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Holiday homes in the suburbs with a swimming pool with children. The best holiday homes in the suburbs with a pool and food

In recent years, many residents of Russia, and notonly, they want to spend their free time in the suburbs, choosing out-of-town hotels and sanatoriums. Holiday homes in the suburbs with a swimming pool and all amenities can be selected without losing much time, just by contacting the tour operator. What is such a popularity near Moscow holiday?

The advantages of recreation in hotels near Moscow

holiday homes in the suburbs with a swimming pool

Firstly, it is economy.And not only finance, but also strength and health. In tourist agencies you can offer holiday homes and boarding houses near Moscow with a swimming pool and without it, where the level and quality of service is not inferior to foreign hotels. A huge plus is that you do not have to go far, because not everyone can easily move the road and acclimatization. A flight to another country, too, will fly a tourist to a pretty penny and recently unsafe.

Another advantage of Moscow Region restis that a person can plan not only his summer vacation, but also rest on weekends. The best holiday homes in the Moscow region with a swimming pool, entertainment programs and treatment procedures are open all year round.

 the best holiday homes in the suburbs with a swimming pool

Vacation with children

To rest with the whole family is a great joy.In holiday homes in the suburbs with a swimming pool with children it is better to go on a summer vacation. In addition to water procedures, kids are offered a large entertainment program:

  • It can be games with the animator, which will suit the guys costume ball or a performance.
  • A variety of outdoor games under the supervision of an instructor.
  • Playground with entertainment.These are trampolines, swings, slides, sandboxes and much more. Children are very active and always strive to learn something new. These sites are equipped with all age groups, and no one will be bored.
  • A games room with lots of board games and toys. For boys there are designers and cars, for girls - dolls and dishes. For older guys - checkers, chess, ping-pong and others.
  • Visiting mini-zoos. Now this is very common entertainment, there are few animals in such zoos, but kids are always delighted with their visits.
  • Pony Riding. Favorite pastime of all children.
  • Water attractions, water parks, electro-diving, which the child can easily manage.
  • Races on bicycles and rollers and much more.

Choosing holiday homes in the suburbs with a swimming pool, withchildren need to be extremely attentive. Therefore, it is better to give preference to those houses where there are children's pools. They have a safe depth and watchful instructors.

An excellent option for a family holiday is a rest house "Bekasovo", a boarding house "Watercolor" or hotel "Yakhonti".

Holidays in holiday homes

holiday homes in the suburbs with a swimming pool with children

Holiday homes in the suburbs with a swimming pool canprovide an excellent rest not only during the vacation period, but also on holidays. A huge number of holidaymakers gather to meet here on the Eighth March or Valentine's Day. Many arrange noisy cheerful corporate parties and come to celebrate some celebration in the family circle.

A holiday home in the suburbs with a swimming pool on the Newyear is something unusual, for example "Manor of Kuznetsovo". The hotel staff tries to bring a sense of wonder to the holiday and leave an unforgettable experience.

Reservations must be made in advance,Since the demand for holidays in the New Year holidays is very large. New Year's in the rest home - it's not just a Christmas tree, champagne, fine cuisine and Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. Guests can enjoy an entertainment program, as well as they can skate and sleigh ride.

If you do not like to celebrate holidays actively,you can prefer a real Russian bath with birch twigs, as well as use the sauna and spa services. For children in holiday homes there are also entertainment programs and an unusual sweet menu. Kids can try cakes in the form of cartoon characters, ice cream in the form of a snowman and much, much more. It's not so difficult to give your children a New Year's fairy tale.

Holiday homes with outdoor swimming pool

holiday homes in the suburbs with a swimming pool for the new year

Probably, no tourist can imagineimagine your vacation without swimming in the pool. But to swim in four walls is one thing, but to splash in the sun and then immediately go to sunbathe - quite another. Holiday home with an outdoor pool in the suburbs invite lovers to swim and frolic in the fresh air. But not all places have an outdoor pool. Holiday House (Moscow region has many similar establishments) "Olympus" can give guests the pleasure of swimming in clear water, enjoying the surrounding views.

Another holiday home can offer touristsan outdoor swimming pool is the "Foresta Festival Park". It works from spring to autumn, the water in it is constantly cleaned and heated. Near the pool there is a bar in which the guest can refresh themselves and have a light meal. For the youngest guests there are inflatable toys, arm ruffles and inflatable circles. Here the instructor works all the time, and the guys can take swimming lessons.

Another holiday home with an outdoor swimming pool is"Snegiri". Here, the guest can also swim under the blue sky and the warm sun, and after a few steps, relax on a comfortable sunbed or chaise longue, drink something cool and sunbathe.

What cuisine is offered to guests in holiday homes

holiday homes near Moscow with a swimming pool and food

Rest houses near Moscow with a swimming pool and meals onEuropean standards - this is no longer a curiosity for a modern tourist. All the sanatoriums, boarding houses, recreation centers want to surprise their guests with some culinary delights. While relaxing, you can taste dishes from the cuisine of any people. This is European, and Caucasian, and Japanese culinary masterpieces.

For example, in the recreation center "Zavidovo" there are threerestaurant, in which the guest can taste European, oriental and native Russian dishes. They also offer a children's menu, which includes only useful and tasty food. Breakfast is buffet style.

Ivalga Valley Hotel will also please its guestsa wide assortment of oriental and European cuisine. In some hotels there are lobby bars, a cafe for vegetarians and many other establishments in which gourmets can please themselves. Almost all holiday homes have a buffet for breakfast. Guests here will taste a variety of salads, cereals, omelettes, sandwiches, coffee of different varieties, fruits and desserts. In holiday homes of a sanatorium type, according to the doctor's prescription, there is a special diet menu.

