way to the hotel "Rio". In these places are very beautiful photos.


Minor flaws can not spoilrest, but they still worth mentioning. Some rooms have an unpleasant smell of dampness, old furniture and not very fresh bedding. But, as a rule, tourists spend little time in the rooms, when there are so many interesting things around.

The food is delicious, but too harmful.The food is designed for American customers who are used to fat fast food, but prepare it here is excellent. Among the personnel there are almost no Russian speakers, on many issues one has to turn to guides. But the main disadvantage is the space prices for excursions. It is better to take a taxi by yourself and go where you want. Although the hotel has everything you need. Many in pursuit of beautiful photos are eager to get to the island of Samon, but it is not necessary. The territory of the hotel is no less picturesque, and the pictures here are excellent.

Do not be too hung out with guests when they meet. Tired after the flight tourists have to listen to incomprehensible Spanish speech and independently look for your number, which is not particularly convenient and pleasant.

But in general, the hotel deserves its status and starry.