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Lucca (Italy): attractions (photos)

One of the oldest and most beautiful citiesthe Italian region of Tuscany - Lucca. Reviews about this town people leave often. After all, every person who comes here, remains satisfied. Vacation in the town is wonderful.


Lucca (Italy), whose attractions we will consider in the article, is located near the river Serkio.

His story is rich in various events.Founded before our era, the city of Lucca in the period of early feudalism occupied a very advantageous position. He was at the intersection of roads that led to Rome, Parma, Florence, Pisa and Luni. In addition, the city was on the path of pilgrims who traveled from northern Europe to Rome. From the century to the century, the rulers of the city changed. By the end of the eighth century, the city was the residence of the Langobard dukes, then passed under the protection of the Frankish Count. It was the capital of the Tuscan margraves.

In the Middle Ages it was a rich city.Mainly due to the development of banking and the sale of silk. The city gained special power in the fourteenth century, under the rule of Castruccio Castriani. From the seventeenth century until the end of the eighteenth, Lucca was the second largest city in Italy with a republican form of government. In the time of Napoleon Bonaparte, this city was turned into a principality and transferred under the patronage of the sister of the Emperor of the French - Elise Bachchokka. And in the middle of the nineteenth century the city became part of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. And this is not a complete list of all the political upheavals that fell to the lot of Lucca.

The city amazes all tourists with an abundance of its sights. This is the oldest fortress and magnificent temples, incredible natural beauty and chic restaurants.

Fortress of Lucca

What is Italy proud of, Lucca?The sights of this place are really interesting. The city is famous for its fortress. Two of the four gates of the once mighty fortress were particularly well preserved. Built at the end of the twelfth - the beginning of the thirteenth century, the gate of the Borghi, as well as the gates of San Gervasio, which were eaten in the first quarter of the twelfth century, are of great architectural and historical value. Completed in the Romanesque style, the gate, framed on either side by two beautiful and mighty towers, skilfully trimmed with limestone. In the interior of the hemisphere, rare frescos were preserved. With the image of the Virgin and several saints. Tourists can admire the gates of San Donato, built in 1590. Their external façade is decorated with sculptures of two lions made of marble.

The fortress walls of the city are the oldest inEurope. Their length is more than four kilometers. There were preserved, however, in very small numbers, even the walls built during the Roman Empire. This wall served as a defense to the city until the beginning of the eleventh century, until it was destroyed by the Marquis of Bonifaciodi Tuscany for the disobedience of the townspeople. A fragment of the Roman wall is part of the wall of the Church of Our Lady of the Roses. Particularly seriously, the city's residents engaged in the reconstruction of their defensive walls in the sixteenth century, rebuilding them using the best tendencies in the construction of defensive structures of that time. In the early nineteenth century, on the orders of Maria Louise Bourbon, part of the wall was planted and turned into a luxurious park. Where in modern times there are not only great places for walking, but also cozy cafes.

St. Martin's Cathedral

On such a locality as Lucca, oftensay that it is a city of hundreds of temples. The cathedral of St. Martin was built in the eleventh century, and then it was rebuilt and rebuilt several times.

Lucca italy attractions

This magnificent cathedral with a marble facade,columns and portals, decorated with sculptures, has invaluable relics inside the building. For example, the work of Tintoretto "The Last Supper", "The Madonna with the Saints" Ghirlandaio.

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And the sacristy and the altar part of the temple have the status of a museum. In the cathedral is the most famous relic of the city - Holy Face.

Church of the Archangel Michael

What else is interesting Lucca (Italy)?Reviews of tourists about this city are usually positive. People write that they liked the local shrines. For example, in the historical part of the city, in the San Michele In Foro Square, is the church of the holy Archangel Michael. Above the main facade tower four tiers of arcades. At the very top is a statue of the archangel Michael, a striking dragon. And on the sides are sculptures of angels. According to the legend, an emerald is hidden in the statue of St. Michael. At a certain time of day and under certain lighting, you can see its green gleam. And in the left corner of the facade is a statue of the Virgin. According to legend, it was established by the inhabitants in 1480 in gratitude for the miraculous deliverance of the city from the plague epidemic.

St. Fredian's Basilica

What should be sure to see those to whominteresting country such as Italy? Lucca, whose attractions are simply stunning, must certainly be on the list of cities for visits to each tourist.