Services and comfort offered to guests

holiday homes in the suburbs with a swimming pool

Going on vacation, each pursues its goals.Someone wants to spend a quiet holiday on the beach, someone plans to go water skiing and play volleyball, and someone wants to soar in the bath and visit the massage room. All these benefits can provide holiday homes with a swimming pool in the suburbs.

It does not matter where and at what time of the year the guest arrived,he will always be welcomed and will make his leisure as comfortable as possible. Holidaymakers "Pokrovskoe" vacationers can visit the Russian sauna or sauna, sunbathing in the solarium or enjoy a massage. And in the boarding house "Dawn" - to rent skates or snowmobiles, ride a horse or go on an exciting excursion to historical places.

Holiday House "Voronovo" is famous for itsEquestrian school, in which, under the guidance of the instructor, you can learn the basics of riding. There is also a large indoor tennis court where you can play together or in pairs. In the evening, you can go to the cinema and watch a movie, relax with a book in the reading room of the library.

Holiday homes in the suburbs with a swimming pool and a variety of different services work for their guests all year round, without holidays and weekends.

How to spend a weekend?

The best holiday homes in the suburbs with a swimming pool andentertainment programs invite guests to spend their weekend. For example, in "Atlas Park Hotel" you can come with family or friends, take a break from city bustle and eternal work. You can relax in the bosom of nature, go fishing and boating, visit the beauty salon and massage room - everyone will find their own way of spending their leisure time. The cost of the tour includes a buffet twice a day, in the evening you can dine in a cozy cafe on the shore of a small river.

holiday home with an outdoor swimming pool in the suburbs

One of the best hotels in the Moscow region "Tsar Grad"offers its guests a wide range of entertainment activities. It is better to come here with children, they will be delighted with photo sessions with big dolls, creative workshops and cartoons. Parents can also have fun while riding a quad bike or snowmobile or participating in a billiards tournament. Every evening, a film show and a karaoke match are arranged. And if the days off coincide with the holiday, then for the hotel guests will perform circus artists, fireworks will be lit, they will be able to enjoy live music and participate in knight tournaments.

Going to rest, you need to choose a holiday home in the suburbs with a swimming pool. On the weekend, a lot of guests come here, and this means that you can make a lot of new friends.

Recreation and Sports

Around the capital of our homeland is located a largethe number of all kinds of complexes for rest and treatment. Holiday homes in the suburbs with a swimming pool, with medical services and entertainment are rightfully considered to be the best. How many people, so many preferences, so most of these establishments try to provide their guests with the maximum conditions for active recreation.

 outdoor pool rest home near Moscow

In the health resort "Snegiri" you canrest, without interrupting sports loads, because there is a well-equipped gym. In the open and indoor swimming pool, depending on the season, you can learn to swim under the guidance of an instructor. In winter, guests skate, ski and snowmobiling, play hockey, in summer football and tennis.

Those who can not spend a lot of time onroad, you can recommend holiday homes in the suburbs with a swimming pool just fifteen minutes from Moscow. For example, the hotel "Yuna Life" is a great option for spending the weekend with friends or family. Here you can celebrate a small family celebration, having compiled your own menu, it's great to have fun at the water park, twist the pedals on the newest model of the exercise bike, rent a small stadium and drive the ball with friends.

How to choose a holiday home: tips for tourists

Every person needs from time to timerest and change of setting. I want to go to where there is clean air and warm water, but I don’t want to part with the benefits of civilization, you can choose a vacation in holiday homes near Moscow.

You must decide what the touristhobbies, preferences and requests, and based on this, set a monetary limit that can be spent. It is not necessary to lay out an impressive amount to have a good rest. Economy class rooms in hotels are also quite decent, they lack only some details that are not particularly needed for a comfortable stay. Also for a small amount you can afford to rent a house in an ecologically clean corner on the shore of a forest lake.

You should not think that if rest is economy class,then food will be appropriate. Down with Soviet views! Maybe the menu will not be a chic buffet, but the products for holidaymakers are always fresh and of high quality. Places for your meals should be chosen in advance, so if you are an owl and prefer to have dinner at night, then late or 24-hour cafes should work on the territory.

Well, if we talk about entertainment, here tooit all depends on financial possibilities. You should think in advance what you would like first of all: saunas and massage or drive in the form of water skis and hang-glider. And based on their preferences, plan a waste of funds: what to do in the first place, and from which you can and refuse.

Memo for the tourist

1. Going to rest on a personal car, you first need to find out if there is a parking near the holiday home, paid or free, because this is also included in the planning.

2. You need to contact by phone with the administration of the holiday home and book a room, find out whether you need to make a prepayment.

3. Find out what additional services are included in the price of the voucher (sometimes it happens that the administration “forgets” to warn about these guest services).

4. If you are going on a vacation with friends, you need to know if there are nightly entertainment at the recreation center: cafes and discos.

5. And if you are traveling with children, then you just need to find out what kind of living conditions are provided for children and what entertainment they will be offered to them.

Prices per room in holiday homes

As mentioned above, in sanatoriums and boarding houses in the Moscow region, everyone can choose the type of rest according to their wallet. Here are some examples of the pricing policy of these establishments:

  • Holiday House "Sunny Glade" works year-round, the price per room - from 2800 rubles per person per day;
  • hotel "Foresta Festival Park" - a huge choice of entertainment, room rates - from 3700 per person per day;
  • Atlas Park Hotel (hotel) - room rate - from 2600 per person per day;
  • rest house "Atelika Lipki" - room rate - from 1700 per person per day.

The cost of the permit always depends on what services it includes, including meals. The more services come in and the more varied the kitchen, respectively, the more expensive the voucher will cost.

Have a nice rest!