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Metro "Kazan Station" - how to get there?

Moscow attracts more and more people in thetheir limits. By the way, it's not just tourists. There are also those who did not set a goal to get into the stuffy city. All those who come to the capital from the east of our country have to ask themselves the question: "Metro" Kazan Station, how to get there? "

Metro station Kazansky railway station

To begin with, we will immediately clarify that stations with suchname does not exist. But there is Komsomolskaya Square, on which there are three stations: Leningrad, Kursk and Kazan. You can get here in two ways, which, however, can come from even more. Wherever you start your journey, remember that the Kazansky railway station is the Komsomolskaya metro station (Koltsovaya). Therefore, you need to get to this line first. It's easy to do this, since all the radial lines that exist in the subway, sooner or later meet with Koltseva. The exception can be only two new lines that do not have railway stations on their way. Do not worry if you absolutely do not understand anything in a creepy at first glance scheme. In extreme cases, you can contact the metro staff for help, saying that you need the metro station "Kazan Station". Of course, it will immediately become clear that you are not a local, but experienced citizens will be guaranteed to help you, as such have remained. It should also be brought to your attention that the station "Komsomolskaya" is in the upper right corner of the Ring Line of the metro scheme.

Kazan Metro Station Komsomolskaya roundabout

Also, one more option should be considered.The fact is that your goal can be achieved on the Sokolnicheskaya line, which crosses the Koltsovaya line exactly at Komsomolskaya. It should immediately be said that these are not only the very first paved paths. In the dark, especially from the south, you can enjoy the view of the Moscow River at the station "Vorobyovy Gory". Also, following from the Kiev railway station, the subway will often go out to the light, and your view will present night Moscow, a beautiful in its kind spectacle. You can also go to the "Red Gate". However, for this you need to study where you will have to follow. So do some visitors who want to even walk a bit around the capital, not at all tired of it.

Where is the Kazansky Metro Station

The metro station "Kazan Station" has two stations at once.When you leave the car, do not think which side you should go from. Both ways will take you to the square from which you can see the right building. But if you are careful enough, you can get to the right place right away, without even going out.

Now you know where the Kazansky railway station, metro stationwhich you will quickly deliver. Now a few words about the subway. Do not be afraid of it. Millions of citizens daily use this reliable transport, in which there are no traffic jams. Keep your bags to yourself, never letting go of your hands. Beware of pickpockets, hide valuable things away from them. If all this is observed, then no negative consequences should arise. The metro station "Kazan Station" is a reliable way, checked by many visitors. But on the bus you can get into the traffic jam, and even sit down on the wrong route.

Your trip through Moscow can become fast andsuccessful, if you think in advance. Many people start to get lost, seeing such an abundance of people and pointers. Practice shows that training eliminates unnecessary stress.