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After all, there really is something to see.For example, in the northern part of the historic center of the city is the basilica of St. Fredian. In the sixth century there was a church of saints Vikenty, Stefan and Lawrence. At the end of the eighth century, the relics of St. Fredian were transferred here. And in the twelfth century the basilica was thoroughly rebuilt. In the thirteenth century, the church was built on three meters, and the facade is richly decorated with mosaic. A couple of centuries later, side chapels were attached to it.

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The interior paintings of the temple impress with its magnificence and have a huge not only historical but also artistic value. Here, too, are the relics of St. Zita, highly revered by the townspeople.

Lucca (Italy): attractions

In Napoleon's Square is the Ducal Palace.It is also called the Palace of Signoria. Until the fourteenth century, this place was the fortress of Augustus, which was destroyed during the rebellion of the townspeople. Then a palace was built, which was occupied by many rulers, including Napoleon's sister Eliza Bonaparte, who was the ruler here in the early nineteenth century. The courtyard is surrounded by galleries. Through a wide staircase you can go to the palace itself, which now houses various public services. In the hall of the main council of the republic there is a unique painting by the Flemish painter, as well as the Pietro Fresco Tests "Freedom of Lucca", dating from the seventeenth century.

What else is worth seeing those who came to thisa wonderful city like Lucca (Italy)? Sightseeing, tourists feedback about which are found most often. Thus, travelers note that Lucca is the birthplace of the outstanding opera composer of the mid-nineteenth century of the twentieth century, Giacomo Puccini. Therefore, when you come to this city, you should definitely visit the house-museum of a famous citizen.

Lucca italy attractions

Fans of painting will be pleasantly surprised by PinakothekPalazzo Mansi, where are the unrivaled masterpieces of Tintoretto, Titian, Ghirlandaio, Domenichino. Grandiose canvases of outstanding masters will bring true pleasure to admirers of art.

What else is worth seeing those who visited such aa remarkable city, like Lucca? Reviews of tourists confirm the fact that the most interesting building in terms of architecture and interior decoration is one of the oldest in the world monastery of Dominicans, dedicated to St. Roman. The church was consecrated at the end of the thirteenth century, but from the century to the century any extensions to it were made. The luxurious interior is made in the Baroque style. For centuries, the monastery played an important role in the life of the city, until it was abolished in the time of Napoleon. On the left side of the church are the funerary arches of the most noble families of the city.

As you can see, all interesting and beautiful sights that are in a city like Lucca (Italy).

What to see is the guest of the country? Other beautiful temples. These include:

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  • the church of St. Alexander;
  • the church of St. Anastasia;
  • the monastery complex of St. Francis;
  • the Church of the Holy Savior;
  • the monastery-sanctuary of Saint Gemma Galliano;
  • the church of St. Peter Somaldi;
  • and others.

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The visiting card of the city can be called the tower Guinigi, built in the Romanesque-Gothic style. It was built by members of the noble and influential family of Guinigi in the time of the Signoria.

What other interesting places are hidden in the city of Lucca?The sights are very diverse. For example, there is a unique miracle of architecture, which is called a tower with a garden. It is unusual in that it grows trees. Therefore, when tourists climb the observation deck, equipped at its very top, then they can view a wonderful panorama of the city from a height of forty meters, while being in the shadow of magnificent trees.

Clock tower

What else should be seen by those who came to such a city as Lucca (Italy), whose reviews are always positive?

Lucca italy reviews

Another miracle of architecture is the Clock Tower. In addition to being the oldest building of the thirteenth century, it has a magnificent clock. They were manufactured in Geneva in 1754.

Theaters and villas

In the city there are ancient theaters.What should I see? Theater Giglio, which in the nineteenth century successfully competed with the theater of San Carlo in Naples and the theater of La Scala in Milan. It was built on the site of the abolished Jesuit monastery. Interior decoration was performed by outstanding masters of that time. For centuries, the opera performances of famous composers were performed here, the best singers performed on the stage.

In addition, Lucca - a city in which there are many magnificent, luxurious villas and palaces.

Not only with ancient buildings, divinelybeautiful nature, museums, in which are the greatest works of the most famous artists of the world, is famous for Lucca (Italy), reviews about which tourists leave only positive. It is a city of all kinds of festivals. In July, there is a musical. In the autumn, a comic book festival.


Now you know what interesting Lucca, Italy. Sights, photos of which are presented in the article, is worth seeing for every tourist. They are very beautiful.