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Best hotels in Turkey with a sandy beach: overview

Many tourists prefer to spend their holidayson the sandy beaches. In Turkey, hotels with such beaches are more than enough. Most of these hotels are located on the coast of the Aegean Sea and the shores of the Mediterranean. The purpose of this article is to describe in detail which Turkish hotels with a sandy beach are the most popular and why.

hotels in turkey with the best beaches

Hotels in Antalya

Antalya is one of the most popular resortsRussian tourists. Vacationers do not need to go to the sea, the shore with sand can be found right in the city. This resort is mainly chosen by lovers of urban recreation, shopping, restaurants and other entertainment.

But which hotels in Turkey with a sandy beach are betterjust visit Antalya? The very first in this list will be, perhaps, Wow Kremlin Palace - a luxurious hotel, outwardly reminiscent of the building of the Russian Kremlin. The hotel has its own beach, and the amount of entertainment is amazing. Here you can dive, sail, ride a catamaran or play beach volleyball.

No less popular is the hotelcomplex IC Green Palace. This hotel annually attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world, only the pool area of ​​the complex is 4000 square meters. m. Private sandy beach with its own deck chairs, umbrellas and an open-air bar attracts tourists from morning till night.

Three leaders are completed by a no less luxurious hotel- Lara Park Hotel. It is located near the famous beach of Lara. It attracts tourists with its snow-white sand, which is washed by the vast transparent waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Hotels in Belek

The first place in the rating "The best hotels in Turkey withsandy beaches of the Belek resort.The sandy beaches of the Mediterranean stretch for several tens of kilometers.The advantages of this coastal zone are soft sand and safe descent into the water, and most importantly, belonging to the Blue Flag zone.This means that the entire territory is under strict observation, the state of the beaches are carefully monitored.

hotels turkey with a sandy beach

One of the best hotels with a sandy beachis the hotel Voyage Belek Golf Spa. Own beach, clean sand, high level of service - all this makes the hotel described so popular with tourists. In addition, the fact that the hotel complex has 14 bars, 8 restaurants and 4 swimming pools can not go unnoticed.

Hotels in Alanya

As for Alanya, there are hotels withSandy beaches are met mainly by lovers of a relaxing holiday with their family. Yellow sand and gentle descent to the sea - that's what attracts tourists with children.

Alara kum hotel

A popular holiday destination in Alanya is AlaraKum Hotel - hotel with a beautiful sandy beach, however, it is located 23 kilometers from the center of the resort. In tourists this hotel is known for its proximity to the legendary beach of Alanya - Incekum. The hotel can rightly be considered one of the best, there is everything for a comfortable stay - several swimming pools, water slides, an open-air restaurant, a lobby bar and much more.

Not inferior to Alara Kum and Alara Park Hotel -hotel with 9 elevators and 370 rooms, 3 swimming pools, 3 restaurants and 5 bars. "Alara Park" is also located near the beach Incekum and every year collects more and more vacationers within its walls.

alara park hotel

Hotels Side

The best hotels in Turkey with a sandy beach can bemeet in the East Side - a small town, which is located on the peninsula. The best beaches with sand are located in mini resorts Side - Kumkoy, Cholakly, Sorgun, Kyzylagach and Kizilot.

In Colaklah the most popular complex iscall Kamelya World. This hotel has collected the best parts of the coast. Kumkoi hotels are not worse - Asteria Side and Sunrise Queen have excellent sandy beaches, equipped territory and quality service. However, to the level of the hotel Voyage Sorgun Select Sorgun they just do not hold out. This luxury hotel is chosen by wealthy tourists who appreciate the beauty, proximity to the wild nature, as well as those who came to the Side to enjoy the calm sea and the perfect sandy beach. Without a doubt, Turkey hotels with the best sand beaches are in Sorgun. Five-star hotels Kyzylagach and Kizilot are beautiful in their own way. They are also designed for tourists with a thick wallet, the quality of service and service is at a high level.

Hotels in Kusadasi

The resort of Kusadasi attracts touristssandy beaches, one of which is called Pamucak. It extends for 5 kilometers along the Aegean Sea. Those who are not interested in rest alone with the wild nature, choose an urban sandy beach.

The best sandy beach in Kusadasi has a hotelAtlantique Holiday Club. The hotel complex is good because it has the most beautiful and clean beach in the entire resort, and the availability of a well-equipped area, modern infrastructure and all necessary recreation facilities for toddlers rightly put this hotel in the category of the best.

Tusan Beach Resort and Grand Blu Sky are also worth mentioning. All these hotels have a well-groomed sandy beach, a varied entertainment program and a good level of service.

The number of hotels in the resorts of Turkey with a sandy beach is huge, the best will be for you one that will meet your requirements, wishes and opportunities.